Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A few good men like Carl Levin would have saved America .....

but it's not to be.

Many a time good decent people who get into politics for the right reasons, can't take the hypocrisy, the lying, the calumny, the greed, the warmongering, the everything disgusting about the worst side of human nature that goes on ever so secretly within the realms of the government bodies in almost every country under the sun. US senator Carl Levin who is considered to be one of the top 10 best senators in the US government is reportedly leaving his post in the near future.  

Below is part of a speech from Senator Levin given in the House a few days ago. Could this be what has brought on the pressure that is making a good man opt for retirement?  Sad, very sad.

Levin releases new information from CIA cable debunking Atta Prague meeting
Bush administration relied on false report to build case for invasion; Levin repeats call for full declassification

Thursday, December 11, 2014

WASHINGTON – Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich., chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, today plans to introduce into the Congressional Record important new information about how Bush administration officials misled the nation in advance of the Iraq War, and called on CIA Director John Brennan to fully declassify an important 2003 CIA cable.

Levin will introduce a letter he received from CIA Director John Brennan, declassifying for the first time some details of a March 2003 CIA cable warning the Bush administration against references to the allegation that Mohammad Atta, the leader of the 9/11 hijackers, had met before the attacks in Prague, Czech Republic, with an Iraqi intelligence officer. He also introduced a translated excerpt from a book by the former head of Czech counterintelligence, describing U.S. pressure to confirm that the meeting took place. In fact, no such meeting occurred. And he called on Brennan to fully declassify the CIA cable.

Following is Levin’s Senate floor speech on the matter, as prepared for delivery:...........

.........Mr. President, there is no more grave decision for a nation to make than the decision to go to war. And there is no more important issue for every member of Congress than the decision to authorize the use of military force. A decision to authorize force is a decision to unleash the might of our armed forces – the strongest military on the planet. It commits the men and women of our armed forces to fight, and perhaps to die, on the battlefield. The decision to go to war must be careful, considered, and based on the facts...... 

.........There is a second recent revelation about how the “Prague meeting” progressed from unsubstantiated report to justification for war. It comes from Jiri Ruzek, who headed the Czech counterintelligence service on and after 9/11. Mr. Ruzek published a memoir earlier this year, which we have had translated from Czech. It recounts the days after the terror attack, including how his nation’s intelligence services first reported a single-source rumor of a Prague meeting between Atta and al-Ani, how CIA officials under pressure from CIA headquarters in turn pressured him to substantiate the rumor, and how U.S. officials pressured the Czech government when Czech intelligence officials failed to produce the confirmation that the Bush administration sought.

Mr. Ruzek writes, “It was becoming more and more clear that we had not met expectations and did not provide the ‘right’ intelligence output.” Mr. Ruzek goes on: “The Americans showed me that anything can be violated, including the rules that they themselves taught us. Without any regard to us, they used our intelligence information for propaganda press leaks. They wanted to mine certainty from unconfirmed suspicion and use it as an excuse for military action. We were supposed to play the role of useful idiot thanks to whose initiative a war would be started.”

That’s chilling. We have a senior intelligence official of a friendly nation describing the pressure that he and other Czech officials were under to give the Bush administration material it could use to justify a war.

When it came to the most serious decision a government can make – the decision to commit our sons and daughters to battle – the Bush administration was playing games with intelligence. The full, still classified cable includes critically important, relevant information, and it has been redacted and denied to the public in order to protect those in the Bush White House who are responsible.............

Pics of Pakistani school kids massacred by Taliban scum

Pakistan gave solace to the Taliban when they were fleeing America's wrath after 9/11.  Pakistan's govt of  that time, welcomed thousands of the hardcore islamists fleeing with their families and turned a  blind eye when those Afghan immigrants starting forming their own groups of terror cells inside Pakistan to help their brothers in Afghanistan against the USA and allies. This is what happens when you give asylum to those fleeing from war in their own countries.  The accepting nations have no clue to the terror-related virus that is being brought into the country by the asylum seekers.  

End result = innocent lives lost to terrorism only because of government corruption, bad decisions and greed for personal wealth.

TheTelegraphUK  has a continuation of the pics.

Good News: Cuba is allowed to breathe by the King of our planet, the USA

Removing sanctions on Cuba and normalizing that relationship, might be the only good thing jotted down to the Obama presidency. 

But, of course, warmongers like McCain's adopted sons, Rubio and Cruz will be hopping mad and doing their theatricals which are better suited for Hollywood action flicks full of violence than in the government of the people.

Big News about Mars from Curiosity

Wars and hatred raging here on Earth while scientists bring us great news about Mars.  Why can't we just stick to putting all our energies to good use like making further inroads in science and tech and discovering life in other worlds?

Irene Klotz writing at Reuters:
NASA rover finds organic molecules, methane gas on Mars  

NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity has found carbon-containing compounds in samples drilled out of an ancient rock, the first definitive detection of organics on the surface of Earth’s neighbor planet, scientists said on Tuesday.

The rover also found spurts of methane gas in the atmosphere, a chemical that on Earth is strongly tied to life. Additional studies, which may be beyond the rover’s capabilities, are needed to determine if the organic compounds and/or the methane gas were produced by past or present life on Mars or if they stem from geochemical processes.

“We have had a major discovery. We have found organics on Mars,” Curiosity lead scientist John Grotzinger, with the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, Calif., said during a webcast press conference at a science meeting in San Francisco.

“The probability of any of these things being sources (from life) ... we just have to respect that it is a possibility,” he added.

Curiosity picked up hints of organics in its earliest chemical analysis of rocks in Gale Crater, a 96-mile (154-km) wide impact basin where the rover made a sky-crane landing in August 2012.

Last week, scientists published research showing the crater was once filled with water, with sediments building up over time to form three-mile (5-km) high Mount Sharp, which rises from the basin’s floor...............

About that taqiyyah-ing "whiz kid" who a dumb reporter told us made $72M

From the pic of the guy, you would think he looks more like a 40 yr old than a teen.  When the story first appeared a few days ago in the financial segment of our online news world,  I had read only the headline and not bothered to read the story itself and had wondered how he could have made that much money .... but then knowing how our stock markets are manipulated I thought that the teenager's account must be  handled by a parent with insider trading info who was using the kid's identity to escape detection of their crime and now that the cat's out of the bag, the family would be in deep doodoo.

Well, well, well .... it turns out that a dumb reporter was taqiyyah-ed to by the teen and the dumb reporter's report was picked up by other equally dumb reporters and news outlets around the world and the story started making the rounds everywhere until someone put their noodle to better use than believing everything one reads and decided to investigate.  

From YahooFinance:
Mo Islam, the 17-year-old "whiz kid" investor who suggested he'd made $72 million trading stocks on his high school lunch breaks, admits now he made much less than that.

As in, zero.

After a long day in the media spotlight, Islam admitted to the New York Observer late Monday night that the whole thing had been a fabrication and that he had not made anything at all trading stocks.

"The people I'm most sorry for is my parents. I did something where I can no longer gain their trust," he told the magazine in a question-and-answer session at the office of a public relations firm.
The controversy started with a New York magazine article that suggested Islam was fabulously wealthy for a boy his age, the result of astute stock picking at school.
But skeptics pounced on the story almost immediately, and in a CNBC interview at midday Monday, Islam said the New York article was not accurate. He intimated that his trades had netted a few million dollars but dodged repeated questions.
(Late Tuesday morning, New York posted an apology   to readers in which it said it had been duped.)

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

World War III news and updates .... December 16 .... Part 2

Countries involved in either major or minor roles:
USA, UK, Canada,  Australia, New Zealand, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Jordan, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq, Israel, Syria, Turkey, Kurdistan, Yemen, Nigeria, France with (Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger and Chad ) Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Albania, Estonia, Hungary, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Japan, Republic of Korea, Ireland, Spain, Slovakia, Norway, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Novorussia, Ukraine, Russia, Chechnya, Somalia, Iran, India, South Korea, North Korea,  Central African Republic, Kenya, Tunisia, The Philippines, Egypt,  Albania, Serbia, China, Sudan, South Sudan, Bukina Faso, Palestine, Georgia, Chad, Spain, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Indonesia, Nepal, Congo, Uganda, Romania, Mexico.....

How many of us had even the tiniest of thoughts that in this supposedly modern and enlightened age we would be looking at a nuclear war, and looking at it in our lifetime??????
Vid posted Dec 14

Over and besides the terrorism attack by the Taliban on innocent children in Pakistan, here's what the hateful are doing in Afghanistan.
From Stripes:
Taliban mount assault on Kunar border district, Afghan officials say  
Taliban insurgents launched a massive attack against local security forces in eastern Kunar province and Afghan army units have been deployed to repulse the assault, officials said Tuesday.
Fighting broke out Sunday in Dangam district near the Pakistani border when fighters allied with the Pakistan-based Tehreek-e-Taliban attempted to infiltrate Afghanistan, Kunar province’s police chief, Abdul Habib Saidkhail, said.
“About 2,000 insurgents are involved in the fight,” Saidkhail said in a telephone interview. Since Sunday, hundreds of local Afghan volunteers have poured into Dangam to shore up the district’s defenses, he added.......

From Syria360:
Kobani – The terrorist attacks   by the Daesh / ISIS mercenaries attempting to occupy Kobani continued yesterday on the 91st day. On all the fronts of Kobani, our forces are leading frequent operations against the terrorists who are on the defensive position.
Yesterday overnight clashes took place between our forces and the terrorist groups on the southern front of the city. Our forces were able to capture 2 firearms and a number of military equipment on this front, however the information on the casualty numbers for these battles were not immediately verified.....
.....People’s Defense Units YPG / Women’s Defense Units YPJ

......The Syrian army started fresh military operations in Aleppo city in a bid to complete its siege of the city which is now under the control of the Takfiri terrorists.
The army units made major advances in Aleppo countryside and killed at least 26 militants at the start of their operations......

From AlAkhbar:
New Islamist coalition formed in Eastern Libya ahead of pro-gov't assault
Islamist militias in the eastern Libyan town of Derna say they have formed a new coalition ahead of an assault by pro-government forces.
"Everybody saw what happened in Benghazi: disaster; institutions destroyed; houses demolished; mosques and universities burned by the criminal hands of Haftar's supporters," said the newly formed Mujahideen Shura Council.
Forces loyal to Khalifa Haftar and Abdullah al-Thani, Libya's internationally recognized prime minister, are fighting to wrest full control of Tripoli and the eastern city of Benghazi from Islamist militants.........

From IBTimes:
Yemen: 15 school children among 25 killed in Radaa car bombs
At least 25 people were killed when two car bombs exploded in the Yemeni city of Radaa, an al-Qaeda stronghold.
The first bomb exploded close to a school bus that was passing a checkpoint in the city, killing 15 school children, Reuters news agency reported.
A second car bomb exploded near to the house of an official rumoured to support the Houthi movement, killing a further 10 people.

From FaceIraq:
At least 12 people have been killed as Islamic State (IS) militants carried out two suicide-car bombs attacks in the western Iraqi province of Anbar where the extremists are gaining further ground, Al Jazeera reported Saturday.....

From BBCnews:
Yemen kills 'al-Qaeda militants disguised as veiled women'
Several suspected al-Qaeda militants, disguised as fully veiled women, have reportedly been shot dead by Yemeni security forces near the Saudi border.
The militants were killed after one of them opened fire on a soldier who was checking their vehicle, officials say.
One report quoting a Yemeni official said three militants were killed - while another put the number at five.
The Yemeni offshoot of al-Qaeda has exploited recent instability to seize parts of the country's south and east.........

From Antiwar:
US Stops Paying Northern Syrian Rebel Salaries  
Vetted Rebels Join al-Qaeda as US Funds Dry Up
“Vetted, moderate” rebels in northern Syria are joining al-Qaeda left and right these days, according to commanders familiar with the situation, as the US has suddenly and without explanation stopped paying them salaries.....

From Reuters:
Somali al Shabaab militants behead two policewomen  
Al Shabaab militants have beheaded two Somali policewomen, prompting a policeman to kill five women linked to the group who were being held for a possible swap of captives, an official said on Wednesday.
The policeman killed the women - all wives of rebels from the Somali Islamist group - after discovering the dead bodies of his policewoman wife and her colleague, Tayeglow district commissioner Mohamed Abdallah told Reuters.
"We wanted to negotiate the release of the Somali policewomen but unfortunately they were beheaded," he said.
The policewomen's bodies were found in the morning after they were abducted from their houses by rebels overnight.....

Children always suffer the brunt of mayhem from warmongers and jihadis

Drones from the almighty nation of the USA have been killing children, not intentionally, but it still happens. Children have been killed  by Obama's drones in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen .... that we know of.  Where else?   Children have been killed in their hundreds, maybe even thousands, killed by USA-made weapons supplied by USA warmongers to Israeli killers.  

It's no surprise then that when children are killed either by Western warmongers or by jihadis in Muslim nations, there's not much of a hue and cry.  Whereas, the tale of the Australian terrorism event and the aftermath will be kept alive for weeks to come.

Very few people on our planet missed the hostage situation in Sydney where the actions of one lone jihadi slime caused the death of two Australians?  
At end of day today, why don't you put the question "How many children were butchered by the Taliban today in Pakistan?"  to  about a dozen people of your acquaintance and see how they will either dismiss you with "oh ... they do it every day"  or  "who cares, they are Muslim anyway"  or the rare "I didn't hear that,  how terrible"   .... what a sad world we have come to when 100s of innocent kids' lives whether they be in Muslim countries like Pakistan or Palestine mean nothing to us but the death of two Australian adults and the stories stemming from that  incident have been covered page to page by each and every newspaper in the world.

Do you think even the few news outlets covering the Pakistani children massacre will cover it tomorrow too?  Will we get to see interviews with their friends and get to know how cute and cuddly they were, how well they drew animals and stars, how beautifully they danced and sang, how promising their futures were, how much loved they were??????????????
NO we won't.

This is our world of not only hate and bitterness because of religion but also of judging the worth of a human being depending on geography and, as much as we would like to deny it, also on color.

I took an "upper" of Nigel Farage and am now feeling less depressed

Thank you Mr Farage.

World War III news and updates .... December 16 .... Part 1

Warmongering Harper govt is playing with fire on Russia's border and not only putting Canadian economy in extreme danger but Canadian lives as well. October 2015 is not coming soon enough to kick these warmongers out of office and restore Canada to a peaceful nation that believes in diplomacy first, second and always.

Moreover, there are plenty of rumors that the angel-faced devil in disguise Harper is planning on sending Canadian troops to the Middle East.  Does the Harper government really think Canadian voters of Ukrainian and Jewish descent will give them victory come election time when we have imported millions of  baby-making immigrants from other religions which far, far outnumber the potential Jewish and Ukrainian Canadian voters?  When will this govt stop bending over for the USA and sucking up to Israel and polishing apples for the Ukraine and start thinking of Canada and Canadians first?  

Why are we interfering with Russia?  Is Russia coming to invade us from the North? 

From CBCnews
Canada to train Ukrainian military cops as Ottawa seeks closer ties
'This is a continuing effort,' says Defence Minister Rob Nicholson
The Harper government signalled Monday it wants to create deeper defence ties with Ukraine, signing a declaration that could lead to broader military co-operation in one of the most volatile parts of the globe.
As part of that pronouncement, Defence Minister Rob Nicholson revealed Canada is searching for bilateral ways to expand military training with the embattled country and that a team of trainers has arrived for an unspecified mission......
.....Canada has already donated quantities of non-lethal military equipment to the government in Kyiv.
In August, the Harper government delivered helmets, protective eyewear, first-aid kits, tents and sleeping bags......

From TheStar:
By sending military aid to Ukraine, Canada is throwing tinder on a conflict that shows no sign of letting up.
It’s not a lot of tinder. Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative government says it will provide items such as sleeping bags and helmets to help Kyiv’s army fight eastern separatists sympathetic to Russia.

From SputnikNews:
Kiev Denies Allegations of NATO Equipment Shipments to Closed Airports
Transport planes, combat aircraft and strike helicopters were spotted by militia fighters in eastern Ukraine.
The Eastern Ukrainian militia reports an increase of air activity over the territory controlled by the Ukrainian forces, according to Rossiyskaya Gazeta. The militia fighters spotted transport and attack planes, as well as strike and multipurpose helicopters.
The biggest increase of activity is reported over the airfields in Kramatorsk and Chuhuiv where military equipment is shipped from Dnepropetrovsk. In addition, the militia reports that four NATO transport planes landed in Zaporizhia airport last night, carrying cargo containers and some unspecified equipment.....

From CBC:
Iraq crisis: Canadians on the ground in Iraq, Rob Nicholson says  
Canadian personnel are already working in Iraq following a pledge to send dozens of military advisers to help Kurdish forces battle ISIS, Defence Minister Rob Nicholson said Tuesday.

Last week, the federal government said it would send a group of experts to advise on tactics for fighting the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, also known as ISIS or ISIL. The Canadian military advisers will mainly be members from the Canadian Special Operations Regiment. 

Nicholson and Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird appeared before the House foreign affairs committee Tuesday morning, where they gave few details of the 30-day deployment, citing operational security.
"We're moving as quickly as possible and, as I indicated to you, there are already on the ground members of the Canadian lead in this area," Nicholson said. 
"We don't give the exact time and place up for obvious security reasons."
Both Nicholson and Baird said the mission will be re-evaluated after 30 days, making no promises that the deployment will end then.....

From BBC:
Islamic State: Coalition 'pledges more troops' for Iraq  
The US-led coalition fighting Islamic State (IS) militants has pledged to send an additional 1,500 troops to Iraq, a top US commander has said.
Lt Gen James Terry, who is co-ordinating efforts against IS, said the soldiers would be in addition to 3,100 US soldiers already promised.
He did not say which coalition nations would provide the extra troops or what role they would play......

From CBCNews
ISIS in Iraq: What Canada could offer if West decides on military action.
Range of options includes training for Kurdish fighters to surveillance planes.....
....In Iraq, Canada's ambassador to the region, Bruno Saccomani, has been meeting with Kurdish representatives in Iraq and had his picture taken on the "front lines" of the Peshmerga forces' fight against ISIS.

Any Canadian military contribution to the fight against ISIS would likely be small and specific. Canada almost never goes anywhere with its military force without allies alongside. Whatever is done would likely be in conjunction with American and, probably, British forces......

Let's test today to see if the Anglosphere MSM thinks 100+ Pakistani children's lives are anywhere equal to 2 Australian lives when lost to terrorism

I know the test results, but do you dear ostriches?

From TheHindu:
About 140 people, nearly all of them school children,  were massacred on Tuesday when heavily armed Taliban suicide bombers stormed a Pakistan army-run school in Peshawar, firing indiscriminately, leaving another 245 injured.

Dressed in para-military Frontier Corps uniforms, the six Arabic-speaking terrorists entered the Army Public School on Warsak Road around 10 a.m. (local time) and went from classroom to classroom shooting innocent children in one of the most gruesome terror attacks anywhere.

Before the Taliban attackers were eliminated on Tuesday night, they had killed nearly 140 people, nearly all of them students except a female school teacher and a watchman.

The death toll is likely to go up given the huge number of injured, some of them critically, senior officials in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province said.

Earlier, reports had put the death toll at 160 but later it was scaled down.

During the over eight-hour standoff, the terrorists also took several hostages, including teachers and the principal of the school, and used them as human shield during the assault.

All six militants died in the attack with four of them blowing themselves up.

The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan claimed responsibility for the attack, the bloodiest in recent years since the 2008 suicide bombing in Karachi in which 150 people were killed.

The Taliban spokesman claimed that its 6 suicide bombers attacked the army school, saying it was a revenge for the military’s operation against militants in the North Waziristan tribal area close to Peshawar......

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Hostage situation underway in Sydney, Australia

Black flag of jihadi scum seen at glass window of the cafe where more than a dozen people are held hostage.

From DWnews:
Media: Gunmen take hostages in Sydney cafe  
Australian media have reported that hostages are being held in a cafe in one of Sydney's main business areas.

Live television footage on Monday showed patrons inside a cafe near the New South Wales state parliament with their hands pressed against the windows.
As many as 20 people are reported to be in the cafe, and there are at least two gunmen inside, witnesses said. Police said an operation was underway.
Witnesses also reported hearing loud bangs at the scene.
A black and white flag, similar to those used by "Islamic State" militants, could also be seen in the window.....

The powers-that-be have the chutzpah to put new sanctions on Venezuela for human rights abuses ....

while continuing to abuse the human rights of Americans in America AND continuing to abuse and kill millions of human beings all over the world.

From TelsurNews:
The bloc of Latin American   and Caribbean countries  condemned new U.S. sanctions against Venezuela and demanded Washington end its economic blockade on Cuba.

With the 13th summit of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA) concluding Sunday, the bloc of left-leaning Latin American and Caribbean countries strongly rejected U.S. interference on the region, particularly in light of new sanctions announced against Venezuela this week. 

At the Havana meeting, which coincided with the 10th anniversary of the alliance’s founding, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro read the final declaration, which criticized Washington’s attempts to destabilize progressive governments through sanctions, blockades and espionage among others.

The statement also demanded to end the U.S. economic blockade on Cuba.

ALBA countries expressed support to non-member Argentina in its fight against vulture fund creditors, and slammed the interference of U.S. courts in Argentina’s sovereign debt issues.

The bloc also backed the Venezuelan government in its struggle to against destabilization efforts, including the economic sabotage undertaken by right-wing sectors through underproduction, hoarding and speculation.

The leaders of the 12-member organization reaffirmed their commitment to solidarity integration and cooperation in the expansion of the trade bloc. At the meeting, the Caribbean nations of Saint Kitts and Nevis and Grenada were accepted into ALBA as members.

Protests against US Police Brutality continues .... Part 6

In Ferguson

In Detroit

In NewYork

Cast of "Orange is the New Black" make a statement.

Will USA hypocrites still have the chutzpah to criticize other nations known to torture prisoners?

You bet they will!  Hypocrites remain hypocrites and liars to the day they die.

Can you imagine drilling into the flesh of a human being and making prisoners with broken legs stand upright? 
Yes folks .... these are the kind of atrocities that went on in Rome before that empire came to ruins.  The argument that the jihadis do much worse to their prisoners does not work.  Just because the scum do such things does not mean that sadistic CIA officials are given a licence by the government to do likewise.  
The first segment of the vid below deals with the torture issue, the rest refers to other informative news.

From MotherJones:
"Rectal Feeding," Threats to Children, and More:  16 Awful Abuses From the CIA Torture Report
A new report from the Senate intelligence committee says the CIA pureed hummus and put it in a detainee's rectum............

.........8. During waterboarding sessions, KSM made up a story that Al Qaeda was trying to recruit African-American Muslims…in Montana (p. 118):

James Ross writing at Reuters:
Details of how U.S. rebuked foreign regimes while using same torture methods  
So the CIA doesn’t consider “waterboarding” — mock execution by near drowning — to be torture, but the U.S. State Department does.

State Department reports from 2003 to 2007 concluded that Sri Lanka’s use of “near-drowning” of detainees was among “methods of torture.” Its reports on Tunisia from 1996 to 2004 classified “submersion of the head in water” as “torture.” In fact, the U.S. military has prosecuted variants of waterboarding for more than 100 years — going back to the U.S. occupation of the Philippines in the early 1900s.

If you want to know whether the U.S. government considers the “enhanced interrogation techniques” described in the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report summary on the CIA’s interrogation program to be torture, you could read President Barack Obama’s 2009 statement rejecting the use of waterboarding — or you could click on the State Department’s annual Country Reports on human rights conditions. It turns out that all those methods carried out by the CIA would be torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment if committed by other governments.

The grotesque and previously unreported “anal feeding” and “anal rehydration” discussed in the Senate report may not have been used elsewhere, but the State Department has reported on analogous sexual assault of prisoners as a form of torture. Its 2012 report on Syria described as custodial torture the “forcing of objects into the rectum.”

Stress positions and forced standing also can amount to torture. The State Department’s 2006 report on Jordan said that subjecting detainees to “forced standing in painful positions for prolonged periods” was torture. It also described as torture the Iranian practice of “suspension for long periods in contorted positions.”

The same holds true for sleep deprivation and blaring music. In State Department reports on Indonesia, Iran, Jordan, Libya, and Saudi Arabia, sleep deprivation was classified as torture. The 2002 report on Turkey lists “loud music” as a torture method.

The Intelligence Committee chairwoman, Senator Dianne Feinstein, had no qualms.........

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas Cartoon: ACLU's tactics energized ten-fold at Christmastime?

Makes one wonder what they and their clients have against Christians ... doesn't it?
More here

Will Canada's economy suffer big time because of falling oil prices ....

or are we being spooked needlessly?    
Everything points to Canada going through a small patch of hiccups from which we will hopefully recover within the next year.

from Raúl Ilargi Meijer's article at Zerohedge:
The Oil Market Actually Works, And That Hurts  

Please allow me to revert back again a little to what I wrote earlier today in Will Oil Kill The Zombies? I think we need to be clear on what’s going on here. The oil market actually works. And that’s a rarity in today’s world of manipulated everything, of no mark to market, of huge stock buybacks financed by zero interest rates, you know the story......

........Here’s one of the first oil-producing countries about which serious alarm bells are raised. It’s not Venezuela or Nigeria, it’s Canada. From MarketWatch:

Falling Oil Threatens Canada’s Bulletproof Banking System......
......“The drop in oil prices, as mentioned above, will have wide-ranging implications on the Canadian economy,” Pavilion strategists Pierre Lapointe and Alex Bellefleur said in the note. It’s not just that Canada’s banks will find themselves saddled with souring loans from underwater energy producers. The problem, Pavilion argues, is that Canada’s employment rate could suffer as oil-related businesses are forced to close.
 Here’s how they put it: “In this context, the risk to Canadian banks doesn’t stem necessarily from a narrow view of loans to oil companies, but morefrom a broad macro risk perspective. As employment in the oil industry declines, a negative income and wealth shock to many households will take place, impacting a variety of loans (credit card, mortgage) on Canadian bank balance sheets.”...........

Protest against Police Brutality in the USA marches on Washington DC .... Part 5

"Justice for All" rally happening today.  
It's about time the USA gets a taste of its own medicine.  USA has been spreading discord and uprisings in countries where the USA wants a regime change. Now the powers-that-be need to know that the policies they export overseas can very well happen inside their own nation too.  It takes just a few strategically placed snipers (like in Ukraine and Syria ) to kill a couple of protesters .... and voila.... you have the start of a civil war.  And, as much as we want to deny it, heart of hearts, we know the USA is ripe for another revolution.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Obama and McCain taking the moral high ground on torture while advocating for wars which kill millions

Dr Ron Paul wonders if both these men really and truly oppose torture or if  they are taking the moral high ground now that the torture report is out and has shocked a whole lot of people. 

Do They Really Oppose Torture?  

The Senate Intelligence Committee released its long-awaited report on CIA torture of detainees and the reaction has been strong. While some still maintain that torture is justified, the emerging details of the program have left most of the country disgusted and ashamed.

Many in the current Administration blame the Bush people for this dark chapter, claiming that President Obama finally put an end to what his predecessor started.

Senator John McCain, an advocate for war and an interventionist foreign policy, has nevertheless been one of the strongest voices opposing torture. He has recalled his time as an abused prisoner of war in Vietnam to argue the importance of facing up to the recent behavior of the US government and making necessary corrections.

He said he knows from personal experience that torture does not produce good intelligence, as the victims will say whatever they believe their captors want to hear to gain some relief from their agony. Torture is morally wrong and it doesn’t work, he maintains.

I believe the Senator is sincere and that his intentions are good when it comes to the torture outlined in the report. I also believe that President Obama is sincere when he denounces the practices outlined by the Senate Committee.

But I think both President Obama and Senator McCain are being disingenuous and selective in their opposition to torture.

It is one thing to argue that people should not have their feet broken and be forced to stand cuffed to a wall, to oppose rectal force-feeding, and to condemn water-boarding a detainee 50 or 100 times. Most of us reject this kind of torture for both moral and practical reasons.

But is that the only kind of torture? Is it not torture to go to a wedding in Pakistan and watch as your family is blown up by a US drone? Is it not torture to have your village water treatment plant bombed by NATO planes seeking to overthrow Gaddafi? Is it not torture for parents of the 500,000 Iraqi children who were killed by US sanctions? Is endorsing pre-emptive war, knowing that thousands of civilians are sure to be “collateral damage,” not support for torture?..........

Cartoon: The "torture works" argument does not hold water

99% of the time, torture does not work because those who are being tortured will tell you whatever you want to hear to stop the ordeal. Does 1% success rate warrant torturing? If we are smart enough to travel in outer space why can't we find a formula for a truth serum that really works?

Nepotism uncovered in the Korean Air "nuts" incident

The woman who caused the incident is not only the Head of Cabin Service for Korean Air, the nutcase is also the daughter of the Chairman of the company.
How can ordinary folks find employment when most available jobs are stringed on nepotism?  The rich know any number of ways to get richer and at the same time, whether they need the money or not, they know how to make their family members and other hangers-on around them, equally rich. Whether those placed in those high flying jobs have the qualifications or not, matters little.

Youkyoung Lee of AP via CBC: 
The Korean Air Lines Co. executive who delayed a flight in an incident dubbed "nut rage" bowed deep in apology Friday before facing questioning by transport officials. Her father, the airline's chairman, also apologized and said he regrets he didn't raise her better.

The apologies came in response to simmering public anger about the incident and the airline's handling of it.

Cho Hyun-ah, who was head of cabin service at Korean Air, was angered when a flight attendant in first class offered her macadamia nuts in a bag, not on a plate. She ordered a senior crew member off the plane, forcing it to return to the gate at John F. Kennedy airport in New York City.

"I sincerely apologize. I'm sorry," a gloomy-faced Cho said before droves of journalists in an almost inaudible, trembling voice. She said she will meet the victimized crew member and "apologize sincerely."......

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

World War 3 news and updates ..... December 10

USA, UK, Canada,  Australia, New Zealand, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Jordan, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq, Israel, Syria, Turkey, Kurdistan, Yemen, Nigeria, France with (Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger and Chad ) Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Albania, Estonia, Hungary, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Japan, Republic of Korea, Ireland, Spain, Slovakia, Norway, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Novorussia, Ukraine, Russia, Chechnya, Somalia, Iran, India, South Korea, North Korea,  Central African Republic, Kenya, Tunisia, The Philippines, Egypt,  Albania, Serbia, China, Sudan, South Sudan, Bukina Faso, Palestine, Georgia, Chad, Spain, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Indonesia, Nepal, Congo, Uganda, Romania, Mexico.....

From TelegraphUK:
Revealed: the full scale of Mexico's 'disappearances'
The disappearance of 43 students from the town of Iguala in September caught the world's attention – but a greater number of Mexicans go missing every week as cartels wage their bloody battles and corruption takes its toll.

From TelegraphUK:
Protests erupt over British decision to open military base in Bahrain
Human rights groups say Britain is being rewarded by the Gulf state's monarchy for its silence over political jailings 
Britain’s decision to open a major naval base in Bahrain despite concerns over the country’s human rights record has been met with protests by opposition groups and human rights activists.
Hundreds of protesters were filmed marching through the town of Sitra, a Shia opposition stronghold, calling for the removal of the British ambassador, Iain Lindsay, after the decision was announced.
Activists said Bahrain’s decision to largely fund the base was a “reward” for Britain’s recent silence over the jailing of opponents to the Sunni monarchy.......
From AlJazeera:
Bahrain policeman killed in bomb attack  
Authorities accuse Lebanese group Hezbollah of providing bomb for attack that kills on-duty policeman.
Bahraini authorities said a policeman has been killed in a "terrorist" attack using a bombing provided by Hezbollah.......

From RT
Britain reopens Bahrain navy base after 40 yrs – to fight ISIS
The UK is returning to its naval base in Bahrain, a former British protectorate, after more than 40 years. The base will serve as the main British hub for operations in the Persian Gulf.
Under an agreement with Bahrain, the Royal Navy will be able to deploy ships of larger deadweight and in greater numbers.
The base will become the Royal Navy's largest center of operations outside the UK.
“This new base is a permanent expansion of the Royal Navy's footprint and will enable Britain to send more and larger ships to reinforce stability in the Gulf,” British Defense Secretary Michael Fallon said.
“We will now be based again in the Gulf for the long term," he said. .........

From GlobalResearch:
Israel has once again conducted air strikes against the Syrian government and its people, in yet another act of unprovoked aggression and international criminality. The New York Times would report in their article, “Syria Reports New Strikes From Israel Near Capital,” that:

Israeli warplanes struck at least two areas near Damascus on Sunday, the Syrian Armed Forces General Command said in a statement, apparently ending a months long hiatus in strikes attributed to Israel against sophisticated weaponry destined for Hezbollah in Lebanon.
Israeli officials refused to confirm or deny the latest reports from Syria, maintaining a policy of ambiguity that is meant to allow the other side to save face and to stave off retaliation.

Strikes hit government facilities in the capital as well as Damascus International Airport. One must wonder why Israel attacks what it has called “regional threats” in Damascus when it allows terrorist groups including Al Qaeda’s Al Nusra Front to park tanks along its borders.

Israel Strikes At Only Viable Nation Fighting ISIS in Region 
At this current juncture in the Syrian crisis the illusion of “moderate rebels” has so utterly evaporated that even groups the US supposedly “vetted” and armed with sophisticated anti-tank weapons are now openly aligned with the so-called Islamic State (ISIS). The implications of this are, and as the Syrian government has said since 2011, that the Syrian government is fighting a battle not against its own people or “pro-democracy” forces, but heavily armed sectarian extremists either flying the flag of Al Qaeda, or openly having pledged allegiance to it.....

From Albawaba:
Taliban attack on US base in Afghanistan kills two foreigners
At least two foreigners have been killed in Afghanistan in a fresh rocket attack on the US-controlled Bagram air base, near the capital, Kabul.
Local officials confirmed that Bagram air base, located next to the ancient city of Bagram in eastern Parwan Province, came under attack on Monday morning.
The identity and nationality of the victims have not been revealed yet.
The Taliban militants have claimed responsibility for the assault....

From BakhtarNews:
Six Taliban Commanders Killed In NATO Air Raid
12 armed Taliban insurgents including six commanders of them were killed in NATO air raid in Nooristan province last night.
Press in charge of Selab 201 army crops stationed in Nooristan province said BNA, the attack took place in Wantwaigal district of Nooristan province in which 12 insurgents were killed.
According to the source, six senior commanders of Taliban were among the dead. 

From Reuters:
At least 13 killed in failed U.S. bid to rescue hostages in Yemen
  A woman, a 10-year-old boy and a local al Qaeda leader were among at least 11 people killed alongside two Western hostages when U.S.-led forces fought Islamist militants in a failed rescue mission in Yemen, residents said on Sunday.
U.S. special forces raided the village of Dafaar in Shabwa province, a militant stronghold in southern Yemen, shortly after midnight on Saturday, killing several members of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP).
American journalist Luke Somers, 33, and South African teacher Pierre Korkie, 56, were shot and killed by their captors during the raid intended to free them, U.S. officials said....

From AlAkhbar:
Car bomb kills 9 in Tikrit as millions of Shia pilgrims head to Karbala
A suicide car bomb killed nine pro-government fighters in an attack near the Iraqi city of Tikrit on Wednesday. The attack comes in the light of an announcement by the autonomous Kurdish region saying that more than 700 peshmerga fighters have been killed in the country since the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) began an offensive in June.
The suicide attacker rammed his explosives-laden vehicle into a gathering of the fighters around 20 kilometers (12 miles) south of Tikrit, northwest of Baghdad.......

From Reuters:
Fighting in Libya's Benghazi kills 50 in past 10 days - medics
 Almost 50 people have been killed in the past 10 days in fighting between Libyan pro-government forces and Islamist groups in the second-largest city, Benghazi, medical personnel said on Wednesday.
That brings the death toll to around 450 since army special forces and troops led by former general Khalifa Haftar launched an offensive against Islamists in Benghazi, expelling them from the airport area and from several camps the army had lost during the summer.......

From CNN:
At least seven Yemeni soldiers were killed  and nine others wounded after suicide car bomb attacks on a military base in the city of Seyoun in southern Yemen on Tuesday.
Two car bombs detonated at the military headquarters in Hadramout province in the northeast of the country, Yemeni intelligence officials told CNN.
Ansar al Sharia, an al Qaeda affiliate, claimed responsibility for the attack. 

From NDTV:
2 Female Suicide Bombers Kill 4 in North Nigeria
 Four people were killed when two female suicide bombers detonated their explosives on Wednesday in the northern city of Kano, said Nigerian police.
State Police commissioner Aderenle Shinaba said the explosions happened in the busy Kantin Kwari textile market located in the center of Kano, Nigeria's second largest city. The casualty figure does not include the suicide bombers. Seven people were injured, said Shinaba.
Nigeria's Islamic extremist group Boko Haram is suspected of carrying out the bombings......

Merkel gets slapped for being the USA's lapdog

More at Russia Insider

Egypt's govt wondering why foreign embassies are closing shop

Canada and UK have closed their embassies since last week.  Before that, in November, Germany  closed theirs and Australia might do same soon.  Check the area I have highlighted for the possible reason.  Precaution is always better than having to regret later on that one did not have the foresight when needed.

Egypt .... you have a problem....a very BIG one.

Ahmad Jamaleddine writing at AlAkhbar:
The last thing the Egyptian regime needed was for powerful countries, like Britain and Canada, to close their embassies in Egypt. Such a reputation aggravates Cairo, which denies any factual reasons for the closure. The issue has raised the ire of the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, while diplomatic sources attributed the decision to exaggerated security fears.

Cairo – The embassies of the United States, Canada, Britain, and other countries are located In the upscale neighborhood of Garden City in downtown Cairo, just a few meters away from Tahrir Square, which is why the area is known as the embassy district. It is a diplomatic hub, around which the Egyptian authorities have imposed tight security measures since the events of September 11, 2001 until today. In addition to the high walls, and the surveillance and investigation of residents in surrounding houses, the government has banned the leasing of one of the towers overlooking the British Embassy garden. This means that the area is well-secured.

Here, cars are carefully inspected throughout the day, and more than 500 officers and soldiers protect the neighborhood. Residents, however, feel that their area has become akin to military barracks due to these measures. A bystander scoffs at the security concerns cited by the embassies of Britain and Canada given the tight security in place, despite the Ministry of Interior announcement that it has seized maps of diplomatic premises in Cairo from persons that were recently arrested.

The German Embassy announced that its consulate will be closed on Thursday, November 11. The US Embassy has also warned of the possibility of taking a similar decision based on the security situation, and the Australian Embassy has followed suit. This prompted Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab to go on an evening tour around the streets of Cairo, and take pictures with citizens to show that the security situation is stable. He made sure to take pictures just tens of meters away from the headquarters of the two closed embassies........

Diane Feinstein's speech on the CIA torture report

Revenge is sweet!  This is Obama team's very effective way of getting back at their opponents, the Republicans. 

Hollywood has placed the CIA and associated spies and killers on a pedestal by the constant shows about their bravery and shit.  If not the CIA shows on the idiot box, then it's shows about either boobs or butts. Just brainwashing stuff all around for American consumption.

Listen closely to the part where she tells about how people involved in the torture started their own company (Torture Inc? LOL) and the suspects were handed over to that company to do with whatever they liked .... all to the tune of millions of $$$$$$$$s.
I so want to know more about these ghouls. Bet Cheney was involved in the setup. What are the chances that others too from that administration, like Condi Rice, are also involved? Good, eh?

It's all about money, folks ... all about money.  War makes money for those in the know and makes simple folks like us bury our loved ones and if we are "lucky" those love ones are buried in one piece and not scattered all over the Middle East landscape.

Cartoon: Torture .... American style