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On the Fethullah Gulen cult and how our shameless Canadian politicians prefer to stuff their faces with samosas given freely ..

at these feeding frenzies organized by the cults. Our ignorant politicians welcome these Trojan Horses with open arms with nary a thought to the danger they bring to the citizenry of this country.

There's no beast on our planet more disgusting than a politician. 

Really important information revealed within the vid below which was posted July 18.

From description to vid at YouTube: As we predicted last year, the deep state coup against Erdogan finally materialized last weekend...but it fizzled out almost as quickly as it arrived. So what are we to make of this would-be putsch? Did Erdogan allow it to happen in order to further cement his control on the rebound? Or was this merely a trial run for the real CIA/NATO/Gulenist coup yet to come? And what role do the Turkish people play in all of this? Joining us today to dissect the mayhem is Sibel Edmonds and Spiro Skouras of Newsbud.com.

From Gagrule.net
Turkish Imam Fethullah Gulen “Interfaith Scam” have now deeply infiltrated Canadian Political society
Gulen Movement is using the same tactic as their forefather did when they infiltrated Islamic empire and hijack islam used as tools went on conquering three continent,  But the movement’s influence extends far beyond Turkey, funding schools, and think tanks and media outlets, from washington to Toronto from Kenya to Kazakhstan. It has attracted millions of followers and billions of dollars.

now that they have fully concurred United State political elite culture they are turning on Canadian political culture, by giving away award under name of  falsified interfaith dialogue scam,

    Recently they have put up  hollywood style award giving show in Toronto, Canada, The award ceremony, which took place at Toronto’s Fairmont Royal York Hotel on Jan. 19, was attended by Lieutenant Governor of Ontario Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Toronto Mayor John Tory, Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie, as well as parliamentarians, academics and representatives of civil society groups.

Hizmet has no formal structure, no visible organisation and no official membership, yet it may have grown into the world’s biggest Muslim network.....

Monday, July 18, 2016

Some views, news and opinions from Alternative Media ... Week ending July 17

The Nice massacre and the failed Turkey coup are posted as separate items below this one.  

There have been several important news items during the last week right here in the Americas but because of the Nice massacre and the failed coup in Turkey, our focus has been diverted. 

The most important, IMO, is the release of the redacted 28 pages from the 9/11 report. One of the items below is authored by a widow of the 9/11 murders.  I am sure there will be many more people looking into those pages and coming to the conclusion that the govt of  KSA definitely had a role in that tragedy and in spite of knowing about that horrendous deed, the elite in the govt of the United States of America have stayed in bed with the Saudis, and to this day continue to  wallow in the kind of dirt that even swine would keep miles away from.  There are no more loathsome creatures on this our planet than the American politicians.

Robert Parry at ConsortiumNews
MH-17: Two Years of Anti-Russian Propaganda

Perhaps it’s only fitting that as we reach the second anniversary of the horrific shoot-down of Malaysia Airlines Flights 17, The New York Times would mark the occasion by once more using the tragedy as a propaganda club to advance the neocon goal of a new, costly and very dangerous Cold War with Russia.

On Saturday, the Times again demonstrated its disdain for normal journalistic practices as it picked up an amateur assertion that the Russians had faked satellite imagery showing Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile systems in eastern Ukraine before the civilian airliner was blown out of the sky on July 17, 2014.

Since that moment, the Times and other mainstream Western publications have been determined to pin the blame for the deaths of 298 people on Russian President Vladimir Putin so the world could plunge ahead into the latest neocon scheme of destabilizing nuclear-armed Russia with the eventual aim of “regime change” in Moscow.

As revolting as it has been to watch the deaths of innocents exploited in the name of big-power geopolitics, what has been most troubling from a journalistic perspective is that the Times has cast aside any pretense of professional objectivity, much as it did during the deception of the American public over Iraq’s fictitious weapons of mass destruction in 2002-2003.

In this latest burst of anti-Russian propaganda, the Times gives great weight to some bloggers who applied a computer program supposedly to show that two Russian government satellite images were manipulated. The point is to cast doubt on whether the Ukrainian military had missiles in place in eastern Ukraine that could have shot down MH-17.

What the Times leaves out is the fact that Western intelligence has already confirmed that Ukraine’s military did have powerful anti-aircraft missiles in eastern Ukraine on July 17, 2014. Last October, a Dutch intelligence report stated that fact based on NATO intelligence gathering, i.e., the West’s own satellite and other data collection.

Indeed, the Netherlands’ Military Intelligence and Security Service (MIVD) concluded that....

Naomi LaChance at TheIntercept
Underwear Model-Turned-RNC Speaker Wants Clinton and Obama in Guantánamo
Antonio Sabato Jr., who will speak at the Republican National Convention next week at the invitation of Donald Trump, frequently bashes Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama on Twitter. Last month, he said that Clinton and Obama should be sent to Guantánamo.

The Italian immigrant became prominent in the 1990s as a Calvin Klein model, Janet Jackson backup dancer, and actor on the soap opera General Hospital. He starred in a reality show called My Antonio, where women competed to become his girlfriend (his ex-wife, whom he had divorced 16 years prior, came in third place).

Today he spends his time at shooting ranges, on talk shows, dancing at Chippendale’s in Las Vegas — and cheering for Trump......

Baxter Dmitry at InvestmentWatchBlog
Paris At War, Media Blackout

We have entered the third month of ongoing protests as the French rise up in their millions against a ruling class determined to take away their rights. They are protesting against undemocratically imposed anti-worker laws that are designed to enrich and protect a wealthy elite at the expense of ordinary people.

There is anarchy on the streets of France, and the mainstream media continues to collude with the establishment to cover up the scale of events and suppress the Nuit debout (“At Night on our Feet”) movement.
...The threatened ban by the French government on demonstrations was reverted on June 22 after a widespread backlash criticising the government’s authoritarian plans.

France’s police watchdog is now dealing with 48 judicial inquiries into police brutality during three months of civil unrest and strikes against the government’s anti-worker laws.

One police officer is facing criminal prosecution after being filmed punching a restrained high school student on the sideline of a school demonstration in March. The interior minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, said he was shocked by the case....

From KatehonNews
Mass protests in Argentina against Macri

The streets in Buenos Aires and other Argentine cities are filled with protesters in a "Cacerolazo" against President Mauricio Macri’s major hikes in utilities, including a 700 percent rise in electricity, over 2,000 percent in gas in some places and 350 percent in water.

The Supreme Court demanded Monday that Macri justify the “social and economic aspects” of the measure within the next 10 days. The government of La Plata decided Thursday to suspend all bill increases, saying the government failed to implement the required public audits before imposing the price hike in April.....

Marc Ash at OpedNews
....Micah Johnson, the man who attacked police 
with an assault rifle at an anti-police violence rally in Dallas, was the 566th. Five more people have been killed by U.S. police since the events in Dallas. This according to The Guardian's ongoing landmark investigation, The Counted: People killed by police in the US.

Vice President Joe Biden delivered an address today [July 9] that eulogized in heroic tones the police officers killed and wounded in Dallas. His rationale, while heart-rending, leads toward, not away from, the violence he urged Americans to reject.
Biden said in part, "Being a cop wasn't just what they did. It was who they were -- like every officer who joined for essentially the same reason. There was something about them that made them think they could help, that they should serve, that they had a duty." While those are stirring words, they obfuscate the truth.

The truth is that U.S. police are trained to kill. Not just maim, wound, or subdue -- kill. The problem is systemic, from the highest echelons of government right down to the patrol officer on the street. "Kill when you need to kill. We've got your back."

There are a number of initiatives in the U.S. to promote training that would teach police officers to de-escalate potentially violent situations. The instruction is referred to as "de-escalation training." It is a good idea that will fail. As long as police officers are confident that they can kill with impunity, they will continue to kill. Make no mistake about it: today in America, police kill with impunity....

Meet the guy who saw and filmed the horror of Alton Sterling's murder by the heartless cops of Baton Rouge.

Part 2 is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qAbGvr3-w34 

Todd E Pierce at ConsortiumNews (originally published Dec 11,2015)
Chicago Police Adopt Israeli Tactics

From the Archive: Recent cases of white police killing unarmed black men raise concern that some U.S. police are applying counter-terrorism tactics, including some learned at Israeli academies, retired JAG Major Todd E. Pierce wrote in 2015.
After more than a year of stonewalling and what some might call obstructing justice, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel issued an apology for the horrific execution of Laquan McDonald by Chicago police officer Jason van Dyke. Laquan McDonald was the black 17-year-old who was shot 16 times by the police officer on Oct. 20, 2014. The video showing the shooting was only released by Chicago officials when they were ordered to do so by a judge in late November 2015.

But apology or not, the underlying substantive issue is that the summary execution of McDonald was the sort of atrocity that one would expect to see in what the U.S. once called “police states.” In fact, one can imagine a death squad execution in El Salvador in the 1980s looking very similar on video to McDonald’s slaying.
Dashcam video of Chicago police shooting Laquan McDonald.

Dashcam video of Chicago police shooting Laquan McDonald.

“Police state” is a term which has fallen into disuse since 9/11 with the adoption of so many similar practices by the so-called “democracies” in their domestic policies. The term generally was applied to Fascist or Communist governments and described a country where the police and the military exercised martial law over citizens or military occupation powers that uses military force to control a civilian population.

Sometimes these arbitrary powers were enforced by summary executions, depending on how much the authorities could get away with in their “extreme measures.” This was the practice in countries such as Nazi Germany; Pinochet’s Chile; El Salvador and Guatemala during the Cold War; to a lesser degree, apartheid South Africa; and military occupied territories such as Tibet, Israeli-occupied Palestine, and Eastern Europe under the Soviet Union.

But Chicago isn’t under martial law or military occupation, is it? Nor is it an apartheid state, with apartheid enforced by domestic martial law and military force, is it? To a normal civilian-oriented mind, one would think it is not under military occupation or martial law.

Seeking Israeli Training
Yet, under Mayor Emanuel, a former Israeli Defense Force (IDF) volunteer, and Garry McCarthy, the now former Chicago Police Superintendent (Emanuel fired him Dec. 1, 2015), it seems that parts of Chicago were treated as if they were occupied territory under police or paramilitary rule.....

...This policing model is being sold by Israel’s government to gullible or authoritarian-leaning U.S. police officials as a legitimate domestic policing model when, in fact, it is a military model of the sort used by militaristic, authoritarian regimes, customarily referred to as “fascist.”....

....The Chicago Police Department maintained that the warehouse was not a secret facility “so much as an undercover police base operating in plain sight.” But, as the Guardian reported, people were shackled and held for hours or even days without access to attorneys in violation of the U.S. Constitution, but the sort of detention permitted of Palestinians under IDF occupation.

A Chicago civil rights activist said he was abducted by masked officers, shackled and held on false charges, “with no food, no water, no access to the outside world” at the behest of “covert operations.” In other words, he simply disappeared.....

...Also, with Israel making its counter-insurgency police training a major export to U.S. police forces and with American cities such as Chicago eager to adopt that training, it is little wonder that minorities increasingly feel they are under repressive military-style occupation in their communities. They have good reason to feel that way since the police are getting training from a country that is expert at keeping a conquered people under an open-ended military occupation.....

From description at vid: As protests against police brutality spread across the United States, a shocking new joint investigation by the New York Times and the Marshall Project looks at a little-examined part of the criminal justice system: the horrific, and sometimes fatal, private prison extradition industry. Each year, tens of thousands of fugitives and suspects — many who have never been convicted of a crime — are entrusted to a handful of small private companies that specialize in transferring the men and women across the country. After reviewing thousands of court documents and interviewing more than 50 current or former guards and executives, two reporters with the Marshall Project uncovered cases two prisoners dying of perforated ulcers, another woman was sexually assaulted and a third who had to have both legs amputated from complications of untreated diabetes. For more we speak with the two reporters, Eli Hager and Alysia Santo, as well as Roberta Blake, who was arrested in 2014 after not returning a rental car on time, and a former private prison guard Fernando Colon.

Kristen Breitweiser at ConsortiumNews
The Long-Hidden Saudi-9/11 Trail
The U.S. government and mainstream media are playing down the long-hidden 9/11 chapter on official Saudi connections to Al Qaeda’s hijackers, hoping most Americans won’t read it themselves, as 9/11 widow Kristen Breitweiser observes.

By Kristen Breitweiser
First and foremost, here is what you need to know when you hear any member of our government say the newly released 29-page chapter from the congressional 9/11 report contains no smoking gun — THEY ARE LYING.

Our government’s relationship to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is no different than an addict’s relationship to heroin. Much like a heroin addict who will lie, cheat and steal to feed his vice, certain members of our government will lie, cheat and steal to continue their dysfunctional and deadly relationship with the KSA — a relationship that is rotting this nation and its leaders from the inside out.

When CIA Director John Brennan states that he believes the 29 pages prove that the government of Saudi Arabia had no involvement in the 9/11 attacks, recognize that John Brennan is not a man living in reality — he is delusional by design, feeding and protecting his Saudi vice.

When Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, Anne W. Patterson, testifies — under oath — that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is an ally that does everything they can to help us fight against Islamic terrorism, recognize that her deep, steep Saudi pandering serves and protects only her Saudi vice.

Read the 29 pages yourself and know the facts. Do not let any person in our government deny the damning reality of the 29 pages. And as you read the 29 pages remember that they were written during 2002 and 2003. President George W. Bush did not want the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia investigated.

President Bush has deep ties to the KSA and its royal family and only wanted to protect the Kingdom. President Bush wanted to go to war in Iraq — not Saudi Arabia. So, a 29-page chapter that said “Saudi” and “Bandar” instead of “Hussein” and “Iraq” was a huge problem for President Bush. (The solution was to hide the information for 13 years.)

It is well documented that the Joint Inquiry received enormous push-back ......

From Sott.Net ...Source: Andrew Korybko of OrientalReview
Macedonia's 'Colorful Revolution' masquerade: 
A U.S. regime change strategy to block Russian and Chinese projects in Eurasia
ORIENTAL REVIEW exclusively publishes the interview, given by the Hybrid Warfare expert Andrew Korybko to the Macedonian edition "Vecer" late June, in English. He speaks about the US R-TCR (Regime Tweaking - Regime Change - Regime Reboot) strategy in the Balkans, and efforts by Russia and China to stabilize Eurasia.

You're in Skopje at the moment, where the so-called "Colorful Revolution" has been ongoing for two months already. What are the real reasons and the goals behind this in the context of the geopolitical constellations in the region?

The "Colorful Revolution" that's presently ongoing in the Republic of Macedonia is nothing more than a Color Revolution masquerading as a "legitimate" civil society movement. It's really a foreign-supported regime change attempt that employs state-of-art political technologies inspired by the teachings of Gene Sharp, the godfather of this stratagem. Some participants and international observers genuinely believe that what's happening in Skopje is an organic initiative, but others are aware of its artificial nature and pursuit of ulterior motives. It doesn't take much effort for any neutral observer to find out which forces are pulling the protesters' strings, since much information has already been publicly released by the patriotic elements of the Macedonian media about the involvement of the Soros Foundation and the close coordination between the protesters and the US Embassy. Soros and his multitude of affiliated organizations provided the "seed funding" for organizing the wide assortment of "NGOs" that are leading the anti-government movement, and the billionaire philanthropist controls the finances that allow SDSM to pay protesters and bus them into Skopje from all across the country. These protesters, of course, are either "useful idiots" or willing conspirators like was already mentioned. They participate in these events for a few reasons, all of which could potentially overlap depending on the particular individual involved: ....

From SputnikNews
Gulenist Involved in Killing of Russian Pilot Took Part in Attempted Coup
A member of the movement tied to the so-called parallel state linked to prominent Turkish oppositionist Fethullah Gulen, who was involved in killing of Russian pilot over Syria last year, participated in attempted coup in Turkey, Mayor of the Turkish capital of Ankara Ibrahim Melih Gokcek said.
 On Friday, the military coup attempt was carried out in Turkey. According to the Turkish General Staff, 104 coup supporters were killed, while 47 civilians, 41 police officers, 2 soldiers died in clashes. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Edrogan accused Turkish Islamic scholar Fethullah Gulen, an outspoken critic of the government in self-imposed exile in the United States, of organizing the unrest.

"It was the 'parallel state' that has deteriorated our relations with Russia. It was an incident, in which one of the pilots of this structures has participated, I guarantee it. He was one of the coup's participants. We have not voiced it until now. But I, Melih Gokcek, say that our relations have been deteriorated by these villains," Gokcek said, as quoted by CNN Turk.....

Claire Bernish at AntiMedia
Jill Stein Just Promised to Pardon Snowden and Appoint Him to Her Cabinet If Elected

...Stein said her pardons wouldn’t stop with Snowden, but would extend to others, including CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou, who first revealed proof of U.S. government employment of waterboarding and other torture tactics, as well as Chelsea Manning....

...Remarking whistleblowers “have done a great service,” Stein described those who expose governmental—and other—wrongs as “people who’ve paid an incredible price for our rights of not only the freedom to communicate on the Internet, but also the freedom to guard our privacy.”

Stein—whose cutting-edge campaign platform includes the call to end wars, cut the U.S. military budget in half, stop police brutality, end mass incarceration, forego corporate trade agreements in favor of fair trade, label genetically-modified food, and much more—quickly became the favorite of Bernie Sanders supporters who felt betrayed by his endorsement of war hawk, Hillary Clinton.

In the 24 hours following that capitulation, Stein’s campaign saw an astonishing 1,000 percent swell in donations—receiving over $80,ooo since Tuesday....

From ZeroHedge
Civil Unrest Explodes In Berlin - Over 3500 People Riot Against Police

"Civil Unrest is exploding," warnshttps://www.armstrongeconomics.com/world-news/civil-unrest/civil-unrest-explodes-in-berlin-over-3500-people-riot-against-police/  Armstrong Economics' Martin Armstrong,
Some 1800 police were called in and at least 120 policemen were injured in what is becoming a street battle. This has been the most aggressive and violent protest in Germany for the past five years.
Protesters were throwing bottles, cobblestones and fireworks, as well as they destroyed cars in addition to attacking police officers. It appears at least 3,500 rioters took part in the uprising and possibly more than 4,000.
The protest is against police operations and involved mostly young people who have risen up against the police operations in the Riga street area. Protesters wore black hoods carrying banners with slogans like “Riga defend 94” and “Housing solidarity against state terror.”....

From AllGov  Source: Matt Reynolds, Courthouse News Service
Thousands of U.S. Military Veterans Deported Due to Lack of Citizenship

LOS ANGELES (CN) - In poverty-stricken South Central Los Angeles, a television commercial for the U.S. Marines grabbed the attention of 11-year-old Enrique Salas Garcia.
"I wanted that sense of honor and pride that comes from being a Marine. I wanted to be a badass Marine," Garcia said.

Seven years later, the week after he graduated from high school, Garcia's dream came true when his parents allowed him to enlist in the Marines. He served in the first Persian Gulf War, won many commendations and became a lance corporal.

But as recounted in the American Civil Liberties Union report, "Discharged, Then Discarded," Salas's fortunes dramatically changed when he left the Marines and came home.

In adjusting to civilian life, Salas grappled with a drug problem. He was sentenced to six months in jail for possession. Though he vowed not to repeat that mistake, in a cruel twist of fate, Salas's permanent resident card was stolen during a family trip to Tijuana in 2006.

Border officials voided his legal status when he reported the green card stolen. And unknown to Salas, his conviction meant that despite his four years of military service, he faced deportation and separation from his children and family.

Now Salas is exiled in Tijuana, where he repairs industrial tanks. It is a long way from that snapshot of a young boy who believed America could offer him a better future.

Salas is not the only one, said ACLU staff attorney Jennie Pasquarella, co-author of the report on deported veterans, released last week by the ACLU.

Pasquarella says the U.S. government is letting down Salas and thousands of others by not educating active service members and veterans about how to naturalize.

 All immigrants who are in the country legally are entitled to U.S. citizenship because of their military service. But while some deported veterans believe they earned citizenship simply by signing up for military service, others were misinformed by recruiters or officers about their legal status, Pasquarella said.

"That's one of the greatest tragedies of this. People didn't realize that they weren't already a citizen. Had they known, they could have applied and naturalized when they were in the service," the attorney said.....

The vid below is from 2012, a few months after the initial unrests in Syria

Claire Bernish at AntiMedia
Stop Blaming Black Liberation Groups for the Acts of the Dallas Shooter
Despite popular reports to the contrary, alleged cop-killer Micah Xavier Johnson — who purportedly carried out the murders of five police officers in Dallas — was not a member of a militant black power organization.

In fact, the alleged shooter had been effectively blacklisted from multiple groups — a move several leaders told the Daily Beast would have nullified potential membership in such organizations across the board.
That blacklisting occurred once leaders performing a background check of Johnson discovered he had been sent home from Afghanistan for stealing women’s underwear — and was discharged from the U.S. Army during the period of tumult in the aftermath of the police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.....

A sample of Paris riots of last month

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On the failed coup to oust Turkey's Erdogan

Below a mix of MSM and Alterative Media on the failed coup.

Alev Scott at TheGuardian
Turkey has defeated a coup – and unleashed a violent mob

At about 11pm on Friday, I was passionately debating Pokémon Go at a dinner party in Istanbul when someone announced that a military coup was taking place. “Really – actual jets? Tanks at the airport – seriously?” Everyone was incredulous, scanning their phones, until someone spotted a helicopter from the balcony. Reality hit home, and we hastily took our leave. In corner shops middle-class locals were hastily stocking up on water and – bizarrely – pet food.

In Taksim Square, finally, proof of the outrageous rumours: soldiers stood to attention around the perimeters of the square with police arrayed warily behind them. By the time I reached home the sound of gunfire was breaking out. At about 3am fighter jets were zooming over my apartment, shattering glass and sending me diving to the floor, while my local mosque called the faithful to the streets to protest against the coup. The night had escalated quickly.

In retrospect the attempted coup was a case of “blink and you’ll miss it”, but at the time it was a long night of confusion and violence as first the army and then police took control of TV stations, and social media buzzed with rumours. As dawn broke, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that the coup had failed. Mere hours after soldiers fired on civilians on the Bosphorus Bridge they had surrendered to police. Ferries and trams trundled back to life, and taxis drove people home, navigating broken glass and tanks abandoned on the road. Even at the airport, where terrified passengers had hidden from explosions and where the president made his dramatic address to the people after evading capture, business was returning to normal.

But as the dust clears, the scale of damage – both immediate and long term – has become clear: at least 265 people have died and many more are injured. Parliament has been bombed. More than 6,000 military and judiciary personnel thought to be linked to the coup have been arrested, and an already cowed media fear a similar purge. While Erdogan’s supporters celebrate, many Turks are wondering: what the hell happened – and what next?....

Dated July 16

Scott at the Saker blog (many interesting links within)
Military Coup in Turkey SITREP

Pro-NATO military coup failed after a few hours. The rebels immediately closed the straits of Dardanelles for all ships to stop Russian ships traveling to and from Syria. The coup organizers wanted closer relations with NATO and Washington. Turks want closer relations with Russia, and no Washington. Turks want to survive and eat, and to stay warm in coming winter. They need Russia’s market and Russia’s gas for these. Everyone knows by now that any pro- Washington coup means war, foreign occupation, collapse of economy, misery and civilian deaths. Everyone talks about Ukraine as an example.

1.   Prime Minister of Turkey said that the country protecting the opposition leader Gulan, who is believed to be an organizer of the military coup, cannot be a friend of Turkey. Needless to say, he means the US. It’s a huge step for Turkey towards Russia and Eurasia and away from the West. It looks like Turkey has decided that non-West is winning in a standoff with the West, and that they are not really “Europeans” after all.

2.   The Mayor of Ankara: Russian jet was shot down by people loyal to the shadow government and by a follower of radical cleric Gulen to destroy Turkey’s relations with Russia,

3.    Erdogan demonstrate a miracle of political endurance. He is not Ukraine’s Yanukovich, who is hiding in Rostov. For those saying that military “wanted” to give more freedom to people and to politically solve the Kurds problem. The military coup was pro-Washington and pro-NATO and against Russia. It’s all we need to know. I don’t support Erdogan’s polices to keep many people in jails including the military officers and journalists, but he is good for Russia. A maidan in Turkey and Washington’s rule over Turkey would be truly devastating.

4.    At the very beginning of the coup the Western media and all of the so called military experts and analysts were in support of the coup. The White house was silent. The White house expressed support for Erdogan government via its tweeter only after it became obvious that the coup failed. Washington is a fair weather friend.....

From BBC
Failed Turkey coup: A summary of today's key developments

Turkey's Prime Minister Binaldi Yildirim has declared last night's failed coup attempt over, calling it a "black stain" on the country's democracy and promising harsh punishment for those involved...

From RT
Turkish coup ‘no carte blanche’ for purges
French FM says, as number of arrests reaches 6,000
France’s foreign minister has urged Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to respect the law and refrain from purges after the recent failed attempt by Turkish military officials to topple the government. Some 6,000 arrests have been made in just two days.
"We had to condemn the coup in Turkey, this is the least we could do,” Jean-Marc Ayrault told France 3 TV channel.

“[But] we want the rule of law to function fully, this is no carte blanche for Erdogan,” Ayrault said.

A faction of the Turkish military attempted to topple the government of President Erdogan on Friday night, with tanks and attack helicopters brought into Turkey’s two main cities, Ankara and Istanbul.....

Dated July 17

From MoonOfAlabama blog
Coup Against Wannabe-Sultan Failed - Beware The Aftermath

(Please also read the updated tweets below. There are some very interesting nuggets in there that are not yet reflected in the text.)

Yesterday's short coup attempt (real time MoA) by parts of the military against the wannabe-Sultan of Turkey failed. Some 200 people on both sides were killed, some 1,200 wounded.

The plotters' major mistakes were:

    to not capture Erdogan and the leaders of his   political and security organizations,
    to not shut down all means of mass communication, especially the Internet, except those under their strict control,
    to not put out a trusted public face to represent the coup.

Erdogan escaped and could orchestrate the counter to the coup. He could continue to communicate with his security management, foreign politicians and his supporters. Without any well known alternative leader the public had only Erdogan to follow.....

From BBC
Turkey: Mass arrests after coup bid quashed, says PM

Some 2,839 soldiers, including high-ranking officers, have been arrested after an attempted coup that is now over, says Turkey's PM Binali Yildirim.

The attempted coup was a "black stain on Turkish democracy", he said, with 161 civilians and police killed....

On the Nice massacre committed by a French-Tunisian jihadi on Bastille Day July 14

From Guardian dated July 15
Lorry rams Bastille Day crowd in Nice 

From Telegraph dated July 17
...The estranged wife of killer Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel  was still being held by police on Saturday morning, a judicial source told news agency Agence France Presse....

From Independent dated July 15
...Investigators are still looking to find  whether the man was working with accomplices.
He had been a father for three years, Nice-Matin reported. Relatives are being questioned by police, it also said..

Priya Joshi at IBT  dated July 16
Nice attack: Man unable to speak after losing six members of his family in Bastille day massacre
Christophe Lyon has been left traumatized afer losing his son, his wife, his parents and his parents-in-law in the attack.
A man who lost six members of his family in the Nice terror attacks has been left so traumatized he is unable to speak. Christophe Lyon's wife, his adult son, his parents and parents-in-law were all killed on 14 July, when Tunisian-born Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel drove a 19-tonne lorry into crowds of revellers celebrating Bastille Day in the southern French city.

Mr Lyon, from Longwy, north-eastern France, had travelled to Nice with his wife Veronique, 55, son Michael Pellegrini, 28, and in-laws Francois Locatelli, 82, and Christiane Locatelli, 78 for an eagerly anticipated holiday on the Riviera. His parents Gisele Lyon, 63, and Germain Lyon, 68, also joined the family gathering....

Sunday, July 10, 2016

News, Views and Opinions from the Alternative Media .... Week ending July 10

Peter Van Buren at Antiwar
Why it Matters the Dallas Police Used a Drone To Kill Someone in America

The Dallas police ended a standoff with the gunman who killed five officers with a tactic that is unprecedented: it blew him up using a robot.

This represents the first time in American history that a drone (wheels for now, maybe wings later) was used to kill an American citizen on American soil.

I get it, I get it.
The Dallas sniper had killed five cops. He was prepared to kill as many more as he could. He was in a standoff with police, and negotiations had broken down. The Supreme Court has made it clear that in cases such as this, the due process clause (i.e., a trial before execution in this instance) does not apply. If not for the robot bomb, the Dallas police would have eventually shot the sniper anyway. They were fully in their legal rights to kill him. None of those issues are in contention. I am not suggesting in any way the cops should have invited the sniper out for tea.

I am suggesting we stop and realize that in 2016 the police used a robot to send in an explosive to blow a person up. I am unaware that such a thing has happened in Russia, North Korea, China, Iran or other places where the rule of law is held by the few in power.

Weapons of War
The robot represents a significant escalation in the tools law enforcement use on the streets of America. Another weapon of war has come home from ....

Another milestone in our journey to find life other than our own

Catherine Austin Fitts at SolariReport
The Saker hears the drumbeats of war.
On this week’s Solari Report, Saker and I discuss his latest, A Russian Warning co-authored with Dmitri Orlov and Dr. Eugenia V Gurevich:

“We, the undersigned, are Russians living and working in the USA. We have been watching with increasing anxiety as the current US and NATO policies have set us on an extremely dangerous collision course with the Russian Federation, as well as with China. Many respected, patriotic Americans, such as Paul Craig Roberts, Stephen Cohen, Philip Giraldi, Ray McGovern and many others have been issuing warnings of a looming Third World War. But their voices have been all but lost among the din of a mass media that is full of deceptive and inaccurate stories that characterize the Russian economy as being in shambles and the Russian military as weak—all based on no evidence. But we—knowing both Russian history and the current state of Russian society and the Russian military, cannot swallow these lies. We now feel that it is our duty, as Russians living in the US, to warn the American people that they are being lied to, and to tell them the truth. And the truth is simply this: If there is going to be a war with Russia, then the United States will most certainly be destroyed, and most of us will end up dead.”

The Saker gives us an update on the Ukraine and the impact, along with events in the Middle East and US and European sanctions, on the Russian economy. We cover the ancient history of tensions between Russia and the Western nations and revisit why the Russian people are so supportive of Putin’s efforts to resist accommodation. Saker suggests some of the actions we can each take to reduce the chances of war.

Our discussion raises important questions about the shift to a multi-polar world. If the US offers countries two options – submit to multinational corporate control or be destroyed – it is only a matter of time before the world shifts into a deflationary spiral or war. Where are the incentives to cooperate and honor agreements that are the basis of global economic growth?...

Hopefully Dr Kelli Ward will replace the despicable warmonger McCain.

Christina Lin at AsiaTimes
Saudi Arabia and Turkey’s pipeline wars in Yemen and Syria 

Saudi Arabia’s pursuit of the war in Yemen, at considerable cost in blood and treasure, is a literal affirmation of the term “backdoor strategy.” However, both the “door” and the actual contours of that strategy remain submerged beneath the murky waters of Mideast politics.

In June 2015, a senior advisor on Yemen in the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Joke Buringa, wrote an article regarding Saudi Arabia’s interest in building an oil pipeline through Yemen. Her piece underscored the energy geopolitics behind Riyadh’s bombing campaign over the past year.

Saudi oil pipeline through Yemen’s Hadramaut

In her article entitled “Divide and Rule: Saudi Arabia, Oil and Yemen,” Buringa revealed that the Saudis fear an Iranian blockade of the Hormuz Strait, and were seeking pipelines through Yemen. This would provide Riyadh with direct access to the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean to reach the Asian market(1)

Middle East Eye columnist Nafeez Ahmed, citing a 2008 State Department cable from Wikileaks, has confirmed the Saudi interest in building a pipeline that is “wholly owned, operated and protected by Saudi Arabia, through Hadramawt to a port on the Gulf of Aden.”[2]

Hadramaut is Yemen’s wealthiest governorate that counts 4 of the 26 million population, 50% of Yemen’s landmass, 80% of its oil exports, a sufficient water supply, and gold reserve worth $4 billion.

When Iran and Oman signed an agreement for a gas pipeline in 2014, this increased Riyadh’s distrust of Oman and increased the attractiveness of the Hadramaut pipeline option in Yemen. In February 2015 when the Houthis took control of the government, Riyadh began its bombing campaign the following month....

On the Medina attacks aka Jihadis going home to roost

From SputnikNews
Eight Dead as Terror Attacks Strike Prophet's Mosque in Medina, Qatif City
Two time synchronized suicide attacks have been reported near the el-Omran Shia mosque in Qatif City and near the Prophet Muhammad's mosque in Medina. Residents report hearing multiple explosions at each location. Tasnim News Agency confirmed six innocent people died in the blasts including two security officers and four pilgrims. Separately, Saudi's Arabiya TV confirmed at least two terrorists died in suicide blasts. The mosque is Islam's second holiest site and one of the largest mosques in the world.

From NYBooks (this  is from about a few months ago)
The Indonesian Massacre: What Did the US Know? by Margaret Scott

.....The Indonesian massacre was a critical moment in the cold war. In the early morning of October 1,1965, six Indonesian generals were killed by a group of junior officers who claimed they were forestalling a takeover by a CIA-backed “Council of Generals.” The putsch was poorly planned and collapsed in twenty-four hours. At the time, Indonesia was led by the leftist, romantic revolutionary-turned-autocrat Sukarno, and also had the third largest Communist Party in the world, the PKI, with some 3 million members. The Indonesian Army and the US government quickly blamed the botched coup on the PKI. (There is still much we don’t know about these events, but the head of the PKI, D. N. Aidit, was at least aware of the coup attempt; he was killed shortly thereafter by the army.) Seizing on an opportunity to unseat Sukarno and roll back communism, the army unleashed a campaign of violence in which perhaps five hundred thousand or perhaps one million suspected Communists were killed—no one knows for sure.

The assassination of the six generals, and fabricated stories that they had been tortured by Communist women, were used to stir up anti-Communist sentiment. Within days, the army and army-affiliated militias spread out across the archipelago, arresting anyone who was associated with the PKI and its many labor and farmer organizations. Then, mostly at night, those arrested were taken out and shot, beheaded, or stabbed to death. The army’s militias did most of the killings, and their members ranged from gangsters to young men who belonged to the country’s two largest Muslim organizations. The victims were thrown in mass graves or into rivers, and there are harrowing stories of rivers in Java, Sumatra, and Bali so filled with bodies that the water turned red.

For the Lyndon Johnson administration, the bloodbath was a momentous victory, shifting the balance of power in Southeast Asia. But for many Indonesians it was a terrifying time. In addition to those murdered, hundreds of thousands more were imprisoned, and their families and the families of the victims were formally shunned. When the killings ended, Indonesians lived under the military rule of General Suharto, who promoted the founding myth that the army saved the nation from the atheist Communists. No one talked about what had happened.

In 1967, a six-year-old Obama moved with his mother, Ann Dunham, to Jakarta as Suharto consolidated his jackboot rule. “Innuendo, half-whispered asides; that’s how she found out that we had arrived in Djakarta less than a year after one of the more brutal and swift campaigns of suppression in modern times,” Obama writes in his memoir, Dreams from My Father. “The idea frightened her, the notion that history could be swallowed up so completely.”.....

Gilad Atzmon at his blog
Chilcot, Israel and the Lobby

It took seven years for Sir Chilcot and his team to reach a set of conclusions that every Brit capable of thought understood back in November, 2003.

The inquiry produced a damning assessment of Blair’s conduct as well as the British military. But the Chilcot Inquiry failed to expose the crucial close ties between Blair’s criminal war, the Jewish Lobby and Israel.

At the time Britain entered the criminal war against Iraq, Blair’s chief funders were Lord ‘cashpoint’ Levy and the LFI (Labour Friends of Israel). The prime advocates for the immoral interventionist war within the British press were Jewish Chronicle writers David Aaronovitch and Nick Cohen. The attorney general that gave the green light for the war was Lord Goldsmith.

In 2008 The Guardian revealed that the “Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) successfully fought to keep secret any mention of Israel contained on the first draft of the controversial, now discredited Iraq weapons dossier.” Israel was conspicuously engaged in the vast production of WMDs. If Britain and America had any genuine concerns about WMDs, bombing Tel Aviv would have been the way to go.

In 2003 some intelligence experts insisted that the Iraq’s WMD dossier was initially produced in Tel Aviv and only ‘sexed up’ in London.

Since the Iraq war, the same Jewish Lobby has mounted enormous pressure on western governments, promoting more Zio-centic interventionist wars in Syria, Libya and Iran. So why did the Chilcot Inquiry fail to address this topic?

This crucial failure by Chilcot was to be expected. In 2010, highly respected ....

From CorbettReport
Interview 1185 – Peter Kirby Explains the New Manhattan Project

Peter Kirby is the author of the new book Chemtrails Exposed: A New Manhattan Project. Today we tackle the two questions most frequently asked by chemtrail skeptics: would the government do something like this and could they do something like this. We also talk about John Brennan’s recent call for stratospheric aerosol injection and a 2016 study on the health effects of stratospheric aerosols.

From RT
‘Sorry’ state of affairs: Adultery site Ashley Madison under FTC investigation
Executives of Ashley Madison, the website that offers extramarital affairs, say the parent company, Avid Life Media, is under investigation by the US Federal Trade Commission. They hint that the site’s use of “fembots” may be the probe’s focus.

Following the August 2015 massive data breach of the personal information of some 39 million users of Ashley Madison, the notorious dating website for cheaters, parent company Avid Life Media appointed a new team to salvage the company's reputation and improve security.
But now, according to a Reuters interview on Tuesday with Ashley Madison chief executive Rob Segal and president James Millership, Avid Life is facing an inquiry from federal trade regulators.

While acknowledging the FTC probe, Segal failed to share the details of the investigation. He stressed that Avid began cooperating with the feds last August.

The leading theory behind the government probe is that the website used “fembots” to lure in male customers, by artificially beefing up the female ratio in chat rooms.......

Claire Bernish at FreeThoughtProject
Americans Have No “Independence” to Celebrate — What July 4th Has Become in a Police State
We have failed, as a nation, the experiment intended by the founders to limit the size of government and the scope of tyrannical rule — as if that could come as a shocker, given our exclusionary founding based in genocide and the systematic enslavement of an entire population would dictate.

Perhaps the romantic love affair America claimed to have with democracy — through the vehicle of a constitutional republic — amounted thus to so much farce, or at least misguided hope. When the people’s call to terminate British rule in favor of popular governance, ignited by Thomas Paine’s Common Sense, ultimately led to a government whose very framework ensures elitist control, that failure, again, can hardly be surprising.

It’s Independence Day; though through carefully crafted semantics over the years, the significance of the day has been truncated to the uniquely strange celebration of a date — a telling bit of propaganda, itself.

How did we veer so severely off course? How did the summary call for revolution — based in shirking the twins of monarchical control and tyrannical over-governance — land all of us in a modern police state empire guilty of crimes against civilians domestically and worldwide?

Scholars argue the democracy-based constitutional republic that so defined America has since birthed an oligarchy; however, the incestuous marriage of the monied class consistently in power and profit-crazed corporate interests would best be described a corporatist plutocracy.

For the fetters of imperialism-driven, police-state corporatism to impart this stranglehold, the populace had to take one hell of a nap — akin, actually, to democratic dereliction of duty.

Consider the complacency necessary to abide....

F. William Engdahl at Journal-Neo
Russia’s Achilles Heel – Reflections from St. Petersburg

For three days this month, June 16-18, I had the opportunity to participate as a panelist in the annual St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in Russia. I’ve been in Russia many times since the Ukraine US-backed coup d’état of February 2014, and the deliberate escalations of NATO military and economic tensions and sanctions against the Russian Federation. This year’s forum, my second as participant, gave me a rare opportunity to speak with leading representatives from every sector of the Russian economy- from CEOs of the energy sector to the Russian Railways to the national Russia Grid electricity provider to numerous small and mid-sized businessmen, to a wide range of economists. It sharpened my perception of just how precarious the situation of Russia today is.

What became clearer to me in the course of the three days of discussions in St Petersburg is precisely how vulnerable Russia is. Her Achilles Heel is the reigning ideology that controls every key economic post of the Government of the Russian Federation under Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. Under the terms of the Russian Constitution adopted in the chaos of the Yeltsin years and enormously influenced, if not literally drafted, by Russia’s foreign IMF advisers, economic policy is the portfolio responsibility of the Prime Minister and his various ministers of Economics, Finance and so forth. The Russian President, today Vladimir Putin, is responsible for defense and foreign policy.

Making the job virtually impossible of reviving credit flows to fuel genuine real investment in urgently needed infrastructure across the vast land expanse of Russia is the Central Bank of Russia. The Central Bank of Russia was given....

Matt Agorist The Free Thought Project
....Random acts of violence will only serve to undo what little progress those of us in the peaceful movement have accomplished and, in fact, will reverse it and prevent any future progress.

Violently attacking the government creates victims out of the ones we are trying to expose as criminals.

Those who initiate and support such violence will be complicit in creating the hellish police state that will inevitably ensue as a consequence of their actions.

It will start a war in which the people are the enemy.

We can simply look back to 9-11 as an example of what is to come if this violence continues.

Prior to 9-11 the TSA did not exist, indefinite detention did not exist, the NSA did not spy on American citizens, the police weren't given armored assault vehicles, and Americans could not be assassinated without trial.

If these acts of aggressive violence against the state continue, we can expect to see what little civil liberties are left to be whisked away in the name of protection from the 'domestic terror threat.'

We can expect to see peaceful activists rounded up and detained indefinitely. We can expect to see homes raided of individuals who are speaking out against the state. We will see more and more checkpoints, and less and less unmolested travel.

If you think that the American people can somehow win in a war against the military industrial complex that the US has built up in the last decade and a half, you are seriously delusional.

Your AR-15 will do nothing against thermal imaging predator drones equipped with Raytheon's small tactical munitions designed for blowing up single homes. They will not stop the MRAP as it plows through your front door. No matter how you slice it, the most well-armed American citizen is no match for the hundreds of billions spent annually by the US on warfare. ...

From MintPress
Police Already Made 2016 Deadlier Than 2015 By The End Of June

Mental illness was a known factor in almost a quarter of cases in which people were fatally shot by police so far this year, according to The Washington Post’s Pulitzer Prize-winning Fatal Force project.

As controversy continues to swirl around the issue of police violence in the United States, the media continues to be our main source of data about the scope of the problem.

The Washington Post, which tracks fatal shootings by police as part of its Fatal Force project, reports that there have already been 20 more fatal shootings this year compared to the same period of 2015.

In April, the Post’s Fatal Force project won a Pulitzer Prize, journalism’s most prestigious award, in the national reporting category. The project originated when Post staff realized that no government agency tracks police violence, reported Paul Farhi:
“After covering several high-profile incidents involving the killings of civilians by police officers in 2014, Washington Post staff writer Wesley Lowery was surprised to discover that there were no official statistics about such fatalities. So Lowery pitched an idea to his editors: The newspaper, he suggested, should collect the information itself and analyze it for patterns in law enforcement.”

While the FBI does track police killings, reporting by departments remains strictly voluntary, even despite what the Guardian’s Jon Swaine described in 2015 as a long-running “debate about why the American government has failed so badly to monitor this issue of national importance.”....

....Police are increasingly showing up as the first responders in emergency calls involving the mentally ill, and those encounters all too frequently turn violent or even fatal. Last July, Denver erupted in protest when police fatally shot Paul Castaway, a mentally ill Native American man, as he held a knife to his own neck in a crowded trailer park.....

Rori Donaghy at MiddleEastEye
Gaddafi’s son Saif al-Islam 'released from prison in Libya

Saif al-Islam was reportedly released in April by his Libyan captors despite being sentenced to death by a court in 2015
The most prominent son of the late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi appears to have been released from prison, according to reports on Wednesday.

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi was sentenced to death by firing squad last year, and he has been widely reported as imprisoned in the western Libyan town of Zintan.

However, on Wednesday, Gaddafi’s lawyer Karim Khan told France 24 that his client was in fact released on 12 April and is “well and safe in Libya”.

Khan, who was appointed as Gaddafi's lawyer on 27 June, said his client was released as part of an amnesty passed last year by the House of Representatives, which was Libya’s internationally recognised government until the UN-backed Government of National Accord took charge earlier this year.

Gaddafi’s current whereabouts are unknown and his lawyer did not say whether he has spoken to his client since the reported release....

....Mohamed Eljarh, Libyan analyst at the Atlantic Council, told MEE Gaddafi is still in Zintan, but it is not clear whether or not he has been freed from detention.

“I have spoken to people from Zintan and they said [Gaddafi] is still in Zintan and under their protection,” he said by phone from the capital Tripoli. “They did not say if he is still captive or free to go.”....

Matt Agorist at FreeThoughtProject
Fargo, ND — For a tiny bit of pot, cops sent a young college student to his death in their immoral pursuit of the war on drugs.

Andrew Sadek, a top college student in North Dakota, was caught selling $80 worth of marijuana. Because this pot was sold on a school campus, police sought to charge Sadek with serious felonies. They threatened him with 40 years in prison and a $40,000 fine — for a plant.

However, police had no intention of seeking those charges, as they knew they could force Sadek to become a snitch for them.

The interrogation room video shows Chief Jason Weber telling the dejected Andrew, who lost his older brother in a train wreck, that he faces up to 40 years in jail. Weber, experienced in deception, tells Andrew that he can “help himself” by becoming a confidential informant.

Andrew had to buy drugs from three other people to preserve his freedom, and keep everything an absolute secret. With no training or protection, Sadek was sent to his death by cops who couldn’t care less.

After Andrew went missing, family and friends pleaded on camera for his return and held prayer vigils, but he never returned. Andrew was found dead in a river with a bullet through his head and his backpack full of rocks.

Sadek’s parents filed a lawsuit last week, exactly two years after their son was found.

According to the AP, an autopsy concluded Sadek died of a gunshot wound...

Martin Berger at Journal-Neo
US Bases – the Dangerous Weapon of Western-style Democracy

As it has been noted by American analysts, war defines the United States. Even despite the fact that the United States has not officially declared war against any other state since 1942, and the fact that Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, in the last decade US troops have invaded the territories of numerous states and have been steadily increasing their presence abroad.

US military expenditures exceed the expenditures of the next nine countries following the US, with 598 billion dollars, 54 per cent of discretionary spending, in fiscal year 2015.

95% of all overseas military installations globally are American, many of them are designed to ensure “protection” from external threats. At the same time, garrisons of these bases themselves create new threats, becoming a primary cause of increased civil discontent, radicalism, wars and instability. The Nation would report:
While there are no freestanding foreign bases permanently located in the United States, there are now around 800 US bases in foreign countries. Seventy years after World War II and 62 years after the Korean War, there are still 174 US “base sites” in Germany, 113 in Japan, and 83 in South Korea, according to the Pentagon. Hundreds more dot the planet inaround 80 countries, including Aruba and Australia, Bahrain and Bulgaria, Colombia, Kenya, and Qatar, among many other places. Although few Americans realize it, the United States likely has more bases in foreign lands than any other people, nation, or empire in history.

It’s mind boggling that more than a quarter-million American troops are stationed at military bases around the world. In Europe the US has up to 75,000 battle-capable servicemen, not counting technical staff and supplies, which are usually represented by local civilian contractors (85%). In this region the US has the most significant military presence in Germany, with nearly 50,000 men stationed in this country.

The total cost of maintaining these bases, according to RAND Corporation estimates, approaches 156 billion dollars annually, and American taxpayers are paying an average of 40,000 dollars a year for the stationing of a single US soldier abroad.

However, those installations haven’t been transformed in the...

From AnswerCoalition
ANSWER Coalition joining protests at the DNC and RNC

The ANSWER Coalition will be present at a wide range of protest activities taking place during both the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, July 18-21, and the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Penn., July 25-28. Organizing is well underway in both cities, and this page will be updated once event specifics are finalized.

For the last seven and a half years, the Democratic Party has blatantly ignored its anti-war campaign promises and in fact expanded U.S. wars of aggression. In Honduras, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Philippines and so many other countries, U.S. imperialism has inflicted tremendous suffering under a Democratic president. Racism and police brutality persist in all the big cities of the country, despite the fact that these are virtually all run by Democratic Party machines.....

David Galland and Stephen McBride at GarretGalland (This is a MUST READ in entirety)
How George Soros Singlehandedly Created the European Refugee Crisis - And Why

George Soros is trading again.

...Today, Soros’s net worth stands at $23 billion. Since taking a back seat in his company, Soros Fund Management, in 2000, Soros has been focusing on his philanthropic efforts, which he carries out through the Open Society Foundations he founded in 1993.

So who does he donate to, and what causes does he support?

During the 1980s and 1990s, Soros used his extraordinary wealth to bankroll and fund revolutions in dozens of European nations, including Czechoslovakia, Croatia, and Yugoslavia. He achieved this by funneling money to political opposition parties, publishing houses, and independent media in these nations.

If you wonder why Soros meddled in these nations’ affairs, part of the answer may lie in the fact that during and after the chaos, he invested heavily in assets in each of the respective countries....

...Why has Soros donated so much capital and effort to these organizations? For one simple reason: to buy political power.

Democratic politicians who go against the progressive narrative will see their funding cut and be attacked in media outlets such as Media Matters, which also directly contribute to mainstream sites such as NBC, Al Jazeera, and The New York Times.

Apart from the $5 billion Soros’s foundation has donated to groups like those cited above, he has also made huge contributions to the Democratic Party and its most prominent members, like Joe Biden, Barack Obama, and of course Bill and Hillary Clinton....

...Soros began supporting Hillary Clinton’s current presidential run in 2013, taking a senior role in the “Ready for Hillary” group. Since then, Soros has donated over $15 million to pro-Clinton groups and Super PACs.

More recently, Soros has given more than $33 million to the Black Lives Matter group, which has been involved in outbreaks of social unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, and Baltimore, Maryland, in 2015. Both of these incidents contributed to a worsening of race relations across America....

...Soros’s agenda is fundamentally about the destruction of national borders. This has recently been shown very clearly with his funding of the European refugee crisis....

From description at YouTube vid:
Thousands of protesters gathered in central Athens on Thursday to condemn the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) summit currently taking place in Warsaw. The summit unites heads of state and heads of government of the NATO countries in Warsaw on July 8th and 9th.

From LarouchePac
US Conference of Mayors Denounces Obama's Nuclear War Provocations  

The US Conference of Mayors, in its annual meeting from June 24-27 in Indianapolis, issued a scathing attack on the Obama Administration, directly targeting the massive NATO exercises now taking place on Russia's border, Obama's $1 trillion modernization of nuclear weapons, his failure to take significant action to reduce nuclear weapons, his belligerent policy toward Russia and China, and his disregard for the drastic collapse within the US of basic infrastructure and the general welfare of the people. It is of note that not one major US newspaper even reported this action.

The Mayors Conference took place at the same time as an historic Schiller Institute Conference in Berlin, in which Helga Zepp-LaRouche began her keynote speech saying that
we are experiencing an absolutely unprecedented, systemic and existential crisis of civilization. We have the coincidence of a war danger, where NATO is confronting Russia in a very, very aggressive fashion — which could lead to a Third World War. We have a U.S. confrontation against China in the South China Sea. We have the danger of a new 2008 type of financial crisis, which could blow up the financial system.

The Mayors' Resolution, while offering feint praise for Obama's visit to Hiroshima and his conclusion of a deal with Iran, then states:
At the same time, the Obama Administration has reduced the U.S. nuclear stockpile less than any post-Cold War presidency and has laid the groundwork for the United States to spend one trillion dollars over the next three decades to maintain and modernize its nuclear bombs and warheads, production facilities, delivery systems, and command and control, and the other nuclear-armed states are following suit.... The nuclear-armed countries are edging ever closer to direct military confrontation in conflict zones around the world, and the largest NATO war games in decades, involving 14,000 U.S. troops, and activation of U.S. missile defenses in Eastern Europe are fueling growing tensions between nuclear-armed giants, and according to former Defense Secretary William Perry: `The probability of a nuclear calamity is higher today, I believe, that it was during the cold war.'

It directly contrasts this danger and ....

Greg Hunter talks to Michael Krieger, founder of LibertyBlitzkrieg.com.

Robert Parry at ConsortiumNews
MH-17 Probe’s Torture-Implicated Ally

A senior United Nations official has accused Ukraine’s SBU intelligence service of frustrating U.N. investigations into its alleged role in torture and other war crimes, even as the SBU has been allowed to guide the international investigation into the shooting down of Malaysia Airline Flight 17 for nearly two years.

On June 29, Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights Ivan Simonovic criticized various “armed groups” in Ukraine for engaging in torture and arbitrary detention, adding that “The Security Services of Ukraine (SBU) is also not always providing access to all places where detainees may be kept. … OHCHR (the Office of the U.N. High Commissioner on Human Rights) also continues to receive accounts about torture and ill-treatment, arbitrary and incommunicado detention by the SBU, especially in the conflict zone.

“Torture and threats to members of the families, including sexual threats, are never justifiable, and perpetrators will be held to account sooner or later. … War crimes, crimes against humanity and grave breaches of human rights cannot be the subject of an amnesty.”

In late May, U.N. inspectors called off their Ukraine torture investigation because the SBU denied the team access to detention facilities where human rights groups had found evidence of torture.

“This denial of access is in breach of Ukraine’s obligations as a State party to the Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture,” according to the U.N. statement at the time. Sir Malcolm Evans, head of the four-member U.N. delegation, said: “It has meant that we have not been able to visit some places where we have heard numerous and serious allegations that people have been detained and where torture or ill-treatment may have occurred.”

Yet, the SBU, which is also responsible for protecting state secrets, has strongly influenced the direction of the supposedly Dutch-led Joint Investigation Team trying to determine who was responsible for shooting down MH-17 over eastern Ukraine on July 17, 2014, killing 298 people.

Conflict of Interest

Although Ukrainian military units are among the logical suspects in the case, Ukraine was made ....

....Immediately after the shoot-down, the U.S. government sought to pin the blame on ethnic Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine and their Russian government backers, a charge that was crucial to getting the European Union to adopt economic sanctions against Russia. But – as more evidence emerged – the possible role of a Ukrainian military unit became more plausible.

According to the Dutch intelligence service in a report released last October, the only anti-aircraft missiles in eastern Ukraine on July 17, 2014, capable of hitting a plane flying at 33,000 feet belonged to the Ukrainian military.....

Cynthia Kroet at Politico
German police clash with squatters in Berlin district
The incident was the most violent in the past five years, authorities said.
At least 123 police officers were injured on Sunday in clashes with left-wing youth over the redevelopment of the Friedrichshain district in Berlin, authorities said.
The incident — the most violent one in the past five years — occured after weeks of tensions around a building, occupied by a group of squatters....

From TelsurTV July 6
Rousseff Legal Team Argues Before Senate Impeachment Hearing 

Senators are hearing legal arguments from Dilma Rousseff’s defense team on Wednesday.

Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff presented her written defense to a Senate impeachment trial Wednesday, denouncing the proceedings as a farce and saying her alleged crimes were no more than "routine acts of budgetary management."

"Everybody knows that you are judging an honest woman, a public servant dedicated to just causes," the suspended leftist leader said in a document read aloud by her lawyer and former Attorney General Jose Eduardo Cardozo. "I've honored those who voted for me."

Her defense made clear she is sticking to the strategy of refuting the impeachment process as a soft "coup" led by her one-time vice-president Michel Temer, a conservative who has taken over since mid-May when the Senate voted to try Rousseff.

"What most hurts right now is the injustice," Rousseff said. "What hurts most is to perceive that I am the victim of a judicial and political farce."

Rousseff said she believes she is being targeted because she "never gave in to blackmail. I never accepted ... the backroom deals so well known in the traditional politics of our country." ....

From AllGov
Jewish Groups Pay to Send U.S. Police to Train in Israel  

The militarization of American police forces hasn’t been paid for by just the federal government. Pro-Israel groups in the U.S. have also played a role by financing trips for hundreds of law enforcement officers to travel to the Middle East for counterterrorism training, according to Ali Winston, a contributor to the Center for Investigative Reporting (CIR).

Monies provided by such groups as the Anti-Defamation League, the American Jewish Committee’s Project Interchange and the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs have made it possible for “at least 300 high-ranking sheriffs and police from agencies large and small – from New York and Maine to Orange County and Oakland, California” to attend privately funded seminars in Israel since the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, Winston discovered.

There, they have learned how Israeli security forces deal with demonstrators and armed threats by terrorists. The seminars include field trips to such sites as military installations, surveillance outposts, and checkpoints at the West Bank and the Israeli-Egyptian border. The training includes spending time observing operations conducted by Israel’s Border Patrol, Defense Forces, national police and intelligence services.

U.S. police officials who have undergone such training have come from the Los Angeles and New York police departments, the New York and New Jersey Port Authority Police Department, the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority Police, and the Major County Sheriffs’ Association. The fact that the former chief of Missouri’s St. Louis County Police Department trained in Israel in 2011 recently came to light following the well-armed police response to protestors in St. Louis-based Ferguson.

Israeli training of U.S. police has also influenced the type of equipment being used. Security forces from both countries are now using some identical gear, including stun and tear gas grenades manufactured by the same U.S. companies—Combined Systems Inc. and Defense Technology Corp. A long-range “sound rifle” that emits ear-shattering noise to disperse crowds, which was used against 2005 West Bank protestors, was also used in the recent police action against protestors in Ferguson......

From SputnikNews
Daesh Terrorists Shoot Down Helicopter Near Palmyra: Russian Pilots Killed

The Russian Defense Ministry said Saturday that Daesh terrorists shot down a helicopter near Syria's Palmyra, killing two Russian military instructor pilots.

On July 8, Russian military instructor pilots conducted a test flight of a Syrian Mi-25 helicopter (export version of the Mi-24 helicopter), when it received a request from the Syrian authorities to carry out airstrikes against a large group of Daesh terrorists advancing to the east of Palmyra, the ministry said....

From RonPaulInstitute
Ron Paul on the Drug War, Federal Reserve, and Killing of Dallas Cops

To understand the conditions in America that can contribute to tensions with police and even potentially individuals being motivated to kill cops as occurred in Dallas, Texas on Thursday, it is important that people look at the United States government’s war on drugs and the Federal Reserve. Ron Paul Institute Chairman Ron Paul presented this argument in a recent Fox Business interview with host Deirdre Bolton.

When asked by Bolton to name “one measure” that Paul thinks could alleviate some the racial or class tensions in America, Paul responded with two. First, Paul suggested, end the war on drugs, and, second, end the Fed.

Regarding the drug war, Paul commented that “the judicial system is all messed up as a consequence of our drug laws.” Paul continued that “the judicial system is unfair to minorities because of the way we enforce our drug laws and mandatory minimums.”

Continuing on to the Federal Reserve, Paul explained that “the economy gets messed up because of the Federal Reserve System and monetary policy.”

Paul further suggests in the interview that, when the situation is “boiling over” in part due to the drug war and Federal Reserve actions, then instances of abuses of power by police can become the excuse for someone to seek to indiscriminately kill cops.....

Wayne Madsen at StrategicCulture
A Global Exit: Secessions and Breakups Occurring Everywhere

he globalist elites are clearly worried. The Brexit referendum in the United Kingdom was believed by the elites and their media to be heading for the UK remaining in the European Union. The political prognosticators and television chattering class were dead wrong. The UK is exiting the globalists’ top experiment for global governance, the increasingly-federalist European Union, and other members are poised to follow with their own exit referenda and withdrawal from a postwar monstrosity crafted in the 1940s and 1950s by industrialists, bankers, and outright fascists.

The globalists have reacted to Brexit by staging summit meetings intended to demonstrate that the goal of globalization continues unabated. The «Three Amigos Summit» held at the end of June in Ottawa was a lame attempt to continue with policies that advance open borders, «free trade», and eventual political union. Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau used the occasion to announce that Canada was dropping visa requirements for Mexican nationals. That was music to the ears of Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto, who has been a bitter critic of US Republican presidential standard bearer Donald Trump’s plan to build a wall on the US-Mexican border. President Barack Obama used the summit to push for another globalization contrivance, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which also includes Mexico and Canada. All three leaders spoke of an increasing «union» between their countries. Obama, Trudeau, and Pena Nieto are pushing against a global popular push for decentralization,
not more political federalization among nations and borderless political unions.....

The vid below from  WeAreChange  

From RussiaInsider ... Source: Vladimir Komilov of Vzglyad,Russian online gazette
The Kiev Matrix Doesn’t Work in Dallas

During the protests in Dallas, a former soldier opened fire at the police, killing five.

The same thing happened two and a half years ago in Kiev, when a hundred people, including riot policemen, were killed by snipers.  The United States called them ‘democratic protests’.

But in the Kiev version, Victoria Nuland came to greet the organizers of the slaughter encouraging them to drive the police out of the city. 

Then they should have assigned this organizer to the position either of the Minister of Internal Affairs, or the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Somehow,  the ‘Ukrainian matrix’ doesn’t work in Dallas.....

From TelesurTV
Portugal Wins Euro Cup For 1st Time

"We represented Portugal, a beautiful country of immigrants and we represent every one of them. This goes out to them," Portugal defender Pepe said.

Substitute Eder's thunderous finish deep into extra time secured Portugal's first European Championship title after they overcame the early loss of Cristiano Ronaldo to snatch a 1-0 smash-and-grab victory over hosts France Sunday.
Eder picked the perfect moment to score his first competitive goal for his country, marauding forward before letting fly with a bullet shot from 25 meters in the 109th minute.

It was a cruel blow for France, who had dominated the match and squandered a number of chances in front of their devastated home support, that had arrived at the Stade de France hoping to celebrate a third European crown.

The trophy was lifted by Ronaldo, who broke down in tears at the final whistle but whose game had come to a frustrating end after 24 minutes when he was carried crying from the pitch on a stretcher with a knee injury. ....

Saturday, July 9, 2016

A "MUST READ" on the despicable George Soros

Indepth research has been done to bring this article to us the sheeple.  Go to link and read the entire thing and you are sure to come away wondering how it is possible that just this one demonic individual is able to do
so much damage to our world ... and all in the guise of doing good. Below are just a few paragraphs from the article.

From ZeroHedge ... Source: David Galland and Stephen McBride at GarretGalland

How George Soros Singlehandedly Created the European Refugee Crisis - And Why

George Soros is trading again.

The 85-year-old political activist and philanthropist hit the headlines post-Brexit saying the event had “unleashed” a financial-market crisis....

...Today, Soros’s net worth stands at $23 billion. Since taking a back seat in his company, Soros Fund Management, in 2000, Soros has been focusing on his philanthropic efforts, which he carries out through the Open Society Foundations he founded in 1993.

So who does he donate to, and what causes does he support?

During the 1980s and 1990s, Soros used his extraordinary wealth to bankroll and fund revolutions in dozens of European nations, including Czechoslovakia, Croatia, and Yugoslavia. He achieved this by funneling money to political opposition parties, publishing houses, and independent media in these nations.

If you wonder why Soros meddled in these nations’ affairs, part of the answer may lie in the fact that during and after the chaos, he invested heavily in assets in each of the respective countries.

He then used Columbia University economist Jeffrey Sachs to advise the fledgling governments to privatize all public assets immediately, thus allowing Soros to sell the assets he had acquired during the turmoil into newly formed open markets.

Having succeeded in advancing his agenda in Europe through regime change—and profiting in the process—he soon turned his attention to the big stage, the United States.....

...Why has Soros donated so much capital and effort to these organizations? For one simple reason: to buy political power.

Democratic politicians who go against the progressive narrative will see their funding cut and be attacked in media outlets such as Media Matters, which also directly contribute to mainstream sites such as NBC, Al Jazeera, and The New York Times.

Apart from the $5 billion Soros’s foundation has donated to groups like those cited above, he has also made huge contributions to the Democratic Party and its most prominent members, like Joe Biden, Barack Obama, and of course Bill and Hillary Clinton....

...Soros began supporting Hillary Clinton’s current presidential run in 2013, taking a senior role in the “Ready for Hillary” group. Since then, Soros has donated over $15 million to pro-Clinton groups and Super PACs.

More recently, Soros has given more than $33 million to the Black Lives Matter group, which has been involved in outbreaks of social unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, and Baltimore, Maryland, in 2015. Both of these incidents contributed to a worsening of race relations across America....

...The war that ripped through the Ukrainian region of Donbass resulted in the deaths of over 10,000 people and the displacement of over 1.4 million people. As collateral damage, a Malaysia Airlines passenger jet was shot down, killing all 298 on board.

But once again Soros was there to profit from the chaos he helped create. His prize in Ukraine was the state-owned energy monopoly Naftogaz.

Soros again had his US cronies, Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew and US consulting company McKinsey, advise the puppet government of Ukraine to privatize Naftogaz.

Although Soros’s exact stake in Naftogaz has not been disclosed, in a 2014 memo he pledged to invest up to $1 billion in Ukrainian businesses, but no other Ukrainian holdings have since been reported....

...His Latest Success: the European Refugee Crisis

Soros’s agenda is fundamentally about the destruction of national borders. This has recently been shown very clearly with his funding of the European refugee crisis.

The refugee crisis has been blamed on the civil war currently raging in Syria. But did you ever wonder how all these people suddenly knew Europe would open its gates and let them in?

The refugee crisis is not a naturally occurring phenomenon. It coincided with OSF donating money to the US-based Migration Policy Institute and the Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants, both Soros-sponsored organizations. Both groups advocate the resettlement of third-world Muslims into Europe.

In 2015, a Sky News reporter found “Migrant Handbooks” on the Greek island of Lesbos. It was later revealed that the handbooks, which are written in Arabic, had been given to refugees before crossing the Mediterranean by a group called “Welcome to the EU.”

Welcome to the EU is funded by—you guessed it—the Open Society Foundations.

Soros has not only backed groups that advocate the resettlement of third-world migrants into Europe, he in fact is the architect of the “Merkel Plan.”

The Merkel Plan was created by the European Stability Initiative whose chairman Gerald Knaus is a senior fellow at none other than the Open Society Foundations.

The plan proposes that Germany should grant asylum to 500,000 Syrian refugees. It also states that Germany, along with other European nations, should agree to help Turkey, a country that’s 98% Muslim, gain visa-free travel within the EU starting in 2016.....