Monday, September 22, 2014

Fog of War ..... Chinese destroyers in Iranian waters

China, along with Russia, are showing by word and deed that the USA and her conniving allies still having evil designs on Assad and Syria, better be very, very, very, very careful of any wrong move. China's destroyers are supposed to be in Bandar Abbas for just four days conducting marine exercises with the Iranian navy, but by the time they actually get far away to be considered harmless by USA and partners, I bet it will be more like two weeks. Russia on the other hand has a permanent dock near Damascus for their own navy and I believe there's a warship standing by in those waters and has been for a long time.

BTW, France says it won't bomb ISIS/ISIL/IS/xyz in Syria, but they will continue giving aid and solace to those from it that are known as the angelic "moderate jihadis."

In the meanwhile, a little birdie tells me that several huge consignments of Syrian and Iraqi refugees are on their way to North America. Oh Glory Be !  So much enrichment ... I am overcome with joy.  Thank you USA, Thank you Israel.

From NYTimes
China and Iran to Conduct Joint Naval Exercises   in the Persian Gulf.
Two Chinese warships have docked at Iran’s principal naval port for the first time in history, Iranian admirals told state television on Sunday, adding that both countries would conduct four days of joint naval exercises.

On Sunday, Xinhua, the official Chinese news agency, reported that Chinese Navy ships involved in protecting shipping in the Gulf of Aden stopped at an Iranian port on Saturday for a “friendly visit.” One of the vessels was the Changchun, a guided-missile destroyer, the report said............

From Yahoo:
A Chinese destroyer has docked in a southern Iranian port in the first such visit to the country by the Chinese navy, Iran's state television reported on Sunday.
Adm. Hossein Azad, naval base chief in the southern port of Bandar Abbas, said the four-day visit that began Saturday saw the two navies sharing expertise in the field of marine rescue.

"On the last day of their visit while leaving Iran, the Chinese warships will stage a joint drill in line with mutual collaboration, and exchange of marine and technical information particularly in the field of aid and rescue," said Azad.
The report said the destroyer was accompanied by a logistics ship, and that both were on their way to the Gulf of Aden as a part of an international mission to combat piracy.

In recent years Iran's navy has increased its bilateral relations with various countries involved in fighting piracy in the Gulf of Aden........

More on the Turkish offensive at the border and the plight of the Syrian Kurdish refugees

Those of us who knew what was going on in the treacherous world of the USA and her allies, knew all along that Turkey and Israel were fully on the side of the sheikhdoms in their support of the "moderate jihadis."  Just like how Israel has been healing injured jihadis and sending them back into Syria through the Golan Heights so also Turkey has been doing the same at the Syria/Turkey borders and plus much more.  Jihadis flew, and still do, from all over the world to Turkey and from there they were smuggled across the border into Syria.  If anybody had any doubts about  Turkey's support not only for the "moderate jihadis" desire to oust Assad, but also for ISIS/ISIL/IS/xyz, what's going on right now at the Turkish border with Syria, should dispel those doubts.  

Turkish Kurds who are trying to help the Syrian Kurdish refugees cross the border are hampered from doing so and at the same time Turkish Kurds  trying to go into Syria to help the Syrian Kurds fight ISIS/ISIL/IS/xyz are prevented from doing so.  Isn't that proof enough that the  USA and allies' ultimate goal is to oust Assad.... somehow, anyhow and damn the consequences?  

This World War is the messiest the world has ever seen and the likelihood of something dirty like this will not be seen again .... because, like someone said,  the next world war will be fought with sticks and stones.

World War III news .... September 22

The Ukraine
You heard about that truce thing in East Ukraine?  Yeah ... it's working out beautifully as you can see from vid below.  What a difference between a referendum held in Scotland and a referendum held in the Russian-speaking East Ukraine, eh? The war crimes criminals in Kiev (who are incidentally all fast friends of Western leaders) are dropping everything they can grab on the separatist areas. About time someone gave the separatists equally lethal weapons to make it a fair fight.  I hope you know that the West has been sending all kind of weaponry to the Kiev crooks so the testing of those weapons can be carried out on the separatists.  In a just world, all Western leaders would be hauled to The Hague.

From RIA Novosti:

Ukrainian troops have  today violated the Minsk ceasefire agreement 10 times, killing several people in Donbas region, the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) reported Saturday.

"On 10:50 [a.m.] the enemy conducted MRL Grad strikes against the Abakumova and Komsomolets Donbasu mines. The following fire completely burnt down three administration buildings, three employees were killed," the DPR headquarters said in a statement.
In addition, Ukrainian troops fired at the Belo-Kamenka, Nova Marivka and Zuevka settlements, killing one civilian and injuring seven, the militia reported.
Earlier on Saturday, reports suggested that the Ukrainian forces conducted a round of shelling on Donetsk in the early morning hours. According to witnesses, several residential buildings have been destroyed.
Ukrainian forces also launched an attack on a military factory in Donetsk.....

According to a Reuters' source,  an "accidental" blast in ..... oh, go on read it yourself, see the possible reason given for the "accidental" blast.

Accidental blast at Libya army base kills 11 - source  
At least 11 people were killed by an accidental blast at a Libyan military base in the eastern city of Al Bayda, a security source said on Monday.

The source said a preliminary investigation showed the explosion may have been caused by high temperatures in a weapons storage area at the base.........

From WorldBulletin:
Blast goes off near Libya constitution assembly HQ  
"A car parked near a government building close to the assembly headquarters exploded," an assembly staffer said.
A car-bomb exploded near the seat of the constitution-drafting assembly in Libya's eastern city of Bayda on Monday

Armenian Memorial Church in Syria takes another hit ....

this time from the "less moderate jihadis."

In November 2012,  this same church had  suffered extensive damage to a section of it due to the USA-funded and armed "moderate jihadi" terrorists gangs in Syria. Now, according to the latest news, what the "moderate jihadis" had started,  the "less moderate jihadis" of  ISIS/ISIL/IS/xyz have finished.

From ArmenianWeekly:
The Islamic State (also known as ISIS)  destroyed the Armenian Genocide Memorial Church in Der Zor, news agencies in the Middle East reported.
The reports surfaced as Armenia was celebrating the 23rd anniversary of its independence on Sept. 21.

Armenia’s Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian issued a statement condemning the destruction of the church, which housed the remains of victims of the Armenian Genocide, calling it a “horrible barbarity.”

Nalbandian called upon the international community to cut the Islamic State’s sources of supply, support, and financing, and eradicate what it referred to as a disease that “threatened civilized mankind.”

The church was built in 1989-1990, and consecrated a year later. A genocide memorial and a museum housing remains of the victims of the genocide was also built in the church compound.

Thousands of Armenians from Syria and neighboring countries gathered at the memorial every year on April 24 to commemorate the genocide.

Many refer to Der Zor as the Auschwitz of the Armenian Genocide.
Hundreds of thousands of Armenians perished in Der Zor and the surrounding desert during the genocide. In summer 1916 alone, more than 200,000 Armenians, mostly women and children, were brutally massacred by Ottoman Turkish gendarmes and bands from the region.....

Erdogan's terrorist army has started offensive against ..... Kurds

Yes .... you read that right.  Not against ISIS/ISIL/IS/xyz but against the very people who are fighting the terrorist jihadi army.  A few  reports are seeping out via tweets from Kurds that the Turkish soldiers have started firing rubber and real bullets and tear gas into the refugee crowds and are burning their cars. The action from the blasted Turkish govt is being taken against those 100K+ mainly Syrian Kurds who fled into Turkey in the last 48 hours when the terrorist army overwhelmed the Kurdish fighters.

Below is just one example from the BBC of  the confusing way our MSM will be reporting on this issue but the tweets give a clearer picture. Whatever it is the bastards are using in the tear gas is burning people's skin or people are being burnt while the soldiers are burning their vehicles.  See the pic of the girl on her father's back.

God, how I hate all world leaders!

From BBC:
Turkey troops use tear gas   to clear Syria border Kurds  Turkish security forces have fired water cannon and tear gas at crowds which had gathered in support of Syrian Kurdish refugees on the border.

Police said they wanted to stop Kurdish fighters entering Syria, the Associated Press reported, while local TV said Kurds had been trying to deliver aid.

It comes after some 66,000 refugees poured into Turkey in 24 hours.

Turkey opened its border on Friday to Syrians fleeing the town of Kobane in fear of an Islamic State attack......

Sunday, September 21, 2014

The terrorist nature of Israeli Jews

The vid is from a year ago.  
The article from NYTimes is recent and shows how the red marker pen user is diabolic to the core.

Roger Cohen writing at NYTimes:
 A War of Choice in Gaza 
Another round of violence is over in the Holy Land. More than 2,100 Palestinians, most of them civilians and many of them children, have been killed. More than 70 Israelis are dead. The grass, in that appalling Israeli metaphor, has been mown (and will now start growing again). Hamas, through its resistance, has burnished its reputation among Palestinians. Israel is angrier. Nobody is better off.

Periodic eruptions are intrinsic to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s strategy of maintaining the status quo of rule over millions of Palestinians, expansion of West Bank settlements and maneuver to deflect American mediation. Oppressed people will rise up. Israel’s anemic embrace of a two-state objective is the best possible cover for the evisceration of that aim. Still, the question arises: Was this mini-war necessary?

I think not. Certainly it was not in Israel’s strategic interest. Much mystery continues to shroud its genesis, the abduction on June 12 of three Israeli youths near Hebron and their murder, now attributed to a local Palestinian clan including Hamas operatives who acted without the knowledge or direction of the Hamas leadership. (There has been no major investigative piece in the American press on the incident, a troubling omission.)

But enough detail has emerged to make clear that Netanyahu leapt on “unequivocal proof” of Hamas responsibility (still unproduced) for political ends. The prime minister’s aim was to discredit Mahmoud Abbas, the president of the Palestinian Authority, for reconciling with Hamas; vindicate the collapse of the peace talks Secretary of State John Kerry had pursued; stir up Israeli rage over the fate of the teenagers; sweep through the West Bank arresting hundreds of suspected Hamas members, including 58 released under the terms of an earlier deal with Hamas; and consolidate divide-and-rule.

Assaf Sharon of Tel Aviv University, the academic director of a liberal think tank in Jerusalem, has a powerful piece in The New York Review of Books. It makes the important point that Hamas was beleaguered before the violence, isolated by the fall of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and the rise of President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. This weakness lay behind the reconciliation with Abbas. Netanyahu might have used this development to extend Abbas’s authority into a more open Gaza at the expense of Hamas, the very objective now apparently sought after so much needless loss of life.

For more than two weeks after the abduction, persuasive evidence that the teenagers were dead was kept from the Israeli public. A hugely emotional return-our-boys campaign was pursued while the recording of a phone call from one of those boys to the police in the immediate aftermath of the kidnapping was not divulged. In it, shots and cries of pain could be heard. As Shlomi Eldar wrote, “It was a murder in real time, horrifying and monstrous.” After it, “Those who heard the emergency call recording knew that the best one could hope for was to bring the boys to their final resting places.”.............

US veteran of three tours in mad-making wars wanted to impart to the Prez ....

what the voices have been telling him that the ....Atmosphere Is Collapsing .... and all that the poor man wanted to do was let the prez know of this great calamity that is about to befall on planet Earth so the prez could inform the people.

It is such a tragedy that America is addicted to making wars and sending young American soldiers to become killers who on their return go stark raving mad and become a burden not only on the state but bring a never-ending sadness and sorrow to their immediate family. 

From ZeroHedge:
Of the stories in the past two days,  there is hardly anything more bizarre than that of Omar J. Gonzalez, 42, of Copperas Cove, a veteran had served three tours in Iraq — and relatives said served as a sniper — managed to jump over the White House fence, sprinted more than 70 yards across the Northern Lawn, got to the front double doors of the North Portico, turned the brass knob and stepped inside the vestibule. "There he was grabbed and subdued by an officer standing post inside the door." He war carrying a folding knife with a serrated blade and was located just feet away from where Obama would have normally been, if only Obama had not just minutes ago taken the wife and kids for yet another weekend mini getaway..........

.........Here is where it gets bizarre: Gonzalez told a Secret Service officer that he was concerned "the atmosphere was collapsing and needed to get the information to the president of the United States so that he could get the word out to the people," the affidavit said. Perhaps he should have waited until today's New York City parade to convey his message instead of possibly spending as much as a decade behind bars.

What is stranger is that Gonzalez was neither under the influence of drugs or alcohol when the event took place: at a hearing late Saturday afternoon in D.C. Superior Court, the assistant public defender representing Gonzalez said Gonzalez had no convictions or arrest warrants, had tested negative Saturday for drug use and had been in the military for 18 years.

"This is someone who has provided service to his country and shown commitment in his life," said the lawyer, Margarita O'Donnell, as she tried unsuccessfully to get Gonzalez released.

In other words, it was just the PTSD flaring up. The good news is that the alleged sniper didn't put some of his other veteran skills to use when "approaching" the president..........

Jeremy Scahill writer and producer of "Dirty Wars" gives an in-depth interview

The second vid is the full documentary.  

Description by the poster at YouTube says:
Watch an in-depth conversation between Uprising host Sonali Kolhatkar and award winning investigative reporter Jeremy Scahill. 

Jeremy Scahill is the national security correspondent for the Nation Magazine and a Fellow at the Nation Institute. He's the author of the international bestseller Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army, which won the George Polk Book Award. He is producer and writer of the film Dirty Wars and author of the book Dirty Wars. He is also a Senior Editor with Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras of a new media venture called The Intercept, a Project of First Look Media. 
Please help us bring this and other interviews we've done to television by supporting our indiegogo campaign to televise Uprising. With your contribution we can purchase the equipment we need to bring our show to Free Speech TV where we can have potentially millions of viewers. Go to and see our amazing perks!

World War III news ........ September 21

Wow!  WWIII is heating up and I have not even gone to check in on what's happening in the Ukraine, Syria and Iraq.

A bomb blast in the centre of Cairo?  This is bad news.
Looks like the jihadis in  Egypt didn't take to their leader telling the USA "We are completely committed to giving support. We will do whatever is required."  

Policeman killed in blast near Egypt ministry
One police officer killed in bombing in Cairo's Boulaq Abu Eila neighbourhood, interior ministry statement says.
One Egyptian policeman was killed in a bombing outside the foreign ministry in Cairo, the interior and health ministries said, revising an earlier toll.
Seven people were wounded in the blast that targeted a police checkpoint, assistant interior minister Abdel Fattah Othman told the official MENA news agency on Sunday......

Today, has not been a good day for Egypt. Earlier today, an Egyptian military aircraft  on a training mission crashed killing six soldiers.

From MiddleEastOnline:
Egypt military aircraft  crashes after technical failure
Aircraft comes down about 100 kilometres (60 miles) south of Cairo, killing six soldiers and injuring one.
n Egyptian military aircraft crashed on a training mission on Sunday after a technical failure, killing six soldiers, the army said.
The aircraft came down about 100 kilometres (60 miles) south of Cairo, an army statement said.....

A Shiite militant branch of the Houthi clan of Yemen has taken over the government on the resignation of the Prime Minister. The thing to remember where Yemen is concerned is that the wonderful USA on behalf of Saudi Arabia has been deploying drones to hit both Houthis and Sunni militants and that particular mini-civil war has been going on for the last 4 or more years. Sunnis hit by USA drones are the Sunnis who don't want Saudi Arabia interfering in their country and the Shiites killed by the USA drones are Saudi Arabia's and Israel's enemies and thus USA's might is used wherever anybody dares to have Iran as their mentor.  Nobody is permitted to take any goodies from Iran or else death comes calling via the USA's killing machines.

From KuwaitNews
Houthis control gov't, army headquarters, as Yemen's PM quits
 Houthi militants on Saturday seized the headquarters of the Yemeni government, the Army General Command and the official TV building in the center of the capital Sanaa, as the Prime Minister Mohammed Basindawa resigned.
Member of the political council of the Ansar Allah Ali Al-Bekhiti, said that their fighters had spread in the vicinity of the government and the TV headquarters and controlled them amid no resistance from the army troops guarding both.
Meanwhile, Prime Minister Mohammed Salem Bassindwa today announced his resignation, saying he wanted to give a chance for an agreement between President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi and the Houthi Ansar Allah group.
He added in a statement that his resignation would pave the way for forming a technocrat government that could drag the country out of the current crisis.
This coincided with the Houthis' seizing control of the command of the First Armored Division in central Sanaa following fierce fighting for 24 hours. Houthi sources said they had handed the premises over to the presidential protection forces. Houthis had also seized control of all the offices of the Islah Party (Yemeni Congregation for Reform) in northern Sanaa. They also evacuated a hospital of some Islah leaders of staff and patients.
Houthis also controlled the premises of the Fourth Reserves Brigade in Sanaa as well as the Army General Staff Headquarters, with no fighting as guards surrendered with no fighting.....

Saturday, September 20, 2014

News from hellholes ..... September 20

From AlAkhbar:
The news of Osama Mansour and Chadi al-Mawlawi forming a militant group in Tripoli took the city by storm, and is now at the forefront of media, political, and security concerns. It has been reported that the two fugitives are overseeing an armed group in the region of Bab al-Tabbaneh, ranging between 40 to 50 militants, including Syrian nationals, with probable links to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and al-Nusra Front.

Information revealed that militants affiliated to Mawlawi and Mansour currently control a security zone in the proximity of Abdullah bin Masoud Mosque, and enjoy local support and sympathy, which may cause a setback to the implementation of the security plan in the city and eventually lead to its collapse.
Fears in Tripoli escalated following suggestions that the militant group has links to ISIS, especially since Mawlawi who was arrested and later released by General Security, was accused of having contacts with al-Qaeda figures.

From EuroNews:
Thousands of Iraqis gathered in central Baghdad on Saturday (September 20) to protest against American intervention.

Demonstrators waved Iraqi flags and held up pictures of leading Shia cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, who says the country should not cooperate with what he calls US “occupiers”.

From GuardianUK:
Islamic State video threatens to target White House and US troops
Video purports to be trailer for film entitled Flames of War with strapline 'fighting has just begun'

Islamic State militants have threatened to target the White House and kill US troops in a new slickly made video response to Barack Obama's campaign to "degrade and destroy" the organisation.

The video, in the style of a blockbuster movie trailer for what is "coming soon", purports to show a masked man apparently about to shoot kneeling prisoners in the head. Towards the end of the clip there is shaky footage of the White House filmed from a moving vehicle, suggesting the building is being scoped out for attack.

It was released on Tuesday after US defence chiefs suggested that American troops could join Iraqi forces fighting Isis, despite Obama's assurance that US soldiers would not be engaged in fighting on the ground.......

From BBC:
Some 66,000 refugees - mainly Syrian Kurds - have crossed into Turkey in 24 hours, officials say, as Islamic State militants advance in northern Syria.
Turkey opened its border on Friday to Syrians fleeing the Kurdish town of Kobane in fear of an IS attack.
The UN refugee agency said it was boosting relief efforts as hundreds of thousands more could cross the border.
IS controls large areas of Syria and Iraq, and has seized dozens of villages around Kobane, also called Ayn al-Arab.
Turkey - which shares a border with Iraq and Syria - has taken in more than 847,000 refugees since the uprising against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad began three years ago.

But the opening of the border has seen a dramatic increase in the past 24 hours.
"As of today, the number of Syrian Kurds who entered Turkey has exceeded 60,000," Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus told reporters on Saturday.
He was speaking from the southern Turkish province of Sanliurfa, where many of the refugees have sought shelter........

From GuardianUK:
Teenage peace activists among dead in Libya 'black Friday'
Militants assassinate rights workers and army officers while mystery jets launch raids on Tripoli
Two popular young peace activists were among ten prominent Libyan civil rights workers and senior army officers assassinated in the eastern city of Benghazi on Friday, a day that has swiftly become known as Black Friday.

The coordinated killings, a vivid demonstration of the power of militants, took place at a time when the country is in chaos: an Islamist-led coalition is holding Tripoli and the UN has reported that 250,000 have fled the fighting.......

From ABCNews:
 A suicide car bomber reportedly killed three people at a checkpoint manned by the Shiite Hezbollah militia in eastern Lebanon Saturday evening, the state-run news agency reported, as the war in Syria spilled over into its eastern neighbor.

However, a Hezbollah-run TV station reported later that the suicide bomber did not kill anyone at the checkpoint. There was no immediate way to reconcile the contradictory reports.
Hours before the suicide bombing, the family of a Lebanese soldier held captive by militants in Syria said their son had been killed, and a video posted on show media networks appeared to show the man being shot to death.

The suicide car bomber detonated his explosives-rigged vehicle at the checkpoint about 3 miles (4.8 kilometers) from the Syria border near the town of Khreibeh, Lebanon's National News Agency said.
It wasn't immediately clear if the casualties were bystanders or Hezbollah fighters.

Wonder how much the jihadi army made from Turkey's trickery ....

or were those kidnapped, were they from Erdogan's enemy camp?  Or were those kidnapped served as willing tools for Turkey to stay out of the jihadi army mess while Erdogan was busy with elections?  Don't ever believe any sort of publicity which purports to show that either Turkey, or Saudi Arabia or Israel or Qatar or Jordan or any of those anti-Iran and anti-Syria countries in that part of the world bring to you courtesy of the usual MSM for our consumption.  The dirty laundry behind each of these incidents stinks to high heaven.  Only the sheeple will consume all the swill and swallow whole the stinking fare.

Now that the kidnapees are free will Turkey start bombing ISIS/ISIL/IS/xyz?  If at all Turkey agrees to drop a missile or two, will those missiles spout wings in mid flight and stray from their "intended" course on jihadi heads and fall instead on Assad's soldiers?  The deceit and cunning from the Muslim scum is unbelievable.  Only Israelis can match them with gutter tricks and doublespeak. 

From BBC 
Dozens of hostages seized by Islamic State (IS) from the Turkish consulate in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul have been freed and are back in Turkey.

The 49 were greeted by flag-waving crowds in Ankara after arriving in southern Turkey early on Saturday.

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said Turkey's intelligence agency had led the operation, but gave few details.
The hostages were seized after IS militants overran Mosul in a rapid advance in June.

Turkey has refused direct involvement in the military campaign against IS partly because of fears over the hostages' safety...........

Wanna know what Sunni locals think of the ISIS/ISIL/IS/xyz invaders?

Read and weep for the foolishness of our leaders who, by their war on the jihadis, are doing everything they can to recruit thousands more for the rampaging killer army.  What the USA is doing is not fighting against an enemy.  No .... far from it.  What the USA is doing is exactly what Osama bin Laden said has to be done .... hit its economy to diminish its riches which in turn will diminish its power.  Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Yemen and support for the Ukraine regime, support for anti-Venezuela regime,
 support for anti-Assad jihadis, support for Columbia govt to hit rebels against it, support for Somalia govt,  .... and these are just the few jars of poison we know the USA has her paws into, and all these have hit USA's economy, reduced  its riches and diminished its power.  You know it, I know it and everybody knows it.

Edward Dark (a pseudonym) is a columnist for Al-Monitor's Syria Pulse living in Aleppo, writes:
US strikes in Syria won’t turn locals against Islamic State  

AL-BAB, Syria — Hell is inescapable. With the terror of living under regime or rebel bombing, Islamic State (IS) barbarism and the nightmarish destitution of refugee camps and death boats adrift at sea, hell is the price of being Syrian today. “This is the Syrian’s lot,” Abu Riad told Al-Monitor, “we are destined never to find peace except in our graves.”

Abu Riad is a relative I recently visited near the town of Al-Bab east of Aleppo in the heart of IS territory. He echoed the fear of many others now that the United States has put together a coalition to wage war on the terror group, a war that will likely involve airstrikes against targets in Syria and inevitably cause more carnage and loss of innocent life.

In Abu Riad’s words, “We have been living in absolute terror for a week now under regime airstrikes. Now we have the Americans coming to bomb us too. Where do we go? Why is everyone killing us; what have we done to deserve this?” Indeed, Al-Bab has suffered heavy barrel bombing in the past few days, resulting in many casualties, which prompted me to avoid going to the town altogether and remain in the relative safety of rural areas. Caught between the hammer of regime bombings and the anvil of imminent US airstrikes, many people have started doing the same, fleeing the towns for safer areas. Even IS, as reported by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, has begun to evacuate its headquarters to avoid putting people’s lives at risk, or at least that is what the group claims.

Regardless, it would be foolish to believe that US military action against IS is popular here or will go down well, especially when civilian casualties start to mount. On the contrary, it will most likely prove counterproductive, stoking anti-Western resentment among the population and increasing support for IS, driving even more recruits to its ranks.

The terror group knows this well, which is why it is secretly overjoyed at the prospect of military action against it. In its calculations, the loss of fighters to strikes is more than outweighed by the outpouring of support it expects both locally and on the international jihadist scene. And its fighters are not afraid of martyrdom by US bombs. In fact, the chance for martyrdom is why many of them came to fight in Syria in the first place.

The US strategy of arming moderate rebel groups to fight extremists on the ground in Syria seems to be an abject failure, yet it is resurrected time and time again. The most recent bombshell was dropped by Jamal Maarouf, the warlord head of the Syrian Revolutionary Front, who has signed a non-aggression pact with IS, prompting serious questions about the reliability and viability of such rebel partners.

In reality, the war against IS will be won and lost on the ground through hearts and minds, not through missiles and bombs. This is something I felt acutely while talking to the people of Al-Bab, who almost unanimously sang the praises of IS' administration and the services the group brought to the areas under its control after years of turmoil.

“My business had never been this good under the local rebels, some of whom were my relatives,” said Abu Riad. “They brought law and order; they went after the criminals and bandits and cleaned up the town. Under the rebels, it was chaos and lawlessness. Now I can be sure my merchandise is safe and I can transport it safely as no one dares steal here anymore,” he added. Even more extraordinary is that some of Aleppo’s industrialists and factory owners opted to move their machinery from the Sheikh Najjar industrial zone into IS territory in Al-Bab, as they knew it would be safe from looting there...........

CrossTalk discusses the Scotland referendum

I think I woke up the whole neighbourhood with my laughter when one of the guys mentioned about something in the media saying the Loch Ness monster would move to England if "Yes" had won.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Qatar is stealing Sunni Muslims from Bahrain

Some news items from the sheikhdoms are just as ridiculous as the dictators who are all great friends of the leaders of  Western countries.  Birds of a feather stick together.  To prove to you how dictatorial and undemocratic these hellholes are, take note of the area I have highlighted.  It should bother all of us that our leaders consider these cavemen as equal partners in our security issues.

From MiddleEastOnline:
Bahrain slams Qatar  for offering citizenship to Sunni nationals
Bahraini interior minister warns Manama will take action against Doha’s unfriendly policies.

A Bahraini minister sharply criticised Qatar Wednesday for offering citizenship to Sunni nationals of the small Gulf kingdom, warning of "action" if it does not end the practice.

Bahrain, like Qatar, has a Sunni Muslim regime, but its population is majority Shiite, and the loss of Sunnis would exacerbate that demographic imbalance.

Qatar has reportedly given nationality to Bahraini Sunnis, who must renounce their first citizenship in exchange.

"If the unfriendly policies by Qatar and the attempts to entice Bahrainis to give away their nationality continue, Bahrain will be forced to take action that it would have otherwise preferred not to," Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid bin Abdullah al-Khalifa said.

The statement came after Bahrain announced the arrest of one of its citizens for taking a Qatari passport and renouncing his Bahraini nationality.
"Unfortunately, illegal procedures taken by Qatar led to the arrest of a member of a Bahraini family," the minister said.
The interior ministry said Sunday that Bahrainis need its authorisation before accepting another citizenship....

.....Meanwhile, Bahraini Shiites have accused their own government of granting citizenship to thousands of Sunnis from abroad, and many demonstrated on Saturday against the practice.....

Extensive damage in Los Cabos, Mexico after hurricane Odile

Tourist spot hit and the govt. had to send in troops to stop looters.

From WorldBulletin:
The government said it had sent in 8,000 troops    and federal police to reinforce security after looters made off with everything from beer to bicycles and plasma TVs from supermarkets.
Mexico sent in troops and police to safeguard thousands of tourists stranded in the storm-battered Mexican Pacific resort of Los Cabos on Thursday after widespread looting.
Odile churned into the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula on Sunday as a Category 3 hurricane, wreaking havoc on a scenic area popular with U.S. sun seekers that has rarely witnessed such devastation.
Two people died after trying to cross a flooded stream in the area of Santa Rosalia, officials said.
However, the peninsula looked set to avoid a second hammering, as Hurricane Polo weakened to a tropical storm and the U.S. National Hurricane Center said it was on track to veer northwest out to sea.
By Thursday, some 18,000 tourists had been airlifted out of the area, Mexico's Ministry of Transport and Communications said. But thousands more remained trapped and bottled water was being rushed in with other emergency supplies......

Kurdish fighters are outnumbered by ISIS/ISIL/IS/xyz jihadis on the Turkish border

The more action the West takes against these monsters, the more grows their hatred for the West and thousands more Sunni Muslims are joining the jihadi army. The bombing from Western jets is the best recruitment advertisement for joining the jihad. You have to remember that the areas these disgusting bastards have been pillaging the last many weeks are strongholds of Sunnis with a sprinkling of non-Sunni minorities.  These are their recruiting grounds, every inch they take of a Sunni location, their numbers will grow. Hey, but why worry eh? Obama now has a TRILLION $s budget to do with whatever he wants to.  A nice big juicy part of it is gonna go to arm, fund and give lotta love to the "moderate jihadis" who will miraculously go forth and defeat the "not so moderate jihadis" .... so let's just relax and enjoy the show.  

And, listen .... has anyone missed seeing all the news of the NFL and NFL only.  You couldn't have missed it if you put on your TV for even a minute or got on the internet.  What a nice way to distract the sheeple's attention from the jihadi threat to domestic violence stories, eh?

And, just in case you haven't noticed, let me point out that ... not Saudi Arabia, not the UAE, not Kuwait, not Bahrain, not Qatar, not Turkey, not Lebanon .... none of these countries that have an overwhelming Sunni population have offered to drop missiles on their jihadi brothers. They are all playing the good cop. Why is that?  And why is the West  going to war on behalf of Sunni nations who won't ever do any heavy lifting?  

From AlJazeera dated Sep 18
Kurds call for help to fight ISIL in Syria  
Turkish Kurds issue call to arms after Islamic State group fighters besiege Kurdish Syrian city in major assault.

Islamic State fighters have besieged a Kurdish city in northern Syria after seizing 21 villages in a major assault, prompting a call to arms from Kurds in neighbouring Turkey who urged followers to go and help resist the group's advance.

Thursday’s attack on the city of Ayn al-Arab, known as Kobani in Kurdish, came two days after a top US military officer said the Syrian opposition would probably need the help of the Syrian Kurds to defeat the Islamic State (ISIL) fighters.

ISIL fighters, armed with heavy weaponry including tanks, seized  the villages near Kobani in an offensive which the UK-based Syrian Observatory monitoring group said had started on Tuesday night.

It said 21 villages had fallen to Islamic State in the last 24 hours.............

From AFP dated today:
Islamic State jihadists have seized 60 Kurdish villages  near the Turkish border in a lightning two-day campaign, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Friday.
"In the past 48 hours, they have taken 60 villages, 40 on Friday alone," said Observatory director Rami Abdel Rahman, referring to the operation around Ain al-Arab, known to the Kurds as Kobane.
"The Kurdish fighters are beating a retreat because they are outnumbered."

House Resolution #24 "Audit the Fed" passes in the US Congress

The push to audit the Fed which was started by Dr. Ron Paul is taking on wings. Maybe it's not too late to rein in the mad spending habits of the corrupt US government with the few good, conscientious, freedom loving, commonsense individuals still walking hobbling along with the bigger percentage of the ultra corrupt politicians.  Will good triumph?
Below vid of Rep Paul Broun on the initiative adopted as HR #24.

From HighlandCountyPress:
U.S. Rep. Paul Broun, M.D. (GA-10) has released    

the following statement after H.R. 24, the Federal Reserve Transparency Act (Audit the Fed), passed in the U.S. House of Representatives with strong bipartisan support this week.

House Resolution 24 has over 220 cosponsors and passed overwhelmingly by a 333-92 margin.

“The passage of the Audit the Fed bill brings us one step closer toward bringing much-needed transparency to our nation’s monetary policy," Broun said.

"For the past 100 years, the Federal Reserve, a quasi-government agency, has acted under a veil of secrecy – controlling our monetary policy and thus, our economy. While in recent years, the Fed has been granted a greater role in overseeing the regulation of our financial system, current law specifically prohibits audits of the Federal Reserve’s deliberations, decisions, or actions on monetary policy. This lack of accountability and transparency has led to grievous consequences - and it must end.
“I applaud my colleagues, Republicans and Democrats alike, for their support of this vital bill, and I commend my good friend and former colleague Dr. Ron Paul for his leadership on this important issue. I strongly encourage Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to recall his past support for this legislation – which he stated as recently as 2010 – and to bring this bill before the Senate for a vote, so we may deliver the transparency and government accountability the American people need and deserve.”

Wow! Mysterious donor offers reward of $30 M to catch killers of MH17

This is what I call putting your money to good use. Could it be that one of  the Russian billionaires close to the inner circle , maybe even Putin himself,  is the mysterious benefactor?  The inner circle knows why and how the ill-fated flight met its end and they know that the powers-that-be in the USA will restrict the findings from being made public.  Russians also know that whatever proof they show of the Ukrainian regime being the culprits will be pooh-poohed by Russia-haters .... the nations of the West.

What a novel way to bring out whistleblowers from within the Ukrainian regime itself.  I hope more billionaires are taking note of this if they want justice done in so many other quarters where justice is trampled on and lies all us truth-seekers a favor and spare a few million to throw sunlight on a lot of darkness we are crushing under.

Ian Johnston writing at IndependentUK:
$30m reward offered  to catch the killers of 298 people who were on Flight MH17.

A reward of $30m (more than £18m) has been offered for information leading to the identification of those responsible for the shooting down of Flight MH17 over Ukraine.

The bounty - believed to be the largest ever offered, ahead of the £25m put up by the US for the capture of Osama bin Laden – was revealed by a firm of German investigators on Wednesday.

The detective agency, Wifka, said a mysterious benefactor, whose name they do not know, had deposited the money in a bank account in Zurich, Switzerland. Anyone revealing who was behind the downing of the Malaysian Airlines plane would also be given a new identity.

The company said in a statement that it wanted to know who carried out the actual shooting, where these people are now, who ordered the firing and what were the circumstances that led to the shooting. .......

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Systematic racism in Israeli society

Abby Martin shows just a teeny weeny part of the horrible racism from Israeli Jews and it's being told to her by an IDF whistleblower. 

I will be posting more of the Israeli racism and their hatred of not just the Palestinians but also Christians (which they go to all lengths to hide) in the coming days and weeks. Muslims are not the only ones committing atrocities and torturing people, the USA-owned Israel is doing the same but that dirty laundry is kept well hidden by its MSM slaves.

Police state America deploys military surplus gear to police personnel of schools

What this proves to those who are still able to add 2+2 makes 4 is this: The country's powers-that-be have over-ordered all kinds of weaponry thus enriching themselves with the commissions they make on such orders placed and at the same time enabling those holding big stakes in the manufacture of war equipment make even more billions of $s ..... while not giving a damn about the country coming apart under the strain of trillions $s in debt. 

From KomoNews:
School police departments across the country  have taken advantage of free military surplus gear, stocking up on mine resistant armored vehicles, grenade launchers and scores of M16 rifles.

At least 26 school districts have participated in the Pentagon's surplus program, which is not new but has come under scrutiny after police responded to protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, last month with tear gas, armored military trucks and riot gear.

Now, amid that increased criticism, several school districts say they'll give some of the equipment back, while others plan to keep the rifles they received. Nearly two dozen education and civil liberties groups sent a letter earlier this week to the Pentagon and the Justice and Education departments urging a stop to transfers of military weapons to school police.

The Los Angeles Unified School District — the nation's second largest school district covering 710 square miles and enrolling more than 900,000 students — said it would remove three grenade launchers it had acquired because they "are not essential life-saving items within the scope, duties and mission" of the district's police force.

But the district plans to keep the 60 M16s and a military vehicle — known as an MRAP — used in Iraq and Afghanistan that was built to withstand mine blasts.

District police Chief Steve Zipperman told The Associated Press that the M16s are used for training, and the MRAP, which is parked off campus, was acquired because the district could not afford to buy armored vehicles that might be used to protect officers and help students in a school shooting.

"That vehicle is used in very extraordinary circumstances involving a life-saving situation for an armed threat," Zipperman said. "Quite frankly I hope we never have to deploy it."

Law enforcement agencies around the country equipped themselves during learner budget years by turning to the Pentagon program, which the Defense Department has used to get rid of gear it no longer needs. Since the Columbine school shooting in 1999, school districts increasingly participated.

Federal records show schools in Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Michigan, Nevada, Texas and Utah obtained surplus military gear. At least six California districts have received equipment, state records show.

U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., said while there's a role for surplus equipment going to local police departments, "it's difficult to see what scenario would require a grenade launcher or a mine resistant vehicle for a school police department."...

Sweden's Muslim immigration problem

This is what happens when politicians we vote to high places have less intelligence than a dead drunk homeless bozo wandering in the streets. The kind of situation Sweden finds herself in now, is a very dangerous one. Not only does Sweden have a very aggressive immigrant population, mainly from Syria and Libya, who riot and commit arson at the drop of a hat, the country now has an anti-immigration party in charge .... anything can happen when you mix the two.

Living in a cocoon of denial is letting yourself become completely vulnerable

When people like moi talked from way back a decade ago about how the 
United Kingdom,  
and a long list of other Western countries were going to the dogs even the most intelligent in my circle of friends smirked in derision and did their best to change the topic.

When I raised doubts about those big fires in Australia and how the media was not covering those the right and proper way, my own family members called me paranoid of the worst kind possible. When I started this blog, one of the main purposes was to expose the exploding Muslim immigration issue and showed how jihadi Muslims were illegally entering via the Mexico corridor,my views were belittled.  I have even gone out on a limb and voiced my suspicions about the   Colorado forest fires which seem to get worse and worse every year.

I say all the above  because no matter how mad and stupid some people sound, it's always worth it to at least give them a listen now and then, instead of  dismissing such people as raving lunatics and anti-Muslim. I have given up trying to explain that I am not anti-Muslim but I am totally against mass Muslim immigration, I am totally against their book and I am totally against Muslims putting their asses up in the air in public places ... and no matter how anybody coats it, it's their book that gives rise to radicalism. PERIOD. Having said all this, I am now glad to see that many, many people are waking up to the threat of jihad in the USA and Canada and I hope it's not all too late for us.

First few paras below from MichelleMalkin at her blog:
The spread of Rocky Mountain jihad  
Something’s fouling Colorado’s crisp air — and I’m not talking about the pot smoke.

In my adopted home state, the toxic fumes of Islamic jihad have penetrated the most unlikely hamlets and hinterlands. Obama administration officials are vehemently denying plots by ISIS operatives to cross our borders. But the lesson here is clear: Thanks to laptop recruitment, reckless visa policies and homegrown treachery, the U.S.-based jihad export-import business is and has been thriving.

Last week, 19-year-old Shannon Conley of Arvada (a Denver suburb once known as the “Celery Capital of the World”) pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to provide material support to a designated foreign terrorist organization. Conley, a militant Muslim convert, plotted to aid al-Qaida and its affiliates. According to the federal criminal complaint filed in April, she planned to use her military training with the U.S. Army Explorers “to go overseas to wage jihad” and “to train Islamic jihadi fighters in U.S. military tactics.” A certified nurse’s aide, she also told investigators she would use her medical training to aid jihadi fighters.

Over the Internet, Conley met an ISIS-affiliated Tunisian Muslim based in Syria. She was headed there on April 8 when the feds arrested her at Denver International Airport. Her luggage contained jihad propaganda, materials on administering first aid on the battlefield, and CDs and DVDs bearing the name of Anwar al-Awlaki, the Colorado-educated jihadi counselor to the 9/11 hijackers and Fort Hood gunman Nidal Hasan.....

Big day for Scotland .... will it be "Yes" or "No" ?

Going by the polls, I think it will be a "No" .... but one can never tell.  Even if it's a "No"  the powers-that-be in London, from now on,  will be extra careful in their dealings with Scotland to ensure that they are kept happy.... just like the Canadian govt. does here with Quebec.

Australia going bonkers arresting suspected supporters of ISIS/ISIL/IS/xyz

Fat lot of good it will do.  
Look, if the jihadis want to behead someone, anyone .... all they have to do is pick someone, anyone off the street .... film the beheading and cause that shock and horror like the incident in the UK with the black jihadis.  Arresting these 15 individuals is not gonna stop the thousands of others already inside and hatching plots against the countries they have migrated to all thanks to our lovely boneheaded politicians. 

From TheAustralian:
A series of anti-terrorism raids   were sparked by intelligence reports that Islamic State supporters were planning a public execution in Australia, Prime Minister Tony Abbott says.

Details of the planned attack have emerged in the wake of the biggest anti-terrorism operation in Australia’s history, involving hundreds of police officers in co-ordinated raids across Sydney and Brisbane this morning.

Mr Abbott was briefed on the police raid on Wednesday night, which included intelligence that public beheadings were planned. “The exhortations, quite direct exhortations, were coming from an Australian who is apparently quite senior in ISIL to networks of support back in Australia to conduct demonstration killings here in this country,” he told reporters.

“So this is not just suspicion, this is intent and that’s why the police and security agencies decided to act in the way they have.”

NSW Police will allege that some of the Sydney men arrested in the operation had communicated with the Islamic State organisation while developing their alleged plan to seize a random member of the public and behead them live on camera.

Fifteen men were arrested during the co-ordinated raids across Sydney early this morning, with one, who police will allege was a principle in the alleged plan, due to appear in a Sydney court today.

The Islamic State, a terrorist organisation operating in Iraq and Syria, has carried out a series of beheadings, including of Western journalists and aid workers, which have been filmed and subsequently broadcast over the internet...........

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Is College Education of any use without commonsense and a smidgen of knowledge of current events around our globe?

Watch the vid and then read the story below of the Wal-Mart spokesman who was forced to resign because he had not made the required grades to graduate with a college degree. The madness is mindblowing!  
The guy in the vid is very tricky, but then this incident will teach the students to not put down their names and signatures to any stupid document here, there and everywhere.

From Yahoo via Katie Little writing at CNBC:
Wal-Mart spokesman resigns after résumé discovery 
David Tovar, Wal-Mart's (WMT) vice president of corporate communications, is leaving the retail giant after a background check revealed he hadn't finished his college degree.
In a phone interview, Tovar told CNBC the résumé error was discovered while he was undergoing an assessment as part of the process of being promoted to senior vice president. He had been with the retail giant for eight years after working at Altria (MO) earlier.
"As part of that process I was going through additional leadership assessment, including a battery of tests including questions about leadership, drug tests, background checks," he said. "In the background check my education was flagged-it was done by a third party company. They asked me about it, and I was 100 percent transparent."
Following four years at the University of Delaware, Tovar said, he walked in the school's graduation ceremony, moved to New York and landed a job. Several months later, he said, he learned he was a few credits short of earning his degree following a mix-up.
"I got a job and never looked back. I really didn't think an art degree would matter in communications, which was the field I went into," he said............