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There's a powerful Israeli Lobby in the Caliphate of the United Kingdom ....

but it was still not able to prevent UK from being Caliphated because the only thing the Israeli lobby and the billionaire Jews are concerned about is the health and well being of Israel and not the health and well being of their benefactors. The Western countries that give Israel deep support in any and every way possible, are useful as long as they can be used for Israel's benefit, nothing more, nothing less. In fact, Israel must be deliciously happy that millions of Muslims from their neighboring countries (most of whom migrate here based on their qualifying on merit points) are leaving for the West ... that means less brain power in those countries which equals to less enemies for Israel.  

West has been taken for a ride.  Trust the smartest people in the world to hoodwink the less smart of the world.  And, why not?  Isn't it their privilege for being the smartest on this our good Earth?  Would I have done the same if I was Jewish and ultra rich and powerful?  Short answer: Yes!  But only if I held one passport and that passport said I was a citizen of Israel.  You cannot serve two masters at the same time because the screw up can be gigantic and irreversible.

Saudi Arabia: exporter of the plague of wahhibism and MERS

Everything disgusting, dangerous and harmful to the world's well-being comes from Saudi Arabia.

From AsiaNews:
....Two foreigners died of MERS in the Saudi city of Jeddah, the health ministry said Saturday, as fears rise over the spreading respiratory virus in the kingdom's commercial hub.

The ministry said five more people were infected with the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome in the western city, including two foreign medics aged 54.

The latest deaths of a 64-year-old and 44-year-old, whose nationalities were undisclosed, bring to 76 the overall number of people to have died of MERS in Saudi Arabia, from a total of 231 infections.

Panic over the spread of MERS among medical staff in Jeddah this month forced the temporary closure of a hospital emergency room, prompting Health Minister Abdullah al-Rabiah to visit the facility in a bid to calm the public.

On Wednesday, at least four doctors at the King Fahd hospital reportedly resigned after refusing to treat MERS patients, apparently out of fear of infection.

MERS was initially concentrated in eastern Saudi Arabia but it now affects other areas.....

Japan expanding by laying claim to nearby islands

Some of the islands are claimed to belong to China .... according to China and some as belonging to South Korea ... according to South Korea.  Gonna be fun to see how this develops.  

Nobuhiro Kubo writing at Reuters:
....Japan expands army footprint for first time in 40 years, risks angering China.
Japan began its first military expansion at the western end of its island chain in more than 40 years on Saturday, breaking ground on a radar station on a tropical island off Taiwan.

The move risks angering China, locked in a dispute with Japan over nearby islands which they both claim.

Japanese Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera, who attended a ceremony on Yonaguni island to mark the start of construction, suggested the military presence could be enlarged to other islands in the seas southwest of Japan's main islands.

"This is the first deployment since the U.S. returned Okinawa (1972) and calls for us to be more on guard are growing," Onodera told reporters. "I want to build an operation able to properly defend islands that are part of Japan's territory."......

Obama can be hauled to The Hague for war crimes if he supplies Manpads to rebels in Syria ....

but the question is: Would the Republicans ever want that to happen when they themselves are the instigators to get Obama to supply arms to the rebels?  We are at a time in history when the West is doing the ultimate harm to nations that have no power to effectively handle our bullying of them..... and sad to say many of us are not ashamed of that disgusting fact but are actually proud of it.

James McMichael writing at SyriaComment:
President Obama is considering supplying Syrian rebels with Man-Portable Air Defense Systems (Manpads).  These antiaircraft missiles are small enough to be carried and fired by a single person; they can destroy jet fighters and civilian airliners alike. If President Obama gives his approval for their supply to Syrian rebels, he will violate several international antiterrorism agreements that prohibit the supply of Manpads to non-state actors. This will negate a decade of U.S. anti-terrorism diplomacy, put air travelers at risk, and destroy the growing international anti-terrorism norm against supplying Manpads to non-state actors.

Reuters reports that on February 18 a senior Obama administration official said that the administration “remains opposed to any provision of MANPADS to the Syrian opposition” and Reuters reports further that: “The United States has long opposed supplying rebels with anti-aircraft missiles due to concern they may fall into the hands of forces that may use the weapons against Western targets or commercial airlines.” On March 28, one of President Obama’s national security advisers said: “We have made clear that there are certain types of weapons, including Manpads, that could pose a proliferation risk if introduced into Syria.”

Those concerns that Manpads supplied to “moderate” rebels will find their way into the hands of terrorists are extremely well founded. Saudi Arabia purchased Croatian antitank weapons and grenade launchers that were then provided to the “moderate” Free Syrian Army. As documented with video evidence by the Brown Moses Blog, some of those weapons wound up in the hands of the extremist jihadi group Ahrar al-Sham, and McClatchy Newspapers confirmed that the FSA shared their new weapons with Ahrar al-Sham. Even worse, as documented with photographic evidence by the Brown Moses Blog, those Saudi-purchased Croatian weapons are now being used in Iraq against the Iraqi Army by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), a group so savage that it has been expelled from al-Qaeda.

Manpads can be hidden in a car trunk, some even in a golf bag, and are a threat to civilian airliners all over the world. A 2011 U.S. State Department factsheet states that: “Since 1975, 40 civilian aircraft have been hit by Manpads, causing about 28 crashes and more than 800 deaths around the world.” Former CIA Director David Petraeus recently said: “As you know, that was always our worst nightmare, that a civilian airliner would be shot down by one [Manpad].” Then-Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta told the Wall Street Journal: “There is no question when you start passing Manpads around, that becomes a threat, not just to military aircraft but to civilian aircraft.” Then-Secretary of State Colin Powell said: “No threat is more serious to [civil] aviation” than Manpads.

The State Department factsheet describes a decade of U.S. diplomatic efforts to stop the supply of Manpads to “non-state actors”, which includes the Syrian rebels, and three international agreements resulting from that U.S. diplomacy and to which the U.S. is a party:

First, in 2003 the G-8 adopted a “G-8 Action Plan” titled “Enhance Transport Security and Control of Man-Portable Air Defense Systems (Manpads)” which provides:

[W]e agree to implement the following steps to prevent the acquisition of Manpads by terrorists: . . .
To ban transfers of Manpads to non-state end-users; Manpads should only be exported to foreign governments or to agents authorised by a government.

The State Department factsheet boasts that this G-8 agreement was “U.S.-initiated.”

Second, a 2003 agreement pursuant to the Wassenaar Arrangement, which regulates exports of conventional arms, provides:

Decisions to permit Manpads exports will be made by the exporting government by competent authorities at senior policy level and only to foreign governments or to agents specifically authorised to act on behalf of a government.

The State Department factsheet says that the U.S. “participates in the [Wassenaar Agreement] . . . to encourage international adherence to and effective implementation of these rigorous Manpads guidelines.”

Third, the Organization of American States adopted a 2005 resolution titled “Denying Manpads to Terrorists: Control and Security of Man-Portable Air Defense Weapons” which resolves:

To urge member states to ban all transfers of Manpads and their essential components to non-state end users because Manpads should be exported only to foreign governments or to agents authorized by a government.

Note that all three of these U.S.-sought international agreements ban supplying Manpads to any non-state users and permit supplying them only to governments. There is no exception for “good” non-state actors, and in fact the State Department fact-sheet says that the........

The things Sunni Muslims do to other Sunni Muslims

Lebanon's Muslims are weary of Syrian refugees, the refugees are mostly Sunni Muslim as Syria is approx.70% Sunni. Please try to remember  that the West is responsible for the plight of these human beings ...these human beings who are now displaced, homeless, inducted into slave labor and  prostitution, driven to daily suicides,  mental illness on the increase .... and let's not even think of the physical diseases and sickness in the refugee camps.

I have posted below only a handful of paragraphs from the long article but these few go to prove the utter misery and helplessness the refugees in Lebanon are going through.  I put myself in the shoes of the Syrian refugees going through this hell and I could see myself turn into a raging animal with hatred towards either the West or Assad or  Iran or  Israel and the Sunni nations or against all named.  The world is going to have tonnes more hatred swirling all around because of the Syrian conflict.

Moe Ali Nayel writing at Jadaliyya:
.... Lebanon is now home to approximately one million Syrians, displaced from their war-ravaged cities and towns in Syria. Amid unfettered exploitations, Syrian families, forced to seek refuge in Lebanon, have fought a hostile season in a hostile environment that they mistook as neighborly....

....According to Arsal’s municipality, over 74,000 Syrian refugees have fled Syria in the last three years and settled in the village. It was only at the end of last summer that the Lebanese government allowed Syrians to establish camp sites. ....

....The increasing numbers of Syrian refugees in Arsal has created tensions with local Lebanese residents of the border village. On 12 January  2014 Syrians sheltering in Arsal woke up to read a statement calling for their eviction. The eviction notice said Syrians have forty-eight hours to return to where they came from. The municipality of Arsal dismissed the eviction threat and called it the work of agents provocateurs.  Following the last wave of Syrian refugees fleeing Yabrud to Arsal the municipality issued a curfew for Syrians. They are now not allowed on the streets from seven in the evening until nine nine in the morning and again from one until three in the afternoon......

.........Outside, Syrian elders continued to plea extensively about conditions they were suffering from, again interrupted by the arrival of one municipal guard snarling, “Journalists are not allowed to go to any of the camps and must stop talking to refugees, orders of the chief.” The testosterone-hyped guard then turned to the Syrians and dismissed them in a shout, “Go away, leave, no tents today.”....

......In central Beq‘a sits the city of Zahle. Syrian refugees have setup a few camps down in its agricultural lands. Below the road al-Jura (pit) camp is located, next to the site of a previously torched refugee camp. Syrian refugees of al-Jura camp witnessed the arson with terror and worried they might be next....

....To prevent unexpected brutal evictions in the absence of any legal or communal protection, Abu Said struck a deal with the Lebanese landowner: they provide the labor-force (from the camp) for a nearby agricultural plot and pay a rental fee of one hundred dollars per month per tent-area and they can keep their tents on the land. Al-Jura camp demonstrates the sheer negligence displaced Syrians suffer from. The corruption of NGOs as well as aid cuts by UNHCR was the main story that Syrians inhabiting al-Jura complained of. “Come look inside our tents and see how we live,” one mother shouted. The smell of damp in the tent mixed with plastic fumes emanating from the heating stove that burnt blue plastic bags and red nylon child-size flip-flops was noxious. “The nations [UNHCR] came and inspected our tent. After the inspection they said we are not a priority for aid. They told me we should look for jobs, that my husband and I are still young.”  Tents in al-Jura mushroom side-by-side and form a narrow maze filled with running sewers and toddlers. Fatima, thirteen, sat on a limestone rock giving a reading lesson to children from the camp. ..

......One NGO employee, a field officer in charge of distributing aid vouchers, said “seven months ago UNHCR made arbitrary aid cuts effecting over forty percent of beneficiaries”. The aid cuts struck the most basic form of aid: the food voucher program that provided twenty-seven dollars per month worth of food for an adult in each family. The NGO employee continued saying “we were told by the UNHCR that cuts were measures in order to shake off unwanted beneficiaries that did not fit the criteria. Many donor countries, mainly in the gulf, have not fulfilled their promises of financial aid.” Refugees denied aid protested at UNHCR’s conduct and as a result a form for appeal was granted with a forty-five day deadline. Those who were not able to organize their appeals within the forty-five day deadline were thrown out of the aid-system; only ten percent who managed to appeal were back to receiving aid. “The brutal aid cuts made many Syrian refugees victims of impoverished conditions and circumstances that made a target for exploitation; prostitution and organized beggary reaped their bodies” the NGO employee lamented. Recognizing the repercussions of their move, the UNHCR implemented an evaluation program. The program cost millions of dollars and employed an army of short contracted staff (for fifty dollars per-day plus three dollars for phone calls) and fleets of rental cars to conduct the survey. Inspection units surveyed and inspected the living conditions of Syrian refugees cut from aid in order for UNHCR to re-determine who would be included again in the aid system. The field officer, who is in direct contact with the distressed Syrians stressed that, “when UNHCR decided to cut aid they did it randomly and ended up harming the most vulnerable beneficiaries. The sudden cuts prompted refugees to think it is a conspiracy meant to drive them back to their war torn country. People complained to us that it was systematic conduct to make them leave Lebanon.”  Two weeks ago, I was speaking with a UNHCR employee who confided, off the record, that Lebanon is going to start taking “harsh” measures to close its borders in the face of incoming refugees from Syria and start the expulsion of those in the country. A week later Lebanon shut down eighteen “unofficial crossings” along the Lebanese Syrian borders.........

Another Al Qaeda-like Sunni terrorist group is born .... in Egypt

Why is it that we don't hear of "Shiite" terror groups besides the one and only Hezbollah that our governments in the West have designated as one?  How come there are so many of the "Sunni"  terrorists who suicide bomb at every chance, behead all and sundry at the slightest pretext and go on all sort of rampages whenever and whenever.... but are still funded and armed by the West?  Are we that far gone that we believe our government's propaganda all the time, every time?  What's wrong with us?  Why are we not looking at things in their proper perspective?  Can one be brainwashed to this extent that we are blindly pointing fingers at certain segments of the Muslim groups only because our media, gagged and  controlled by the govt, wants us to?  Is Iran really the big threat to Middle East peace that it's painted out to be?  Really?  Really?

From YahooNews:
....The Egyptian militant group, Ajnad Misr, claimed responsibility on Saturday for a blast that killed one police officer in Cairo.
The bomb exploded in Cairo's Lebanon Square on Friday night, killing the officer and wounding another.
Ajnad Misr, or Soldiers of Egypt, said in a statement on an Islamist website that its militants had monitored a police checkpoint in the square before detonating the bomb.
The group formally announced itself in January saying it would target "criminal elements" in the military-backed government.
It has claimed at least six attacks since then, including explosions outside Cairo University which killed a police brigadier-general and one other person earlier this month.
In a separate attack, early on Sunday, a police officer was killed on the Suez-Cairo road after being fired at by unknown assailants, the state news agency reported.........

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Movie: The Passion of The Christ

Caliphate of the United Kingdom trying to close the flood gates

A bit too late wouldn't you say!   IMO, it's far, far, far too late.  Not just for the UK but also for many of the Judeo-Christian nations.  We are fighting a war that's already been  lost to demographics... if you know what I mean.  They don't murder their kids by abortion like the Judeo-Christian bitches ... that means their population will grow and keep growing. And, why not more power to them?  At least they believe in traditional marriage and don't abort their kids.

The second vid below is the Muslim point of view on the issue.

Andrew Gilligan writing at TelegraphUK:
.....Schools in Birmingham are illegally segregating pupils, discriminating against non-Muslim students and restricting the GCSE syllabus to “comply with conservative Islamic teaching”, an official report leaked to The Telegraph discloses.

Department for Education inspectors said that girls in a school at the centre of the so-called “Trojan Horse” plot were forced to sit at the back of the class, some Christian pupils were left to “teach themselves” and an extremist preacher was invited to speak to children.

The report, into three schools in the city, follows weeks of controversy over the alleged plot to “Islamise” secular schools in Birmingham and will lead to calls for intervention. The report focuses on Park View School and its sister schools, Golden Hillock and Nansen, the only primary of the three. Inspectors found that Park View practised forced and discriminatory sex segregation and has “restricted” GCSE subjects “to comply with conservative Islamic teaching”.

Core elements of the GCSE syllabus were missed out as “un-Islamic” and an extremist preacher with known al-Qaeda sympathies and anti-Semitic views was invited to speak with children. At Golden Hillock, there was discrimination against non-Muslims, the report found. Its handful of Christian students “have to teach themselves” in one GCSE subject after the teacher “concentrated on the students who were doing the Islamic course”.
At Nansen, Year 6 children, aged 10 and 11, received no teaching at all in the arts, humanities or music.

The document, classified “official-sensitive”, describes the results of inspections of the schools last month by officials from the DfE. All three are supposedly non-faith schools run by the Park View Educational Trust.
Allegations that radical Muslims were seeking to “Islamise” secular schools in Birmingham first emerged publicly last month in a leaked letter, describing an operation purportedly named “Trojan Horse”.

The letter supposedly described how activists could stir up Muslim parents to oust secular headteachers. Park View and its chairman of governors, Tahir Alam, were named in the letter as being at the centre of the plot. Mr Alam and the school have furiously denied the claims as “fictitious”, “Islamophobic” and a “witch-hunt”.
However, the leaked report substantiates many of the claims made against the school. It accuses Park View of 20 separate breaches of the law, the schools’ funding agreement with the DfE, and the Academy Schools Handbook.......

Friday, April 18, 2014

"Ism Ism Ism" or in other words "diversity, diversity, diversity"

British comedy used to be fun to watch before they got too politically correct. "The Thin Blue Line"  a TV series with Rowan Atkinson is from the mid 1990s.

The sins of the mighty USA in the nation of Iraq ....

the country that the "first" nation on Earth  invaded and destroyed for no reason at all.  

Ned Parker writing at  NYReviewofBooks:
Baghdad’s version of Tahrir Square is far shabbier than Cairo’s. It consists of a yellowed park, frequented by vagrants, and sits next to a crowded market, where second-hand appliances, sex videos, and penis enlargement pumps are sold. It was here that Iraq experienced its own Arab Spring in the first half of 2011. Almost every Friday, a few thousand people gathered at Baghdad’s Tahrir and in other public squares around the country, from the Shiite-dominated south to the Sunni regions of the north and west. Like their counterparts in Cairo, Tunis, Tripoli, and Damascus, the demonstrators had grievances about the existing political order—complaints about human rights abuses, corruption, and the misuse of oil wealth; but also the lack of jobs, reliable electricity, clean water, and adequate healthcare.

Yet in another respect, the very fact that these peaceful protests were taking place seemed to show how much progress Baghdad had made since the end of the violent civil war in 2008; the protesters included both Shiites and Sunnis, and they were facing off against Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, who, though a former political exile with a long history of involvement in Shiite political parties, had sought to appear as a non-sectarian figure running a new national government.

Now, as Iraq prepares for its first national election in four years on April 30, it is hard to imagine democracy activists rallying weekly in Iraqi streets. For months, suicide bombers have been dynamiting themselves in crowded Shiite markets, coffee shops, and funeral tents, while Shiite militias and government security forces have terrorized Sunni communities. The Iraqi state is breaking apart again: from the west in Anbar province, where after weeks of anarchic violence more than 380,000 people have fled their homes; to the east in Diyala province, where tit-for-tat sectarian killings are rampant; to the north in Mosul, where al-Qaeda-linked militants control large swathes of territory; to the south in Basra, home to Iraq’s oil riches, where Shiite militias are once more ascendant; to Iraq’s Kurds, who warn that the country is disintegrating and contemplate full independence from Baghdad.

More than 2,500 Iraqis have been killed since the start of the year, including nearly three hundred in the first ten days of April; in the capital itself, which has become a showcase for the country’s multiplying conflicts and uncontrolled violence, there have been several brazen attacks on government buildings, and a terrifying string of car bombings, including eight on April 9 alone.

In theory, this month’s parliamentary elections, which are being contested .......

Wanna see what Air Canada handlers do with your baggage ?

Disgraceful!  The owners of each and every mishandled bag as shown in this video should sue Air Canada. Is it any wonder that passengers have such a low opinion of this airline?  

CBC via YahooNews:
...Air Canada says it is investigating after a video that appears to show its baggage handlers dropping items from a tall, moving staircase began circulating on the internet.
The short video was shot by Dwayne Stewart of Vancouver at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport. It appeared on YouTube Thursday and circulated via his Twitter account, and that of his friend and seatmate, on Friday.
The video runs a little over a minute and shows two baggage handlers unloading luggage from a plane. One drops five items of luggage from the top of a staircase into a bin, which the second handler then moves into a nearby vehicle. The staircase looks to be about six metres high......

Portuguese embassy targeted by jihadis in Libya

Wonder what the ineffectual Portuguese who have long lost their sea legs leave alone an appetite for any kind of combat have done now to get the Libyan jihadis gunning for them.

From YahooNews:
....A security officer was wounded in an attack by four gunmen at the Portugese embassy in Tripoli overnight Thursday, news agency Lusa said.

The men fled when other security officers arrived on site, the Portuguese agency said, adding that the wounded officer's life was not in danger.

A string of attacks targeting diplomats and Libyan politicians have hit Tripoli. Earlier this week, Tunisian and Jordanian diplomats in Libya were kidnapped....

Our great "ally" Saudi Arabia, jails blogger activist to 15 years

So many on the Right are proud to call Saudi Arabia our "ally" .... without thinking twice about the kind of human right abuses rampant in that country.  Not only is this activist going to spend the next 15 years in jail, after he's released (if he's still alive by then) he won't be able to leave the Saudi Arabian  hellhole for the next 15 years.

From Reuters:
....A judge on Thursday sentenced a Saudi blogger and activist to 15 years in jail for taking part in protests and defaming the kingdom by communicating with foreigners and through publishing articles on the Internet, his lawyer said.

Fadhel al-Manasef, 26, is the latest activist to be convicted this week on charges which international human rights groups and activists in the kingdom say are part of a new drive to curb political, religious and social dissent. The government denies there is any crackdown.

The Special Criminal Court in the capital Riyadh also fined Manasef 100,000 riyals ($26,700) and barred him from travelling abroad for 15 years after he completes his sentence, the lawyer, Waleed Sulais, told Reuters by email........

Revealed: Harper govt's plans for meddling in Syria

This is one of the many, many reasons Stephen Harper and his Conservative govt. will lose the next election. The Conservative govt. of Stephen Harper is heading towards that political limbo land which might be its abode for decades to come.  
The utter stupid naivety of the Harper Cons is reflected in the parts I have highlighted in the article below. Harper and his advisers actually think there are non-religious groups fighting against Assad? Yeah ... that should tell you how far gone our PM has become and how much out of the loop his entire gang has gotten.
We had high hopes for the Harper Conservatives, didn't we?Live and learn, folks. Live and learn. Politicians are all alike.

 Lee Berthiaume writing at OttawaCitizen:
...Canadian Defence And Diplomatic Officials Working On Plans For Military Mission in Syria.

Canadian defence and diplomatic officials have been quietly working on plans for possible Canadian military missions — as well as shoring up non-religious groups on the ground — in Syria as its three-year civil war continues.

The federal government has so far said it has no plans for Canada to be dragged into the conflict, which has killed an estimated 150,000 and driven hundreds of thousands more from their homes and their country.

But internal documents obtained by the Citizen show National Defence has drawn up at least five scenarios in which it could become involved in Syria’s ongoing civil war, as well as potential Canadian Forces missions for each situation.

The documents have been censored to remove specifics, but allude to “the rapidly deteriorating conditions in Syria, its impact on neighbouring countries and … the importance of Middle East stability.”

The scenarios also include several assumptions such as the Syrian government remaining “defiant,” as well as “most likely” and “worst case” outcomes, such as extremist groups getting hold of advanced or chemical weapons, or the conflict spilling beyond Syria’s borders.

At least one possible Canadian military intervention “assumes that a legitimate armed opposition group has been recognized” by Canada, although details about the rest of this scenario have been blacked out......

.....Meanwhile, separate documents show Canada has been helping train anti-sectarian activists, journalists and others so they can provide a political alternative to Islamic extremist groups if the fighting stops......

Edward Snowden asks Putin if Russia has NSA-like surveillance

Either Edward Snowden is suicidial or this was rehearsed and approved by Putin. It's very, very hard to believe that Russia has become this democratic in the short time between the collapse of the Soviet Union and the emergence of a new Christian Russia.
Brilliant propaganda !!  Edward Snowden is a prize catch for Russia!  

Edward Snowden writing at TheGuardian:
.....In his response,  Putin denied the first part of the question and dodged on the latter. There are serious inconsistencies in his denial – and we'll get to them soon – but it was not the president's suspiciously narrow answer that was criticised by many pundits. It was that I had chosen to ask a question at all.

I was surprised that people who witnessed me risk my life to expose the surveillance practices of my own country could not believe that I might also criticise the surveillance policies of Russia, a country to which I have sworn no allegiance, without ulterior motive. I regret that my question could be misinterpreted, and that it enabled many to ignore the substance of the question – and Putin's evasive response – in order to speculate, wildly and incorrectly, about my motives for asking it.

The investigative journalist Andrei Soldatov, perhaps the single most prominent critic of Russia's surveillance apparatus (and someone who has repeatedly criticised me in the past year), described my question as "extremely important for Russia". According to the Daily Beast, Soldatov said it could lift a de facto ban on public conversations about state eavesdropping.

Others have pointed out that Putin's response appears to be the strongest denial of involvement in mass surveillance ever given by a Russian leader – a denial that is, generously speaking, likely to be revisited by journalists.

In fact, Putin's response was remarkably similar to Barack Obama's initial, sweeping denials of the scope of the NSA's domestic surveillance programs, before that position was later shown to be both untrue and indefensible........

Comic Relief: Message from The Archbishop of Canterbury

4000+ Afghans gain freedom from prison ....

which means you can expect to hear of more mayhem in Afghanistan itself or you can surmise, correctly, that a big percentage of those released will be dropped into Syria.  If not the latest batch of prisoners released from Israel (which didn't happen because of the failed peace talks) for the purpose of going after Assad, why not the prisoners released from Afghanistan?  Did you hear that the prisons in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and other enemy countries of Syria are running almost empty? Someone thought up a nice way to get enemies killed by other enemies, eh?!

Now, the question that came to mind is: Are Afghans pro-Iran? In which case the prisoners, if being dropped in Syria, will be fighting for Assad not against or  ... maybe for anybody who pays them the most money and we know that  that "anybody" would be Saudi Arabia and Saudi Arabia alone. 

From Khaama:
...The government of Afghanistan has released 4159 prisoners from the Bagram prison after they were transferred to Afghan control.
Head of the Bagram prison and commander of the military police, General Farooq said around 5021 prisoners who were detained by US forces, have been transferred to Afghan during the past three years.
Gen. Farooq further added 4159 prisoners have been released from the Bagram prison after their cases were reviewed by review panel.
He said they have not received the files regarding 336 prisoners from the US side.
The review panel presented their report regarding the progress of Bagram prisoners transfer to a meeting which was chaired by President Hamid Karzai on Monday.
Afghan national security advisor was instructed to urge the US forces in Afghanistan for immediate transfer of remaining files to Afghan attorney general office.
The responsibilities of US-run Bagram prison was handed over to the Afghan government earlier last year, after Kabul and Washington reached a deal for the transfer the detention facility to Afghan control.
Transfer of Bagram prison where thousands of suspected Taliban and al-Qaida operatives were held, was a source of tension between Afghanistan and the United States.
Bagram prison was transferred after Afghan government offered “private assurances” that detainees whom the United States considers to be most dangerous would not be released.

Bloodbath of Muslim Brotherhood remaining members imminent

And, only because  Saudi Arabia, the main culprit in the funding and empowering of  the organization has now turned against the MB.  This turning against an entire organization that came into being and spread its wings to more than 50 countries, including the West with help from Saudi Arabia .... is because Saudi Arabia is worried the MB is also for regime change in the Sunni countries.  The stories and rumors about why the Libyan war came about, comes to mind here.  The rumors go that the Muslim Brotherhood UK were in cahoots with Gadhafi and were planning a coup in Saudi Arabia.  So,  the master manipulators got their ever-ready ally the USA, to destroy Gadhafi and his country.

Any threat to Saudi Arabia is expected to be dealt with in same fashion.
The only roadblock so far has been Syria.  That's something the Saudis and their allies had not expected.
Now, the master manipulators in Saudi Arabia have got Qatar, the  only Sunni country that was resisting the commands from Saudi Arabia and still giving shelter to the MB,  to not only get rid of them but also to sew shut the mouths of several journalists at Al Jazeera (I read that somewhere else, not disclosed in the below) who show favor towards the MB.  

I have a feeling, that the next on the chopping block will be CAIR.  Now, that's something to look forward to.  CAIR is very sympathetic towards the MB.  Unless USA's masters ... the ones in Saudi Arabia, give it orders to do away with CAIR, it won't happen.  So, let's hope the masters send that order to Obama in the near future.  Why do you think the UK is going after the MB?  Do you really believe they decided on that move on their own?  UK too takes their walking orders from Saudi Arabia and always have.  I know that's hard to believe.

From Reuters:
....Gulf Arab states took a step towards resolving a severe rift in the U.S.-backed alliance on Thursday by agreeing on ways to implement a security agreement they reached last year....
.... Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain want Qatar to end any financial or political support to the movement in order to end the rift, Gulf officials said earlier on Thursday.....

From AlJazeera:
Gulf foreign ministers have agreed to a deal to end months of unprecedented tension between Qatar and other members of the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council over the Muslim Brotherhood.
At an extraordinary meeting in Riyadh on Thursday, the ministers agreed that the policies of GCC member states should not undermine the “interests, security and stability” of each other, a statement said.....
......Al Jazeera coverage of Egypt, seen by critics as biased in favour of the Brotherhood, has also increased tensions between Qatar and its Gulf neighbours.
The other GCC member states are Kuwait and Oman.....

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sanity is victorious on the Ukrainian front ?

We'll have to wait and see.  As matters stand at the moment, the parties involved seem to have come to some sort of an arrangement or agreement.

Roland Oliphant writing at Telegraph:
....Vladimir Putin has secured   key concessions from Ukraine and its Western supporters as the Kremlin was offered a central role in determining the future of its neighbour and former client state.
Four-way talks in Geneva involving Kiev and Moscow, alongside the US and EU, called for steps to end the occupation of eastern cities by pro-Russian sympathisers.
If the agreement holds, a monitoring mission of the Organisation of Security and Co-operation in Europe would oversee the handover of occupied government buildings by protesters in return for an amnesty for anyone not facing capital crimes.
Ukraine’s interim government in turn agreed to accept future talks on far-reaching constitutional reform that would grant the Russian-speaking east the extensive autonomy demanded by the Kremlin.
There was little detail however on how the parties could meet the challenge of persuading the pro-Russian protest movement to withdraw from public buildings as well as convince the anti-Russian militia groups in western Ukraine to accept Russia demands for all armed groups to disband.
President Barack Obama warned that the West could not count on Russia to honour the terms of an agreement to ease tensions in eastern Ukraine and that the US was prepared to further ramp up sanctions against Moscow if it failed to uphold the deal.
Hours after talks in Geneva produced the surprise agreement the president struck a sceptical note.
"My hope is that we actually do see follow-through over the next several days, but I don't think, given past performance, that we can count on that," Mr Obama said.......

Foreign policy and John Kerry

You gotta feel sorry for the man.  Better men than him have tried their luck with the Israelis and Palestinians and failed as miserably.  
Good summary below.

Thomas L.Friedman writing at NYTimes
...At the same time, America has changed. There was a time in the 1970s and 1980s when the fate of the Middle East was critical to our economy. After all, there had been an Arab oil embargo in 1973. And, strategically, the Middle East was seen as the arena most likely to trigger a U.S.-U.S.S.R. nuclear war. Peacemaking in Henry Kissinger’s day was a necessity. Today it is a hobby. It is not an unimportant hobby: If Israelis and Palestinians go back to war, it surely would make an unstable region more unstable, creating myriad difficulties for the U.S.  But urgent? America will become the world’s largest oil producer by 2015, and the Soviet Union no longer exists.

The truth is Kerry’s mission is less an act of strategy and more an act of deep friendship. It is America trying to save Israel from trends that will inevitably undermine it as a Jewish and democratic state. But Kerry is the last of an old guard. Those in the Obama administration who think he is on a suicide mission reflect the new U.S. attitude toward the region. And those in Israel who denounce him as a nuisance reflect the new Israel.

Kerry, in my view, is doing the Lord’s work. But the weight of time and all the changes it has wrought on the ground may just be too heavy for such an act of friendship. If he folds his tent, though, Israelis and Palestinians will deeply regret it, and soon......

Anti-Semitic leaflets: Propaganda or real?

In war-time,  every side involved in the conflict, uses propaganda. That's a given. However, it's hard to believe that the anti-Semitic leaflets are issued by the new separatist setup in Donetsk.  They know better than to create further discord in the communities of Donetsk.  
The people responsible for this vile propaganda should be identified and if these leaflets were distributed with the knowledge of even one member from the present "coup" government, it does not bode well for Ukraine's future under the new setup.  Something like this is what we expect from jihadi Muslims, not from Christians.  Shame on those responsible.  

The link below also has a copy of the leaflet.

From ThinkProgress
....A flyer distributed    in the eastern Ukrainian city Donestk is telling the city’s Jewish community that they need to “register” with the separatist government, but the head of the self-appointed new leadership in the region has denied involvement.
In a set of flyers handed out to Jewish Ukrainians leaving synagogue on Monday, members of the community over the age of 16 were allegedly ordered to register at the government’s main building, which is currently being occupied by pro-Russian gunmen and protesters. Additionally, they would be forced to pay a registration fee of $50 and list all pieces of property, including real estate and vehicles. “Evasion of registration will result in citizenship revoke and you will be forced outside the country with a confiscation of property,” a translation of the flyer reads.

The original report from Novosti Donbassa said that the leaflet was passed out by “three unidentified men wearing balaclavas and carrying the flag of the Russian Federation” with the aim of causing a conflict, then “to blame the attack on separatists.” The flyers were distributed in the name of the “People’s Republic of Donetsk,” the title that the pro-Russian separatists in the region have given themselves. They also bear the signature of Denis Pushilin, who has been referred to in reports from the region as the “people’s governor.”

In an interview with Ukrainian press, Pushilin confirmed that the flyers, marked with the emblem of his organization, were really distributed in Donetsk. But unlike various English translations, in the original interview with Ukrainian media, Pushilin not only rejected the content of the flyers, but also denied that his organization was behind their printing. “Some idiots yesterday were giving out these flyers in targeted areas,” he said, claiming that he had never himself used the “people’s governor” title the flyer bestows on him. Pushilin did not suggest who else may have been handing out the anti-Semetic flyers, but went on to criticize the original site for posting it online.

Regardless of who printed and distributed them, the Jewish community was less than thrilled by the presence of the flyers. “The Jewish-Ukrainian leadership supports Ukraine’s new government, but it’s hard to tell whether the leaflet is valid or simply a provocation,” Alex Tenzer, a Kiev native and one of the directors of the National Association of Immigrants from the Former USSR in Israel, told Israeli news site Ynet when asked about the flyer’s origin. “Anyway, the material is very anti-Semitic and reminds me of the kind of material distributed by the Nazis in WWII.”........

More on the 100+ schoolgirls abducted by the despicable Boko Haram

The news yesterday that almost all the girls were "freed" gave the impression that the Nigerian authorities (well known for their inefficiency) had actually managed to do something useful for once.  Not so.  We can continue to hold the very low opinion that we rightly have, at least those of us who speak our mind,  of most of these African countries rife with inefficient police forces and a military apparatus filled to the brim with corrupt people and politicians equally corrupt ... from the very highest office to the lowest peon.

From BusinessWeek:
....The principal of the Nigerian school  in the northeastern state of Borno where more than 100 girls were abducted said military claims that the majority were free are untrue.

Only 14 out of 129 students gunmen abducted on April 14 have escaped, Asabe Kwambura, the principal of the state-run girls secondary school in Chibok, said by phone today. Yahaya Chibok, the managing director of Borno Urban Development Board, also said by phone that 14 students were free. The military said in a statement yesterday that eight were still missing.
“There is no truth to the announcement of the military of freeing 121 students,” said Kwambura. “It’s only the 14 announced by Governor Kashim Shettima that we have seen,” she said, referring to the Borno state governor. Major-General Chris Olukolade, a spokesman for the Defense Ministry, said by phone today that Kwambura told the military yesterday that only eight students were still missing.
“I feel bad that the military is trying to implicate me,” Kwambura said when asked about the statement the military attributed to her.

Kwambura said someone she believed to be from the military called her yesterday asking about the number of girls abducted and those freed. She said she couldn’t say for sure how many were kidnapped but that 14 were free.....

Saudi Arabia's Prince Bandar resigns ... but only after having bloodied his hands with the deaths of 140,000+ dead Syrians

One by one,  the main actors in the manufactured and manipulated civil war in Syria, are trying to distance themselves from the injustice done to that historic country and its people.  I hope Bandar will get his due rewards here on Earth before he can descend to hell to copulate with those mythical 72 virgins.

From VoiceOfAmerica:
...Saudi Arabia's intelligence chief, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, has stepped down from his post. His resignation came at "his own request," according to Saudi state media.  The 65 year old prince is being replaced by his deputy, General Youssef al Idrissi.

Bandar had been spearheading Saudi efforts to unseat Syria's President Bashar al-Assad in the bitter and bloody Syrian civil war, supporting various Sunni rebel factions.  The Saudi prince had faced criticism for reportedly working with al-Qaida as part of those efforts.

American University of Beirut Professor Hilal Khashan told VOA that supporting al-Qaida is a sore spot in the kingdom, which struggled 10 years to evict the group from its soil.

"There was a prelude to dismissing him a few months ago.  The Saudis announced they would put on trial any Saudi fighting in Syria and Bandar invested in supporting al-Qaida in Syria, he wanted to get rid of the Syrian regime at any cost, even to the point of working with al-Qaida.  So, the moment the Saudis decided to ban Saudis from going to Syria it became clear Bandar's approach to Syria has failed and the Saudis were about to alter their policy on Syria," he said..........

Cross Talk ... April 16

The USA is our friendly neighbor and best partner in the whole wide world. Wrong! Very Wrong!

The Americans hold us back just like they hold back the countries that get too powerful for their own good. I don't believe even for a sec that it's only the American Left that's against the XL pipeline.  The Right is also playing a game with us but the Canadian Cons will never admit it to be so.

From AP via CBC:
....Jimmy Carter urges Keystone XL rejection  
Former president says oil pipeline shouldn't be approved.
For the first time, a former U.S. president has come out against the Keystone XL pipeline.

The ex-president in question is Jimmy Carter.

The 39th president joined a group of Nobel laureates to sign a letter urging the current commander-in-chief to reject the pipeline from Canada.

The letter tells Barack Obama that he stands on the brink of making a choice that will define his legacy on one of the greatest challenges humanity has ever faced — climate change.

“History will reflect on this moment and it will be clear to our children and grandchildren if you made the right choice.... We urge you to reject the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline," the letter reads.

It says his decision will either signal a "dangerous commitment" to the status quo, or "bold leadership" that will inspire millions counting on him to do the right thing for the climate.

Obama has signalled that a decision on the Alberta-to-Texas pipeline is imminent before summer.....