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World War 3 news and updates ... Aug 3

The countries in it, either in major or minor roles:
USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Jordan, UAE, Qatar,Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq, Israel, Syria, Turkey, Kurdistan, Yemen, Nigeria,France with (Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger and Chad ) Germany, Italy, Czech Republic,Albania, Estonia, Hungary, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Japan,Republic of Korea, Ireland, Spain, Slovakia, Norway, The Netherlands, Luxembourg,Bulgaria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Novorussia, Ukraine, Russia, Chechnya, Somalia, Iran, India, South Korea, North Korea, Central African Republic, Kenya, Tunisia, ThePhilippines, Egypt, Albania, Serbia, China, Sudan, South Sudan, Bukina Faso, Palestine,Georgia, Chad, Spain, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Indonesia, Nepal, Congo, Uganda, Romania,Mexico, Gambia, Haiti, Cameroon, Chad, Algeria, Venezuela, Thailand, Argentina, Vietnam,Myanmar, Georgia, Burundi, Senegal, Macedonia, Armenia, Dominican Republic

From Reuters
Turkey joined the   fight against Islamic State, but not for the reasons you think
After months of wavering, Turkey agreed on July 23 to partner with the United States in launching joint air strikes against Islamic State militants in Syria and Iraq. However, soon after pounding Islamic State positions in Syria, Ankara quickly turned its attention to strike at the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in Iraq, whose Syrian wing, the People’s Protection Units (YPG) is a key U.S. ally against Islamic State.
The decision to strike against the PKK was made with the aim of advancing Turkey’s governing AK Party’s political position ahead of early parliamentary elections. But it will be a pyrrhic victory: Syria’s problems will continue to spill over Turkey’s borders, making a solution to the conflict ever more elusive.......

From Time
These 5 Stats Explain    Turkey’s War on ISIS—and the Kurds
Turkey enters the battle against ISIS, but it's real target seems to be the Kurds
On the heels of a major suicide bombing in the border town of Suruç a couple weeks ago, Turkey has officially joined the war against ISIS—though it’s not clear what it actually aims to achieve. Turkey and its leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan were riding high just a few years ago, with a strong economy and a growing international profile. Now the country’s economy is tumbling, and its politics are fragmenting. These 5 facts explain Turkey’s various motivations for going to war. Be warned—they’re complicated.
1. A Faltering Economy
Until recently, Turkey was an emerging market darling. In 2010, its economy was growing at a robust 9.2 percent. But by 2013, GDP growth had fallen to 4.1 percent. The slowdown has continued, and growth for 2015 is now forecast at 3.1 percent, which may actually be a generous estimate. Unemployment in the country has reached 11 percent, the highest rate in 5 years.
It’s not clear that joining the fight ...........

From AlJazeera  (interactive map at link)
A close look at the most Major Kurdish factions
 influential Kurdish groups in the Middle East spread over Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran.

From Forbes
Instead Of Fighting   ISIS, Erdogan Pushes Turkey Toward Chaos And Despotism
In Turkey, an ISIS suicide bomb kills 30 and wounds many more in the Kurdish area town of Suruc. The Kurdish insurgent terrorists, the PKK, then start killing Turkish policemen and soldiers while ISIS attacks a Turkish military border post. Peace demonstrations ensue in some cities which police put down with the, by now, familiar methods of severity against civilians. Ankara and Washington reach an agreement allowing the US to use its bases inside Turkey against ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Erdogan’s spokesmen announce that Turkey’s air force has conducted raids against both PKK and ISIS targets across the border. Turkish authorities arrest some 900 people nationwide, mostly Kurds, for allegedly belonging to terror networks. Turkish tanks shell Kurdish villages in Syrian borderlands near Kobani. Meanwhile, news leaks that the US has solid evidence of Turkish collusion with ISIS in months past. Let us pause here and dispel some of the fog.
First, let us remember that Turkey conducted a national election on June 7 and still hasn’t formed a government. All these decisions in a time of crisis are being taken by somebody. Someone’s running the country. We’ll get to the full implications later but initiatives are being taken, ......

From ZeroHedge
Obama Authorizes "Defensive"   Airstrikes Against Assad Regime In Syria
On Friday, we checked in on the Pentagon’s ongoing effort to recruit, vet, and train ambitious "freedom fighters" to join the battle against ISIS in Syria.

It goes without saying that covert US efforts to aid the multifarious groups vying for control of the country have met with disastrous consequences so far, but if there’s anything Washington is particularly adept at, it’s making bad foreign policy outcomes worse, which is why we weren’t at all surprised to learn that the commander of the Pentagon's new Syrian "force" was captured, along with his deputy, by al-Qaeda affiliate al-Nusra last week near the border with Turkey.
The NY Times called the kidnapping "perhaps [the] most embarrassing setback yet," for Washington’s ragtag contingent of volunteer militiamen and indeed, the fact that the Pentagon had hoped to field a "force" of 3,000 men by the end of the year but has so far only managed to train 54 speaks to the futility of the entire effort.
Or perhaps not. It all depends on what the real aim behind the program was in the first place. If the goal was to field a fierce band of well-trained warriors to rout Islamic State, then things aren’t going so well. If, however, the idea was simply to give the US an excuse to get directly involved in facilitating the swift demise of Bashar al-Assad now that his forces have been largely decimated by a three-front war, well it’s mission accomplished, because as WSJ reports, President Obama has now authorized US airstrikes against Assad’s army in the event they interfere with America’s very serious 50 solider effort to combat ISIS. Here’s more:...........

From RT
Taking sides in Syrian civil war?   Obama authorizes airstrikes ‘to defend’ US-trained rebels
The US president has reportedly authorized the Air Force to protect Syrian rebels trained by Washington to fight against Islamic State by bombing any force attacking them, including Syrian regular troops.
Thus the US may become involved in the Syrian civil war on the rebel side.
The change was first reported by US officials speaking on condition of anonymity with the Wall Street Journal Sunday. The first airstrikes to protect American trainees in Syria have already taken place on Friday, July 31, when the US Air Force bombed unidentified militants who attacked the compound of the US-trained rebels..............

From BBC
....Capt Davis said the US  would provide defensive fire support to the NSF "no matter whom they came up against".
Many will see this as "mission creep" as the administration of President Barack Obama has always insisted that the battle inside Syria is against IS alone, the BBC's Gary O'Donoghue at the Pentagon reports.......

From AlMonitor
Attacks on Chinese escalate in Turkey
On July 1, news broke that a group of five men attacked a Chinese restaurant named Happy China with sticks and stones in the center of Istanbul. The attackers were heard to say, “We do not want a Chinese restaurant here, get out of our town!” The owner, Cihan Yavuz, said in a TV interview, “We are all Turks here; our chef is a Uighur Turk. We serve Muslim East Asian tourists and rarely ever have Chinese customers. We do not serve alcohol. We never received any warnings of an attack. But I see it may not be possible for us to earn a living here.”
On July 4, in the western city of Balikesir, a group protested against China for persecuting Uighur Turks and hung an effigy of late Chinese leader Mao Zedong.
On the same day, a group of ultranationalists attacked a Korean tourist they assumed was Chinese in the popular Istanbul tourist district of Sultanahmet.
To add insult to injury, Devlet Bahceli, chairman of the Nationalist Action Party (MHP), gave an interview to popular journalist Ahmet Hakan on July 8 about the attacks. Bahceli said, “Our nationalist youth is sensitive to injustices in China. They should have the freedom to exercise their democratic rights. These are young kids. They may have been provoked. Plus, how are you going to differentiate between Korean and Chinese? They both have slanted eyes. Does it really matter?” His racist and ignorant statement caused an uproar in the Turkish and international media.

From Reuters
Nusra Front attacks Western-backed rebels   in northern Syria
The al Qaeda-linked Nusra Front attacked Western-backed rebels in northern Syria on Friday, rebel groups and an organization monitoring the war said, escalating tension between rival insurgents near the Turkish border....
.....Opposition sources say that one of the rebel groups targeted in Nusra's overnight attack, Division 30, has been a participant in the newly launched U.S.-led program to train and equip insurgents to fight Islamic State.
Division 30 says Nusra fighters abducted its leader and several other members earlier this week. The Pentagon has said however that no members of the "New Syrian Force" had been captured or detained..........

From BBC
Ukraine court backs self-rule plan for conflict zone
Ukraine's highest court has approved constitutional changes that would allow limited self-rule to the rebel-held eastern areas of Donetsk and Luhansk.
The changes are part of a peace deal aimed at ending fighting between Ukrainian forces and pro-Russia rebels.
But many MPs oppose autonomy for the east and the decision must be voted through parliament.
Meanwhile, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has released $1.7bn (£1.08bn) in aid to Ukraine.
The payment is part of a bailout aimed at stabilising Ukraine's struggling economy. The country is also trying to reach a deal with its main creditors on restructuring its debts.........

Here's a prediction which is super easy to make. As the Nordic countries are fast becoming fiercely anti-immigrant, especially immigrants and refugees from the Middle East and Africa, give them a  few years and some of them will break away from the EU and will put in place new immigration laws instead of taking orders from Brussels or they will force Brussels to respect their own new laws on immigration.
From Guardian
Why are anti-immigration parties so strong in the Nordic states?
The Danish People’s 
party’s success in the election continues a trend of rising support for rightwing parties across Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.....
.....Most crucially, attitudes to immigration have become significantly more negative in Sweden and Denmark. According to the Eurobarometer, a record number of people now see immigration as one of the two most important issues facing these countries. In Finland, the share has declined after spiking between 2007 and 2010 (support for the Finns follows a similar pattern), and immigration is now seen as less pressing than the economic situation and unemployment (the country was in recession for most of last year, and growth is still flat).......

From NYTimes
  Abductions Hurt  U.S. Bid to Train Anti-ISIS Rebels in Syria
A Pentagon program to train moderate Syrian insurgents to fight the Islamic State has been vexed by problems of recruitment, screening, dismissals and desertions that have left only a tiny band of fighters ready to do battle.
Those fighters — 54 in all — suffered perhaps their most embarrassing setback yet on Thursday. One of their leaders, a Syrian Army defector who recruited them, was abducted in Syria near the Turkish border, along with his deputy who commands the trainees. They were seized not by the Islamic State but by its rival the Nusra Front, an affiliate of Al Qaeda that is another Islamist extremist byproduct of the four-year-old Syrian civil war........ US-backed rebel group flees north Syria HQ after clash with Nusra
Clashes between members of al-Qaida's branch in Syria and a rebel faction in the country's north believed to have been trained by the U.S. government have stopped after the rebels left their headquarters, activists said Saturday.
The fighting came a few days after the U.S. and Turkey announced the outlines of a deal to help rebels push ISIS back from a strip of territory it controls along the Syrian-Turkish border, replacing it with more moderate rebels backed by Washington and Ankara.
Rami Abdurrahman, who heads the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, said members of the Division 30 faction fled to a nearby area controlled by a Syrian Kurdish militia. Abu al-Hassan Marea, a Syrian activist who is currently in Turkey near the Syrian border, confirmed Saturday that Division 30 fighters have withdrawn from their headquarters.
Abdurrahman and Marea said Division 30 had less than 60 fighters and that on Friday alone the group lost five fighters and 18 others were wounded.......

From AlMonitor
...Perhaps the strongest criticism   came from Reformist Ghanoun newspaper in an article by Saman Saberian, “Hamas: Bank account in Tehran, stronghold in Riyadh.” Saberian wrote that Hamas’ turn to Saudi Arabia cannot be viewed as merely seeking Saudi funding and help because in the latest war, “The Saudis helped Tel Aviv the most and the only support they gave to Gaza was coffins for the martyrs.”
The article touched on a rumor circulating in the Iranian media that Meshaal would send fighters for Saudi Arabia's war in Yemen. Saudi Arabia is three months into a bombing campaign of Ansar Allah forces, which it claims are backed by Iran. The multi-sided war has been a humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen. Saberian acknowledged that no one has confirmed the rumor of an agreement between the Saudis and Hamas, but Iranian reports citing anonymous Saudi sources have said that Saudi Arabia has requested special Hamas forces trained in the same military tactics as the Lebanese group Hezbollah to combat Yemen’s Ansar Allah. Whether the rumor is psychological warfare or not, it reveals how tense the region and how heated the rivalries have become.

From PressTV
Russia willing for joint Iran in fight against ISIL 
Russia has voiced interest to team up with Iran to fight the Takfiri ISIL terrorists operating in the Middle East region.
“We can develop anti-terror cooperation with Iran, first of all, in the Middle East region,” Ilya Rogachev, the director of Department of New Challenges and Threats Issues of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said on Monday.
“The notorious international terrorist organization as Islamic State (ISIL) can be and has to be the object of our cooperation with Iran,” the Russian official said.

From Guardian
Turkey sends in jets as Syria’s agony spills over    every border
Turkish air strikes in Syria last week signalled a new phase in a conflict that has left its bloody mark on every country in the region. But will the Turks now agree to US demands to cease all clandestine dealings with Islamic State?
When US special forces raided the compound of an Islamic State leader in eastern Syria in May, they made sure not to tell the neighbours.
The target of that raid, the first of its kind since US jets returned to the skies over Iraq last August, was an Isis official responsible for oil smuggling, named Abu Sayyaf. He was almost unheard of outside the upper echelons of the terror group, but he was well known to Turkey. From mid-2013, the Tunisian fighter had been responsible for smuggling oil from Syria’s eastern fields, which the group had by then commandeered. Black market oil quickly became the main driver of Isis revenues – and Turkish buyers were its main clients.
As a result, the oil trade between the jihadis and the Turks was held up as evidence of an alliance between the two. It led to protests from Washington and Europe – both already wary of Turkey’s 900-mile border with Syria being used as a gateway by would-be jihadis from around the world..........

From AlJazeera
Turkish warplanes   have bombed military positions of Turkey's Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) in neighbouring Iraq, a spokesman for the PKK has said.
The air raids came just hours after Turkish warplanes pounded Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) positions in Syria on Friday morning, marking a significant shift in Ankara's position on how to deal with armed groups in Syria and Iraq.
"At around 11:00pm (20:00 GMT) tonight, Turkish warplanes started bombing our positions near the border, accompanied by heavy artillery shelling," PKK spokesman Bakhtiar Dogan told the AFP news agency.....

From Reuters
Turkish warplanes pounded    Islamic State targets in Syria for the first time on Friday, with President Tayyip Erdogan promising more decisive action against both the jihadists and Kurdish militants.
Hours after the initial attacks, fighter jets were launched in a second round against Islamic State, while others targeted militants camps of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) in northern Iraq, according to local media.
Reuters was unable to confirm the second round of strikes. An attack against PKK camps in Iraq would likely mark a major blow to Turkey's already stalled peace process with the Kurds.

Friday's operations followed a telephone conversation between Erdogan and U.S. President Barack Obama on Wednesday, and were accompanied by police raids across Turkey to detain hundreds of suspected militants, including from Kurdish groups.
Ankara said it had approved the use of its air bases by U.S. and coalition aircraft to mount strikes against Islamic State, marking a major change in policy that has long been a sore point for Washington.........

From ConsortiumNews
Mideast Alliances Shift Again   
July 31, 2015
Like shifting desert sands, the volatile Middle East is going through a new, though subtle, realignment of adversaries and allies, with Turkey’s political tensions shaking up one area while Saudi Arabia makes moves of its own, as recounted by ex-CIA analyst Paul R. Pillar.
By Paul R. Pillar
Some recent policy decisions by Middle Eastern governments have the potential to shake up regional alignments, or what are widely perceived to be alignments. In the near term this will have little to do with the Iran nuclear agreement, despite the attention the agreement is getting at the moment. That accord will not lead to realignments as great as its opponents fear, and its larger impact on regional diplomacy will be gradual and only slightly apparent in the near term.
The agreement by the Turkish government to cooperate more actively than previously with the United States in combating the so-called Islamic State or ISIS in northern Syria represents a more immediate shaking up..........

From Time
Egypt Is Struggling to Cope With Its ISIS    Insurgency
A rocket attack on a warship was just the latest in a series of escalating attacks on Egyptian forces in Sinai
They have attacked on land and at sea, killing dozens of soldiers. They have assassinated a senior official in daylight and attempted to seize a small Sinai town.
The insurgents control no significant area of land, but they are far from being defeated. A season of deadly attacks by insurgents in Egypt — including those backed by the Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria group (ISIS) — underscores an escalating insurgency that the Egyptian state is struggling to suppress.
The surge in violence began in late June when Egypt’s chief prosecutor was killed in a car bombing in daylight in an upscale Cairo neighborhood. Two days later, the ISIS-affiliated militants launched a massive assault on military positions in north Sinai, attempting to seize control of a small chunk of territory in Egypt. At least 17 Egyptian soldiers died, although some reports placed the death toll much higher........

From TodayNigeria
Suspected Boko Haram   chief recruiter arrested in Chad
Suspected Boko Haram recruiter Bana Fanaye, also known as Mahamat Moustapha, has been arrested by the authorities in Chad.
Fanaye, who is said to be the mastermind of Boko Haram operations in Chad and northern Cameroon, was arrested on Friday afternoon, with assorted weapons, as well as cell phone SIM cards for various countries, including Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad and Niger.
The suspect is said to be the brain behind most Boko Haram operations including arms purchases in Chad and northern Cameroon.
Multiple media reports quoted Chadian officials as saying that Fanaye is in charge of recruiting Boko Haram terrorists, arms purchases and planning of terrorism targets and operations in Chad and northern Cameroon.
It was his arrest that helped security forces locate and kill other Boko Haram members housed in an area called Diguel Diguessou in the 8th district, reported.......

From Reuters
Chad says killed 117 Boko Haram fighters   in two-week campaign
N'DJAMENA Chad said on Thursday its forces had killed 117 Boko Haram insurgents during a two-week military campaign aimed at clearing islands on Lake Chad used by the militants as hideouts and bases to launch attacks.
Chad has deployed thousands of soldiers alongside troops from neighbors Nigeria, Cameroon and Niger to tackle the militant group whose six-year insurgency has killed thousands.
"We killed 117 Boko Haram fighters during the two-week operation. We lost two men and several wounded," Colonel Azem Bermandoa, spokesman for the Chadian army, said.
"We destroyed their boats and seized various weapons during the operation," he said........

From Xinhuanet
News Analysis: Yemeni crisis   mirrors regional unrest in Middle East
CAIRO, July 25 (Xinhua) -- The ongoing crisis in conflict-stricken Yemen is reflection of a regional unrest in the Middle East, especially after the forces of fleeing President Abd-Rabbo Mansour Hadi seized strategic southern city of Aden against Shiite Houthi fighters, said Egyptian experts.
Yemen has become more like a battlefield for regional and even international powers that seek more influence in the Middle East region through the ongoing conflict hitting the country, including the United States, Saudi Arabia and Iran.
"Yemen has always been a place of interest for the United States, and former U.S. President Clinton said openly that Yemen is a matter of a national security for the United States," said Gehad Auda, professor of international relations at Helwan University.
The professor told Xinhua that Yemen is highly located due to its control of Bab al-Mandeb Strait that connects between the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden as well as between the continents of Asia and Africa, "therefore it is a very critical area geopolitically and geostrategically."
Being responsible for guaranteeing the security of its Gulf allies, the United States must have helped with the seizure of Yemen at the hands of pro-Hadi forces to reassure Saudi Arabia and other Gulf partners about their national security, according to the expert.

Unhappy with the recently-reached nuclear deal between Iran and six world powers led by the United States, Sunni Saudi Arabia is obviously concerned about greater influence of Shiite Iran in the region and about Iranian attempts to turn Yemen into a Shiite state, given that the Iran-backed Houthi fighters are Shiites.
Although the deal is expected to strengthen Iran's influence in the region, experts believe that it will take a few years until Iranian regional expansion can be strongly felt after the deal. ......

From RT
Saudi-led coalition airstrikes kill over 120 in Yemen,   humanitarian truce announced
Saudi-led coalition airstrikes killed over 120 civilians and left 150 injured after a fierce attack on Friday in the southwestern Yemeni province of Taiz. The coalition has announced a five-day humanitarian truce starting on Sunday night.
Local sources told AP that most of the houses in the area were in ruins and a fire later broke out in the port city of Mokha, on the Red Sea coast of Yemen. They said that most of the corpses found there, including children, women and elderly people, had been completely immolated in the flames. One resident, Ahmed Mohammed al-Mouzay, who took part in rescue operations, reportedly said that most of his neighbors had died. A security official told AP that it was impossible to take the injured to the provincial capital due to the roads being blocked by the ongoing violence.......

Vid below is not for the faint of heart.  See for yourselves how many civilians are dying at the hands of Saudi + coalition + USA/UK/Russia weapons

From English IRIB
Bombing kills 14, injures 47  in northeast Nigeria
At least 14 people have been killed and 47 others wounded in a bomb attack at a busy market in northeastern Nigeria, the latest in a string of deadly attacks in the violence-hit country.
According to witnesses and hospital sources, the blast occurred on Sunday at 0850 GMT in the Nigerian town of Damaturu, the capital of Yobe State.
Market trader Garba Abdullahi said the attack took place when a female assailant blew her explosives “at the... entrance of the market where commuters were arriving.”.......

From AlManar
Saudi Defense Minister Threatens  to Occupy Kuwait
Saudi Defense Minister Mohammad bin Salman threatened to launch war on Kuwait after differences between the two Persian Gulf Arab states escalated over Khafji oilfield.
"Mohammad bin Salman threatened that his country would attack and occupy Kuwait, claiming that not only Khafji oilfield but also entire Kuwait is part of the Saudi territories based on historical documents," Middle-East Panorama quoted on Sunday intelligence sources of the Persian Gulf Arab littoral states as saying.
Kuwait has complained that the continued shut down of Khafji oilfield it shares with Saudi Arabia will incur huge losses Riyadh must compensate for in the future.
Kuwaiti Oil Minister Ali Al Omair in a letter to his Saudi counterpart Ali Al Naimi urged him "to take adequate measures to resume production at Khafji...........

From ArabNews
Kuwait imposes limited   control on entry of Saudis
The security agencies of Kuwait have imposed a limited control over entry of Saudis into their country, said an online newspaper.
This is being done to tighten security measures at various entry points of the country following the terror attack on June 26 at Imam Sadiq Mosque, which left 25 people dead and over 200 injured.
Brig. Gen. Adil Al-Hashshash, director general of public relations and security media, told the newspaper that the number of those who were barred from entering Kuwait was very small and they had some security issues.
He said the ban had come as a result of “precautionary actions and required measures due to the situation in the region... and that the situation should not be open as in the past.” ...........

From Reuters
Suicide bomber, clashes kill 12 Libyan soldiers    in Benghazi
Nine Libyan soldiers were killed in the eastern city of Benghazi on Tuesday by a suicide bomber and in ensuing clashes between troops and Islamist fighters, medics and military sources said.
Forces loyal to Libya's internationally recognized government have been fighting Islamist groups in the country's second-largest city since last year, part of a wider struggle since Muammar Gaddafi was overthrown and killed in 2011.
A suicide bomber rammed a car laden with explosives into a group of soldiers during a street battle in the city center near Benghazi's Mediterranean port, killing three soldiers and wounding eleven, medics said.
Shortly afterwards, Islamist fighters blamed by the army for the suicide bombing attacked troops loyal to the official government in the same area. Six more soldiers were killed and 10 wounded in the fighting, medics said.........

BBC subtle and stealth report trying to make way for UK and additional warmongers from EU to return to Libya.  Read between the lines.

From PRI
"The roads are   targeted. Cars are often hit," says British Dr. Natalie Roberts. "Every few hundred meters you see another burned out vehicle; every bridge on the road has been bombed out".
Roberts, who is in Yemen with Doctors Without Borders, has worked in conflict zones before. But she says Yemen's war zone is unlike anything she has seen elsewhere. "What's really surprising to me here is that I've never seen so few [aid workers and journalists] on the ground. Syria, when i was there, was counted as the most dangerous conflict in the world — but Yemen? I just haven't met anyone."
Yemen is the poorest country in the Arab world, and has been politically unstable since the Arab Spring. But civilian casualties really began to increase in March this year, when a Saudi Arabian-led coalition began bombing towns and villages to try to defeat a rebel force known as the Houthis.
More than 80 percent of Yemen's 25 million people are now in need some form of aid, and the United Nations has warned the coalition that indiscriminate bombing of populated areas is against international law......

From Jadaliyya
In late March 2015,  a coalition of states led by Saudi Arabia initiated a military campaign against Yemen consisting of intensive air raids, the arming of local allies and a de facto naval and air blockade of the country. Initially termed Operation Decisive Storm but since renamed Operation Restore Hope, it continues to this day. Riyadh identified the recent territorial gains of Yemen’s Houthi movement, and the ouster of President Abd-Rabbu Mansur Hadi and his government, as the reasons for its campaign and pledged that both would be swiftly rolled back. Four months later neither objective appears to be in reach, nor is a negotiated end to this conflict in sight.  As part of a series of Quick Thoughts with International Crisis Group Middle East analysts, Jadaliyya asked April Longley Alley, Crisis Group Senior Analyst for the Arabian Peninsula, to shed light on the causes and course of this war.]
Jadaliyya (J): Who exactly are the Houthis, why have they apparently aligned with their former nemesis Ali Abdullah Saleh, and is their domination of Yemen in your view sustainable?
April Longley Alley (ALA): The Houthis are an armed group that has its roots in a movement for Zaydi cultural and religious revivalism in north Yemen. (Zaydism is a branch of Shia Islam distinct from the Twelver Shiism prevalent in Iran, Iraq, Bahrain and Lebanon). They have a strong militia component, but view themselves as a political and social movement against corruption and Western imperialism. Their primarily base of support is in the northern Zaydi highlands and especially in the Saada governorate bordering Saudi Arabia.
During and after the 2011 uprising against former president Ali Abdullah Saleh, the movement expanded rapidly, forming alliances with disgruntled tribesmen in the north, left-leaning activists and even some southern separatists. As the Yemeni transition collapsed, they took advantage of.........

From WashingtonTimes
Bitter feud between Turkey, Egypt undercuts U.S. hopes for Middle East
Two of America’s linchpin allies in the Middle East are bitterly feuding, complicating the Obama administration’s hopes of confronting Sunni Salafists and containing the ambitions of Shiite Iran.
Egypt is accusing Turkey of working with the Islamic State on the Sinai Peninsula, a new low in the already poor relations between the two regional powers.......

From Ahram:
Regional   manoeuvres: A Hamas visit to Riyadh leaves Egypt, Iran wondering
A visit to Riyadh by the head of Hamas left consternation among some parties and questions among some observers. What did Saudi Arabia aim to achieve, asks Ahmed Eleiba
The visit by Hamas Politburo Chief Khaled Meshaal to Saudi Arabia and his meeting with King Salman Bin Abdel-Aziz raised the issue of how the kingdom has opened up to the group under King Salman’s reign. The visit is part of a series of meetings with other Muslim Brotherhood leaders, including Yemeni Muslim Brotherhood leaders and key figures in the Yemeni Reform Party (Al-Islah), Abdel-Meguid Al-Zindani and Salman Al-Ouda.
Senior sources close to Hamas, however, stated there were problems between the kingdom and Hamas that delayed the visit by two months, but that the Muslim Brotherhood general guide in Jordan, Hamam Said, visited Saudi Arabia two weeks ahead of Meshaal’s trip.
Said was invited by Saudi Minister of Religious Endowments Saleh Bin Abdel-Aziz Al-Sheikh and talks resolved most outstanding issues between the two sides. Saudi Arabia Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir at a joint press conference with his Egyptian counterpart Sameh Shukri on Thursday, said "there was no political visit by Hamas to the kingdom", trivialising the significance of Hamas visit, saying it was only a religious pilgrimage and Riyadh's position on the Palestinian Islamist movement remains unchanged..........

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Crystal clear evidence that Israel committed war crimes against Palestinians

One year  ago when Israelis set forth on their almost yearly "mow the lawn" of Gaza,  they did  what they have been doing best with the blessing of Anglo nations, and of late the Sunni dictatorships.... killing Palestinians and destroying any and all infrastructure in Gaza.  As I write this, I just saw tweets on Twitter about two Palestinian teenagers losing their lives in the last 24 hours at the hands of the IDF.  War or no war, the Israeli killing machine never sleeps. The world stands idly by and looks on these atrocities, and shamefully the pro-Israel/anti-Muslim crowd cheers on these crimes against humanity without a qualm. 

 From AlJazeera:
'Strong evidence' of Israeli war crimes in Gaza
In a brutal assault in Rafah during 2014 Gaza war, Israeli forces purposely targeted scores of civilians, report finds.
The Israeli army indiscriminately and deliberately targeted civilians during a brutal 2014 assault known as "Black Friday", according to a new report on last summer's Gaza war.

The joint study by Amnesty International and Forensic Architecture, released on Wednesday, cites "strong evidence" of war crimes and possible crimes against humanity on August 1, 2014, as Israeli forces bombarded residential areas in Rafah in retaliation for the capture of one of its soldiers.

"There is overwhelming evidence that Israeli forces committed disproportionate, or otherwise indiscriminate, attacks which killed scores of civilians in their homes, on the streets and in vehicles and injured many more," notes the report.

"This includes repeatedly firing artillery and other imprecise explosive weapons in densely populated civilian areas… In some cases, there are indications that they directly fired at and killed civilians, including people fleeing.".........

Friday, July 31, 2015

Our world is ruled by drunk on power psychopaths and nothing shows it more clearly than the persecution of Julian Assange

The USA is hellbent on taking revenge on the man whose only aim was to slap us sheeple into taking more notice of what's happening to us and around us and helped many of us from walking willy-nilly into zombie territory.  For that benefit to mankind, the psychos we have elected to high office, will not ever forgive him or his kind.

From ConsortiumNews:
Kafka-like Persecution of Julian Assange
In an era when powerful institutions demonize decent people – and the mainstream media joins in, piling on the abuse – legal proceedings have become another Kafka-esque weapon of coercion. Few cases are more troubling than the persecution of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, as John Pilger describes.

By John Pilger
The siege of Knightsbridge is both an emblem of gross injustice and a grueling farce. For three years, a police cordon around the Ecuadorean embassy in London has served no purpose other than to flaunt the power of the state. It has cost £12 million (about $18.7 million). The quarry is an Australian charged with no crime, a refugee whose only security is the room given him by a brave South American country. His “crime” is to have initiated a wave of truth-telling in an era of lies, cynicism and war.

The persecution of Julian Assange is about to flare again as it enters a dangerous stage. From Aug. 20, three quarters of the Swedish prosecutor’s case against Assange regarding sexual misconduct in 2010 will disappear as the statute of limitations expires. At the same time Washington’s obsession with Assange and WikiLeaks has intensified. Indeed, it is vindictive American power that offers the greatest threat – as Chelsea Manning and those still held in Guantanamo can attest.

The Americans are pursuing Assange because ............

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Cartoons on Erdogan's "war" on ISIS


Monday, July 27, 2015

Parts of Speech given by Syrian President al-Assad

And, this is the secular man, the collective Anglo powers and their partners-in-crime, the Sunni dictatorships of the Middle East, Turkey and the country that can do no wrong, sweet, lovable Israel, wants to see gone and replaced by Muslim fanatics.

This is the man whose country has been ravaged and broken into several pieces and whose citizens sent hither and thither around the world begging for shelter and refuge from the very countries that have brought misery upon them.  This is the leader of Syria, a country torn apart by those we the citizens of the West have voted to power.  Why have they deemed it necessary to wage a proxy war on a secular leader of a secular nation? We can only guess at the answer, although to do so we have to make ourselves go to the very depths of insanity, calumny and  unspeakable hatred, but putting ourselves into those shoes for even a few short minutes can be very depressing.

Below the first few paragraphs from the English translation ... highlighted areas are my doing:
Damascus, SANA- President Bashar al-Assad said  that any political idea for resolving the crisis in Syria that isn’t based on eliminating terrorism is a meaningless idea that has no chance of seeing the light; therefore the priority is eliminating terrorism wherever it is found in Syria.

In a speech delivered before heads and members of public organizations, vocational syndicates, and chambers of industry, trade, agriculture and tourism, President al-Assad said that this meeting takes at a time when many matters have become clear and many masks have fallen, exposing lies some sides had wanted the world to believe, and also made refuting the excuses made by those who attacked Syria a a waste of time and effort because this talk is self-evident.

“Because of this, our questions today as Syrians are no longer about those self-evident facts, but rather about the possibilities facing Syria in light of the rapid accelerating of events and the transitioning of the methodical process of destruction carried out by terrorist organizations to unprecedented levels,” he said.

President al-Assad went on saying that this shows the criminal minds of the officials in the states that support terrorism, as well as showing that their previous methods to deceive the Syrian people have failed, and so they increased the scale of savagery of terrorism as their final method to give the Syrians two choices: submit to dictations or be killed.

The President noted that this escalation shows desperation due to the steadfastness of the Syrian people who have withstood a war unseen in modern history, and this steadfastness foiled the plans of Syria’s enemies and threatened the political future of many of those who supported terrorism, particularly after the aftershocks of terrorism have begun to affect innocent people in the countries of those who support terrorism, and therefore can no longer use false pretenses to deceive public opinion.
“For a long time, they said that they support rebels and those who demand freedom and democracy in Syria, but their people have discovered that they are supporting terrorists and that the people are paying the price for their governments’ support for terrorists in Syria,” he said, noting that in the past, the Middle East was supposed to be the one exporting terrorism to the rest of the world, but now there are incubators for terrorism in the west in addition to the ones in the Middle East, particularly in the Arab Gulf, and most recently in Tunisia and Libya.

President al-Assad said that Syria had explained before that terrorism knows no borders and can’t be stops by procedures, denouncements, or announcements, adding “we warned them that the spread of terrorism isn’t stopped by wars or ended by planes. Terrorism is a sick mentality, a twisted creed, and an aberrant practice that emerged and expanded in environments rife with ignorance, backwards thinking, and the stealing of people’s rights and demeaning them,”

The President noted that colonialism was the one that set up those negative elements and nurtured them, adding “how could those who spread the seeds of terrorism combat it?” Those who want to combat terrorism should do it through rational policies based on justice and the respect of peoples’ will and right to determine their future, manage their affairs, and restoring their rights on the basis of spreading knowledge, combating ignorance, improving economy, and raising awareness in the society as well as developing it.”

He said that war should be the last resort, and even when it’s inevitable it should never replace policies and procedures for isolating the elements that produce and nurture terrorism in order to uproot it completely rather than “clip its nails” as they doing now, adding “their short-sightedness made them believe that they will be immune to the fallout of terrorism that is spreading from one place to another in our tumultuous Arab world, whose flames have burned entire countries in an already unstable Middle East. It did not occur to them that it will strike at the heart of the European continent.”

President al-Assad went on to say “This does not mean that have learned their lesson; as they still deal with this phenomenon in a hypocritical manner; they call it terrorism when it hits them, and call it revolution, freedom, democracy, and human rights when it hits us. There, its perpetrators are terrorists, and here, they are rebels and moderate opposition. They scream at the top of their voices whenever they are touched by a spark of fire while they fall deathly silent when we are burned by it.”

The President pointed out that that the latest changes on the international arena are genuine, as a new understanding of the situation in Syria has set in, and there is a better understanding of the lies and false allegations related to the situation, adding that positive changes in the West are unstable and not sustainable given that they stem from concerns over the spread of terrorism that has reached their doorstep, and the likelihood that the Middle East, which is Europe’s backyard, might turn into a hotbed of terrorism............

Friday, July 24, 2015

The Sandra Bland episode on a Texas road and her tragic end in a Texas jail

You know....  those flicks we have watched about how hick cops arrest, torture, imprison and ultimately kill many of those arrested making those deaths look like suicides .... while the hero (also thrown in a county jail by Deliverance kinda hicks)  somehow gets himself out of the hellhole in one piece ... and we thought it was just all make believe,  think again.  These things can happen and do happen.  In Sandra Bland's case,  her "suicide" might be a real suicide or it might have been staged to make it look that way.  Don't ever trust the bullies and psychos wearing badges and carrying guns.  They are not looking out for you, they are out to get you.

Extremely Shameful! National Children's Leukemia Foundation scandal

Between the years of 2009-2013, while operating out of his Brooklyn basement, the founder paid himself  $600,000  and another $600,000 in deferred compensation PLUS he reportedly sent 5% of remaining funds to his sister in Israel for "research purposes".
If you go to YouTube and search for National Children's Leukemia Foundation,    there are several vids showing well known names advocating for the charity.  Of course, some of  the powers-that-be (YouTube/Google) are bound to remove them soon for whatever stupid reason.

Below is one of the videos.  Millions of  folks gave generously to this fraudulent foundation,they gave their  money and their time,  only to be jaded from now on with charity foundations because of the fear that absolute scum might be lurking in such places and  are looking to make money for themselves.

From HuffingtonPost
Children's Leukemia Foundation Guilty Of $9.7 Million Fraud:   N.Y. Attorney General
The charity allegedly spent less than 1 percent of donations on patients.

The New York-based National Children's Leukemia Foundation made many promises to its donors over the years: it would use funds to conduct cancer research, locate bone marrow donors, and run a “Make a Dream Come True” program to help kids with cancer fulfill their bucket list.

Donors were evidently moved and impressed by the organization’s appeals for help. Between 2009 and 2013, $9.7 million was generously donated to the foundation.

It’s emerged this week, however, that this money may have been raised fraudulently. According to New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman, the NCLF was basically “a one-man operation, run by founder Zvi Shor, 64, out of the basement of his Brooklyn home.” The organization allegedly kept almost none of its promises, knowingly misled donors and misused most of the funds it collected.


In a petition filed with the Kings County Supreme Court in Brooklyn on Monday, Schneiderman's office wrote that less than $58,000 (less than 1 percent) of the $9.7 million raised by the NCLF actually went to providing assistance to leukemia patients. More than 80 percent of the money is said to have gone to funding telemarketing and direct-mail fund-raising campaigns.

Of the remaining funds, about five percent was allegedly transferred to a shell organization in Israel run by Shor’s sister, purportedly for research purposes. Between 2009 and 2013, Shor is also said to have paid himself a salary of almost $600,000 and another $600,000 in deferred compensation.......

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Who's killing Muslim scientists and top aides to Muslim leaders ???

Let's pretend we don't know the answer to that question, shall we? 

From FirstLook:
Israeli Special Forces Assassinated Senior Syrian Official
On Aug. 1, 2008, a small team of Israeli commandos entered the waters near Tartus, Syria, and shot and killed a Syrian general as he was holding a dinner party at his seaside weekend home. Muhammad Suleiman, a top aide to the Syrian president, was shot in the head and neck, and the Israeli military team escaped by sea.

While Israel has never spoken about its involvement, secret U.S. intelligence files confirm that Israeli special operations forces assassinated the general while he vacationed at his luxury villa on the Syrian coast.

The internal National Security Agency document, provided by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, is the first official confirmation that the assassination of Suleiman was an Israeli military operation, and ends speculation that an internal dispute within the Syrian government led to his death.

A top-secret entry in the NSA’s internal version of Wikipedia, called Intellipedia, described the assassination by “Israeli naval commandos” near the port town of Tartus as the “first known instance of Israel targeting a legitimate government official.” The details of the assassination were included in a “Manhunting Timeline” within the NSA’s intelligence repository........

The Ashley Madison fallout

I find the Ashley Madison story so very entertaining.  Look, if you are not happy with your spouse or partner ... why not get a divorce? And, don't give the excuse of "divorce is not an option"  .... that's pure bullshit and you know it.  Furthermore,  I would urge the hackers going by the name "The Impact Team"  to kindly start looking at the slimy providers of  the late night phone sex businesses.  Bet there's a lot of  dirty laundry stinking to high heavens with those slimeballs too.

The latest news is that the hackers have leaked two names and addresses from the purported 37M users of the cheating site.  One is from Mississauga and the other is from Massachusetts.  Maybe they are starting with the long named places under "M"  .... hahahahha ... yup, I am loving this.

From NewsTalk
Two supposed Ashley Madison profiles leaked,   one listed as Mississauga man
In total, 37-million profiles were hacked on the website for infidelity

And, guess which cities have the most cheaters.  And, guess what those cities have in common with others.   LOL !!!
Answer:  Politicians, of course
Slime meets slime .... so fitting!!

From CanadaNews:
Ottawa not the only capital of cheating   on Ashley Madison: ‘It seems to be a bit of a global phenomenon’

Hackers have threatened to release the information of 37 million cheating spouses on the website Ashley Madison and it turns out a lot of them are living in capital cities.

The Canadian-based “married dating” website was attacked by hackers who want the portal to infidelity shut down for good. None of the information has yet been released, and the website’s parent’s company — which also owns — was planning to go public later this year. Though the site has apologized for the breach, business reports suggest it can “kiss its IPO goodbye.”

But the fallout may rock more than just the company boardroom: According to the website’s data, political capitals around the world boast an abundance of users...............

.....“It seems to be a bit of a global phenomenon,” Ashley Madison founder and CEO Noel Biderman said in an interview in February. The website, whose tagline is “Life is Short, Have an Affair,” claims the following international capitals are also the top spot for extramarital online activities:

    United States (Washington)
    Greece (Athens)
    Japan (Tokyo)
    Chile (Santiago)
    Germany (Berlin)
    Sweden (Stockholm)
    Finland (Helsinki)
    Norway (Oslo)
    Netherlands (Amsterdam)
    Mexico (Mexico City)
    Italy (Rome)
    Spain (Madrid)
    France (Paris)

.......According to Ashley Madison’s February data, the 10 hottest spots for extra-marital relations in Canada are:


Afghanistan: Yes! Let Afghan women fight it out and come out victorious

Will the Afghan women manage in getting equality and justice for themselves if the Western powers stay on as "moral fibre" until 2024?  Maybe, maybe not.  Some women are definitely taking full advantage as they should.

From WorldMic
Meet the Badass Afghan Politician Who Ran Against Her Husband and Won

Shukria Barakzai has endured a miscarriage from Taliban attacks, a secretly polygamous husband, street beatings by extremists, an aggressive opposition campaign from that same husband and multiple assassination attempts. Just one of these would stop most normal people in their tracks.

But Barakzai is not normal people. She is a feminist politician reshaping the social and political landscape of Afghanistan.

Entering political life was not a decision she made, but rather one that her circumstances made for her, Barakzai told Mic. Understanding the role she wanted to play and the person she wanted to be in Afghan society demanded her civic participation — and civic participation demanded a confrontation of the issues she faced in her personal life.

Equal rights: While Barakzai was lobbying for women's rights, her husband, whom she described as previously being her "best friend," took a second wife without telling her. "I don't know if I should say that it was the most bad accident of my life or another wake-up call, because I was and I am against polygamy," Barakzai said. She found out about the second wife not from her husband himself, but through rumors.

At the time, she happened to be battling her male colleagues on the Constitutional Drafting Committee for equal treatment of women under the law. The irony of her personal life only added to the humiliation.

But she kept up the campaign, and when the 2005 parliamentary elections came along and women were allowed to participate, Barakzai ran for office in part to effect change for gender equality — a campaign that included the promise to outlaw misogynistic practices like polygamy. But her husband was one of many male competitors who challenged her for the parliamentary seat.

"He was a multimillionaire at that time. [He] spent half a million U.S. dollars, [with] big pollsters, and I was like a poor woman with one microphone, with a loudspeaker. I did a street campaign," Barakzai told Mic, recounting her political race a decade ago. "Even today it's not an easy job for any woman to [be using] a loudspeaker and walking on the street and asking for democracy and explaining the election and asking men and women to vote for a woman."

But it worked. .........

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Sophie Shevardnadze talks to a "blood diamonds" expert


 From RT:
Diamonds are not just a girl’s best friend,   but for decades they were a dictator’s best friend. Despotic leaders used the income from the lucrative trade to fuel savage conflicts in Africa, while those buying the shiny gems thousands of kilometres away, had little idea what they were funding. Alex Yearsley, who is today’s guest on Sophie&Co, has been leading a campaign against the ‘blood diamond’ trade.........

America ... a nation where the political parties and the military overlords and their underlings ....

know of no other life than one of bloodshed, killing, weapons of death, misery, hatred and ultimately suicide when they can't cope with it all.

This is one of the reasons why I am a firm believer in "prevention is better than the cure" philosophy.  If the powers-that-be in the Anglo nations had not been so fuckingly politically correct when first immigrants from the other side of the world started coming to these shores and had not given funds and permits at the drop of hat to unknown "imams"  for building mosques here, there, everywhere and had informed the would-be new citizens that religious education, especially religious instruction and beliefs  that belittled people of other religions, would be a cause for deportation, it would have gone a long way to save us from many a mishap.
There were many of us who sounded the alarm on how Saudi Arabia was giving huge donations(bribes) to universities, colleges and schools and soon after making stealth requests to include wahabism teachings in the curriculum of Muslim students.  Did anyone take note? NO .. of course not ...  because people like moi are just bigots who hate, hate and hate.  Is the suggestion now from a military nitwit calling for interment camps more tolerable than being politically incorrect from the very start in order not to come to where we are now at?

I hate to predict this,  but take it for granted that the Chattanooga shooting is not going to be in any way the last of such tragic  incidents.  There will be many more and in a few years of such, people will start taking such mayhem in their stride just like the citizens of where the Anglo nations and their partners-in-crime have taken their own more lethal brand of terrorism.

Murtaza Hussain writing at FirstLook:
Wesley Clark Calls for Internment Camps   for "Radicalized" Americans

Retired general and former Democratic presidential candidate Wesley Clark on Friday called for World War II-style internment camps to be revived for “disloyal Americans.” In an interview with MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts in the wake of the mass shooting in Chatanooga, Tennessee, Clark said that during World War II, “if someone supported Nazi Germany at the expense of the United States, we didn’t say that was freedom of speech, we put him in a camp, they were prisoners of war.”

He called for a revival of internment camps to help combat Muslim extremism, saying, “If these people are radicalized and they don’t support the United States and they are disloyal to the United States as a matter of principle, fine. It’s their right and it’s our right and obligation to segregate them from the normal community for the duration of the conflict.”

The comments were shockingly out of character for Clark, who after serving as supreme allied commander of NATO made a name for himself in progressive political circles. In 2004, his campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination was highly critical of the Bush administration’s excessive response to the 9/11 terror attacks. Since then, he has been a critic of policies that violate the Geneva Convention, saying in 2006 that policies such as torture violate “the very values that [we] espouse.”

In a memoir written the following year, he also famously alleged that the White House under Bush had developed a massively imperialistic plan for the Middle East, which would see the administration attempt to “take out seven countries in five years,” beginning with the invasions in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Earlier this year I spoke with Clark at the annual Lewis and Clark University Symposium on International Affairs in Portland, Oregon. The subject of our discussion was how to deal with the potential threat of foreign fighters returning from armed conflicts abroad. At the time, Clark spoke out strongly against “the politics of fear” and eroding democratic institutions and norms, while reiterating his criticism of the excesses committed by Bush-era neoconservatives under the banner of fighting terrorism.

But on Friday, he was advocating the revival of a policy widely considered to be among the most shameful chapters in American history: World War II domestic internment camps. Aside from the inherent problems in criminalizing people for their beliefs, Clark’s proposal (which his MSNBC interlocutor did not challenge him on) also appears to be based on the concept of targeting people for government scrutiny who are not even “radicalized,” but who the government decides may be subject to radicalization in the future. That radicalization itself is a highly amorphous and politically malleable concept only makes this proposal more troubling.

“We have got to identify the people who are ..........

Monday, July 20, 2015

World War 3 ... news and updates July 20

Some of the countries in it, either in major or minor roles:
USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Jordan, UAE, Qatar,Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq, Israel, Syria, Turkey, Kurdistan, Yemen, Nigeria,France with (Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger and Chad ) Germany, Italy, Czech Republic,Albania, Estonia, Hungary, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Japan,Republic of Korea, Ireland, Spain, Slovakia, Norway, The Netherlands, Luxembourg,Bulgaria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Novorussia, Ukraine, Russia, Chechnya, Somalia, Iran,
India, South Korea, North Korea, Central African Republic, Kenya, Tunisia, ThePhilippines, Egypt, Albania, Serbia, China, Sudan, South Sudan, Bukina Faso, Palestine,Georgia, Chad, Spain, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Indonesia, Nepal, Congo, Uganda, Romania,Mexico, Gambia, Haiti, Cameroon, Chad, Algeria, Venezuela, Thailand, Argentina, Vietnam,Myanmar, Georgia, Burundi, Senegal, Macedonia, Armenia, Dominican Republic

From TeleSurTV
Socialist Youth Targeted As suicide Bomb Kills 30 in Turkey
Members of the Socialist Youth Associations Federation were in Suruc on their way to help reconstruction efforts in the Kurdish held town of Kobane. At least 30 people were killed and another 100 injured in a bomb attack targetted a meeting of leftists in the Turkish border town of Suruc Monday. Members of the Socialist Youth Associations Federation (SGDF) held an event in the town on their way to assist reconstruction efforts in the neighbouring Syrian town of Kobane, where left-wing Kurdish forces have been battling Islamic State group fighters for months.......

From DailyMail
Violent clashes in Turkey as police fire water cannon at activists protesting over car bomb massacre in Kobane

    Massive blast hit the city of Suruc, close to Turkey's border with Syria
    Hundreds of pro-Kurd activists have been demonstrating in Istanbul  
    Officials believe today's explosion was caused by an ISIS suicide bomber
    Blast comes after Turkey made its first serious efforts to combat terrorists

From Xinhuanet
45 people killed in fighting in Yemen's Aden 
ADEN, Yemen, July 19 (Xinhua) -- Deadly battles broke out on Sunday between the Shiite Houthi group and Gulf-backed fighters in Yemen's southern port city of Aden, in which 45 people were killed and about 170 others wounded, health officials said, two days after the exiled government announced "liberation" of the city.

A senior health official told Xinhua reporter that 45 people, mostly civilians, were killed and about 170 others wounded during the shelling on the residential neighborhoods in Daar Saad district in northern Aden.

Houthi militia in neighboring Lahj province started on Sunday morning military operations in Aden's northern entrance, vowing to retake the strategic city from the pro-government fighters who are supported by the Saudi-led coalition forces, the official said on condition of anonymity........

From MoonOfAlabama
U.S. Air Force Is Supporting AlQaeda In Yemen And - Coming Now - Also In Syria

A few days ago newly Saudi trained Yemeni forces were inserted into the southern harbor city Aden to fight against Houthi and parts of the Yemeni army loyal to the former president Saleh. The inserted forces had brand new mine resistant vehicle and were led by special forces from the United Arab Emirates. With Saudi and U.S. air support they managed to push the Houthis from several Aden quarters. But after a day of fighting the attack got stuck and the Houthi hit back. An Emirati officer, likely acting as Forward Air Controller providing target designation for the air attacks, was killed. The Wall Street Journal notes that AlQaeda was part of the Saudi/U.S. supported forces:

    Local militias backed by Saudi Arabia, special forces from the United Arab Emirates and al Qaeda militants all fought on the same side this week to wrest back control over most of Yemen’s second city, Aden, from pro-Iranian Houthi rebels, according to local residents and Houthi forces.

The U.S. is providing the ammunition, refueling and targeting intelligence for the "Saudi" campaign. Not only did it help to recently destroy various important bridges, hospitals and all three cement factories in Yemen, it is now actively giving air support to AlQaeda.............

From Rabble
Will Canadian troops in Ukraine have to train radical Islamist volunteers said to be tied to ISIS?

It's been evident for several months now Ukraine has a problem with neo-Nazis, in particular battalions of "volunteers" who espouse Nazi ideology and use Nazi symbols fighting on the government side in the ongoing civil strife in that European country.

Now it appears Ukraine may have a problem with radical Islamist volunteers in the ranks of its army as well, according to a New York Times report on Tuesday.

This raises the spectre that Canadian troops sent to Ukraine as military trainers could not only be used train neo-Nazis, but to assist Islamic militants tied to ISIS as well.

In the early days of the continuing Ukraine crisis, which from this perspective has all the characteristics of a civil war with religious (Roman Catholic versus Orthodox) and ethno-linguistic (Ukrainian speaking versus Russian speaking) overtones, the role of neo-Nazi formations was either ignored or dismissed by supporters of the current Canadian-backed regime in Kiev as "pro-Russian" propaganda.

Russian suggestions that Islamist formations were also involved in the fight were barely acknowledged, presumably dismissed as propaganda too outlandish to be considered........

From AlWaght
British MP Involved in Illegal ISIS Oil Trade: Report
A member of the British Parliament in Prime Minister David Cameron’s conservative party is reportedly involved in ISIS terrorists’ illegal oil trade.
Reports published on social networks indicate that Nadhim Zahawi is involved in trading oil derived from ISIS-controlled fields in Iraq.
According to Press TV, Nadhim Zahawi, the Conservative MP for Stratford-upon-Avon, has been buying crude at a very low price (between $12 to $30 per barrel) from ISIS terrorists and transporting it to the Israeli regime and European markets through Turkey and the Mediterranean Sea.
The Tory MP, who sat on an influential House of Commons Select Committee during the last parliament, has already been involved in oil business with the Kurdistan Regional Government.
Born in Iraq to Kurdish parents, the Tory MP is believed to have significant influence in the region.
The allegations against Zahawi come against the backdrop of reports that ISIS terrorists sell oil through certain regional countries including Turkey and Iraq’s Kurdistan region.
The value of the ISIS oil trade has been widely estimated at between $1 and $3 million per day, though experts have warned that the figure could be a high estimate.....

From France24
Scores dead after IS suicide bomber targets Iraqi market
Rescuers in the Iraqi town of Khan Bani Saad were searching collapsed buildings for bodies Saturday after a car bomb ripped through a busy market, killing at least 90 people.
The suicide attack by the Islamic State group was one of the deadliest since it took over swathes of Iraq last year and came as the country marked Eid al-Fitr, the Muslim feast that ends the fasting month of Ramadan.

Residents recounted scenes of horror in the aftermath of the attack, in which officials said at least 15 children were killed.
Muthanna Saadoun, a municipal employee whose work is to drive a street sweeper, used his truck to help put out the fires that the huge blast caused in the market area.
"People were burning in their cars because no ambulances or fire engines were able to reach them," the 25-year-old said.
IS said the suicide attacker had three tonnes of explosives ..

From AlArabiya
Egypt vs. ISIS: Is Sinai now an official battlefield?
The July 1 Sinai attacks were not the first, but they were the most shocking. They followed the assassination of the prosecutor general, which made linking the two incidents inevitable, especially since they both took place around the second anniversary of the June 30 protests that toppled former President Mohamed Mursi.

Confusion ensued due to contradictory reports on the number of deaths, with an official figure of 21 but local sources saying 70-100. The media described the battle, between Islamist militants and the army, as the fiercest since the 1973 war between Egypt and Israel. Meanwhile, officials are trying to alleviate fears over the growing power the militant group Sinai Province, which is affiliated to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS)..........

If this report is true, I wonder why Israel is not making a bigger noise about it.  This is a clear danger to Israel so how come the silence?  Is it because the danger is from ISIS, a group of terrorists Israel thought it could easily manage and handle?
The Egyptian military revealed  
   on July 8, 2015, that it had captured Turkish intelligence officers who were actively involved in the guerrilla war waged by the Islamic State in Sinai and inside Egypt itself against the Sisi regime.
    The Turkish National Intelligence Organization (NIO) operatives named included Col. Ismail Aly Bal (described as a coordinator of battlefield operations), Diaa al-Din Mehmet Gado, Bakoush al-Husseyni Youzmi and Abdallah al-Turki.
    On July 12, the Egyptian military spokesman announced the uncovering of a “terrorist cell” whose instructions were given by the Muslim Brotherhood headquartered in Turkey and whose mission was to destabilize Egypt.
    If the facts revealed by the Egyptian military are correct, this would dramatically confirm the links between the Turkish regime and the Islamic State militants, as well as with other jihadist groups fighting in Syria and Iraq.......

From RT
Israeli-made air-to-air missile   may have downed MH17 - report
A report on Malaysian Airlines MH17 air disaster in Ukraine last year by a group of old-hand aviation security experts maintains that the Boeing might have been downed by an Israeli Python air-to-air missile
The report was leaked via the private LiveJournal account of Albert Naryshkin (aka albert_lex) late on Tuesday and has already been widely discussed by social media communities in Russia.
The authors of the investigative report have calculated the possible detonation initiation point of the missile that hit the passenger aircraft and approximate number and weight of strike elements, which in turn designated the type and presumed manufacturer of the weapon...........

A year since the genocide on Gaza from  a people known to have suffered genocide themselves.  It's true! The abused, most often than not, abuse others.

From LibyaObserver
Tuareg, Tabu clash in Sabha
Tribal clashes broke out between Tuareg and Tabu in Sabha Wednesday night. Both sides exchanged heavy fire in Hai Tayori district until the early hours of the morning.
Number of deaths has not been confirmed yet.Local news sources said several indiscriminate missiles fell in the surrounding districts while many residents of Hai Tayori, fled the district in panic.
Hai Tayori is a mixed district of Tuareg, Tabu, which added fuel to the fire....

From DefenseOne
.....Recent reports from other former captives of Boko Haram indicate that the fate of the Chibok girls has taken an even darker turn. Many are allegedly carrying out atrocities on behalf of Boko Haram, including flogging prisoners who are unable to recite the Quran or killing Christian captives.

This is not the first instance of Boko Haram employing women in their attacks. According to the Aljazeera Center for Studies, women were responsible for fifteen of Boko Haram’s successful suicide bombings as of January. An April Amnesty International report includes the story of a girl forced to learn how to shoot, use bombs, and attack villages on pain of death: “Some refused to learn how to kill others. They were buried in a mass grave in the bush. They’ll just pack the dead bodies and dump them in a big hole, but not deep enough.”.......

From Jamestown
Berlin, Paris Seek Constitutional Status for Donetsk-Luhansk  in Ukraine
Twice in recent days (July 10 and 14), German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President François Hollande have jointly demarched Kyiv to, first, legalize the Donetsk-Luhansk authorities in Ukraine’s constitution, and next, to legitimize those authorities through local elections in those territories. Moscow has been airing similar demands publicly. But the Kremlin has not (at least not officially) contacted Ukraine’s leadership by telephone to press those demands recently. Instead, Merkel and Hollande have been working the phones toward that end. .....

From LongWarJournal
Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb  claims ambush that killed Algerian troops
Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), al Qaeda’s official branch in North Africa, claimed its fighters ambushed and killed more than 10 Algerian soldiers in an attack that took place just west of the capital of Algiers late last week.
The ambush, which occurred in the Ain Defla area as troops were preparing to celebrate the end of Ramadan on July 16, killed 11 Algerian soldiers according to the BBC. Al Jazeera reported that the 11 soldiers were killed as they were traveling back to their barracks for Eid festivities.
After the attack, the AQIM fighters are said to have escaped into a nearby forest. Algerian security forces have launched an operation to hunt the attackers down, according to Al Jazeera........

From AlArabiya
Car bomb explodes  in Riyadh, driver killed
A car bomb exploded Thursday night at a security checkpoint in the Saudi capital Riyadh, killing the driver and wounding two policemen, the interior ministry said.
The policemen were taken to hospital and were in a “stable condition,” a spokesman for the ministry said, according to the official Saudi Press Agency.
Al Arabiya News Channel reported that the suicide bomber killed his uncle, who worked in the interior ministry, before blowing himself up.

From AlWasat
  ISIS puts up a billboard  on clothing requirments for women in Sirte
The terror group sets out 7 rules for females to follow:

1- No see-through clothes
2- Only wear loose fitting clothes
3- Must cover all body parts
4- No name brands
5- Do not wear masculine items or items worn by faithless women
6- No clothes with designs that will attract attention
7- No perfumed clothes


From Reuters
Islamic State claims   kidnapping of three African Christians in Libya
Sat Jul 18, 2015 8:02pm EDT
BENGHAZI, Libya (Reuters) - Islamic State has kidnapped three African Christians in eastern Libya, the group said, publishing their passport pictures.
The men come from Egypt, Nigeria and Ghana, Islamic State said in a statement on social media, without elaborating.
The kidnapping took place in Noufliyah, an Islamic State stronghold southeast of the city of Sirte, said a resident, asking not to be named.
Mohamed El Hejazi, a military spokesman loyal to the internationally recognized government based in the east, also said the abduction happened in the small town.
The militant group has expanded in the North African country by exploiting chaos and a security vacuum like it did in Iraq and Syria.......

From CNN
Report: ISIS steps up use  of chemicals on battlefields in Iraq and Syria
ISIS recently used devices filled with chemical agents against Kurdish forces and civilians in both Iraq and Syria, a joint investigation by two independent organizations has found.

The findings build on previous reporting that ISIS (the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) has begun to adapt both suicide bombs and improvised explosive devices (IEDs) to include chlorine and other chemicals and may seek to exploit the use of chemicals as it develops new weapons.

The two U.K.-based groups -- Conflict Armament Research (CAR) and Sahan Research -- sent teams to investigate allegations that ISIS used chemical munitions on three occasions last month. Two of the incidents occurred in Hasakah province in northern Syria, where ISIS is locked in battle with the Kurdish YPG group. The third involved a 120 mm mortar that landed near Kurdish positions at the Mosul Dam in northern Iraq but failed to explode......

From LongWarJournal
The Turkistan Islamic Party (TIP), an al Qaeda-affiliated Uighur jihadist group, recently publicized the use of a suicide bomber during the large jihadist offensive at Jisr al Shughur in Syria’s Idlib province.
The bomber, identified as Mohammad Anas by the group on Twitter, is shown conducting the suicide bombing in a new video released by Islam Awazi, the TIP’s official media wing. According to the jihadist account online, the bomber detonated near the national hospital in Jisr al Shughur. The hospital was one of the last regime positions to fall in the strategically important city.
This is not the first bomber utilized in Syria by the TIP. Another suicide bomber, identified as Dadullah al Turkistani, detonated in an operation in Idlib last year, along with an American bomber, Abu Hurayra al Amriiki of the Al Nusrah Front, al Qaeda’s official branch in Syria. Another bomber, Abdulvaris al Turkistani, also detonated himself in a coordinated assault with the al Qaeda branch sometime last year......

Meanwhile in the USA:

The Revolution is on simmer and developing into a nice thick consistency with the Confederate flag being burnt, brought down here, there, everywhere by African Americans.  The trained in hell white and black police officers continue killing, maiming, bullying white and non-whites here, there, everywhere.  The KKK are once again stepping out spewing anger and hatred towards the "once were slaves" and the Revolution recipe is missing just a few pinches of salt to bring out that long forgotten flavor and taste of a bloody revolution.
AND, of course, where would the Americans be without their favorite commodity, terrorism...whether terrorism is dished out by them or is dished out to them, it is their stable food.

City fires investigator who found cops at fault in shootings    A Chicago investigator who determined that several civilian shootings by police officers were unjustified was fired after resisting orders to reverse those findings, according to internal records of his agency obtained by WBEZ.

Scott M. Ando, chief administrator of the city’s Independent Police Review Authority, informed its staff in a July 9 email that the agency no longer employed supervising investigator Lorenzo Davis, 65, a former Chicago police commander. IPRA investigates police-brutality complaints and recommends any punishment.

Davis’s termination came less than two weeks after top IPRA officials, evaluating Davis’s job performance, accused him of “a clear bias against the police” and called him “the only supervisor at IPRA who resists making requested changes as directed by management in order to reflect the correct finding with respect to OIS,” as officer-involved shootings are known in the agency.

Since its 2007 creation, IPRA has investigated nearly 400 civilian shootings by police and found one to be unjustified.......

From Medium
In the aftermath  of the June 17 massacre of nine black churchgoers by a white Confederate battle flag enthusiast in Charleston, S.C., the symbol that has long been revered by the Ku Klux Klan and other defenders of the antebellum South has come under bitter attack. The flag has been removed from both the South Carolina and the Alabama state Capitol grounds, banned by commercial giants like Amazon, Walmart and eBay, and denounced even by an array of conservative Republicans who had never criticized it in any way.

But as calls continue to mount around the country for the removal of the flag and other monuments to the Confederacy, a major backlash from enthusiasts of the Lost Cause has set in. Most dramatically, the North Carolina-based Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan is staging a July 18 rally in support of the flag in Columbia, S.C., just over 100 miles from Charleston. In the run-up to that rally, there already have been nearly 90 such events with thousands of participants around the country, and more than 20 others are planned in the coming weeks...............

From Reuters
Suspect in slaying of U.S. Marines made 2014 trip to Mideast
The suspect in the fatal shootings of four U.S. Marines traveled to Jordan and possibly other Middle Eastern countries last year, authorities said on Friday, as the investigation focused on any signs of a connection to Islamist militants.
Mohammod Youssuf Abdulazeez, a Kuwaiti-born naturalized U.S. citizen, died on Thursday in a firefight with police after a rampage at two military facilities in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
The 24-year-old engineer traveled to Jordan, possibly between April and November, U.S. government sources and friends of Abdulazeez in Chattanooga told Reuters. One childhood friend, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said he went there for a job opportunity......