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California Fires

First vid ... Drone captures some of the devastation.
The second vid is unbelievable!

What would wedging Kurdistan between four nations mean?

Answer: More wars and more profits from arms sales to the 1%ters whether they be outside the Middle East or within it.

Alastair Crooke at ConsortiumNews
Kurdish Referendum Roils the Mideast
One week after Kurdish leader Masud Barzani held his referendum on Kurdish independence from Iraq (with both the referendum and independence being contrary to the Iraqi constitution), the blowback has been fierce, angry and almost universal.

What may have been conceived as a clever ploy by Masud’s eldest son, Masrour, to bolster the Barzani family’s flagging popularity by posing as a nationalist leader looks increasingly like a misstep. (Michel Rubin of AEI, has noted that “some [U.S.] Congressional staff and leaders with whom [Masrour] has met, came away from their meeting convinced that Masrour sought independence more to be heir apparent, in what will become hereditary [Kurdish] leadership, than out of sincere nationalistic concerns.”)

And now, presidential and parliamentary elections — hastily called in the wake of the Oct. 3 death of former Iraqi President and Kurdish political leader Jalal Talibani — have descended into a mess. Rather than settle “the succession” upon his eldest son, Masud Barzani may instead have opened a wider struggle over leadership of the Kurdish people.

Yes, the KRG is reported as being a democracy, but in practice it is run, explains, Michael Rubin, as a (corrupt) family enterprise in which “both the Barzanis (and Talabanis) confuse personal, party, and public funds.” Rubin explains: “Masud Barzani is president and lives in a palace complex in a resort inherited from Saddam Hussein. His nephew, Nechirvan Barzani, is prime minister. His uncle, Hoshyar Zebari, was Iraq’s foreign minister and is now finance minister. Masud’s eldest son, Masrour Barzani, leads the intelligence service; and his second son, Mansour is a general, as is Masud’s brother Wajy. Barzani’s nephew Sirwan owns the regional cell phone company which, while purchased with public money, remains a private holding. Barzani’s sons are frequently in Washington D.C … [where] Masrour Barzani has acquired an $11 million mansion in McLean, Virginia”.

The referendum showed that Kurdish nationalism is an easy play among Kurds (but no one doubted that). Though perhaps, by rejecting the universal advice to cancel or postpone the provocative referendum, Masud Barzani in advertently has provided his opponents with just the rope they needed by which to hang the U.S.-Israeli “Kurdish project.”

While some in the West may see the Kurdish issue as one of justified national self-determination, that is not how it is perceived by neighboring states: It is seen, rather, as a deliberate “political” IED inserted into the most sensitive radial node of the Middle East, intended to explode the statehood of four major nations: Iraq, Iran, Syria and Turkey...........

Cartoons ... Hollywood ((Babylon))


On the psychopaths and dirty laundry hiders of Hollywood

While reading up on the airing of this dirty laundry, this dirtiest of linen that has been piling up since the last 3 decades but kept hidden by the collective community of tens of hundreds of  people in Babylon who are now pretending not to have known what was happening, I feel confident that the 9/11 insider job, the whodunit, will be revealed to us one day. There are Rose McGowans in the 9/11 Truth Movement too, their voices might be suppressed for now just like how Rose McGowan's voice fell on deaf ears for many years, but  never fear the day will come when many will pay the price for the atrocity of 9/11.

Ronan Farrow  at the NewYorker
From Aggressive Overtures to Sexual Assault:
Harvey Weinstein’s Accusers Tell Their Stories
Multiple women share harrowing accounts of sexual assault and harassment by the film executive.
In the course of a ten-month investigation, thirteen women interviewed said that, between the nineteen-nineties and 2015, Weinstein sexually harassed or assaulted them.
Since the establishment of the first studios a century ago, there have been few movie executives as dominant, or as domineering, as Harvey Weinstein. As the co-founder of the production-and-distribution companies Miramax and the Weinstein Company, he helped to reinvent the model for independent films, with movies such as “Sex, Lies, and Videotape,” “The English Patient,” “Pulp Fiction,” “The Crying Game,” “Shakespeare in Love,” and “The King’s Speech.” Beyond Hollywood, he has exercised his influence as a prolific fund-raiser for Democratic Party candidates, including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Weinstein combined a keen eye for promising scripts, directors, and actors with a bullying, even threatening, style of doing business, inspiring both fear and gratitude. His movies have earned more than three hundred Oscar nominations, and, at the annual awards ceremonies, he has been thanked more than almost anyone else in movie history, just after Steven Spielberg and right before God.

For more than twenty years, Weinstein has also been trailed by rumors of sexual harassment and assault. This has been an open secret to many in Hollywood and beyond, but previous attempts by many publications, including The New Yorker, to investigate and publish the story over the years fell short of the demands of journalistic evidence. Too few people were willing to speak, much less allow a reporter to use their names, and Weinstein and his associates used nondisclosure agreements, monetary payoffs, and legal threats to suppress these myriad stories. Asia Argento, an Italian film actress and director, told me that she did not speak out until now—Weinstein, she told me, forcibly performed oral sex on her—because she feared that Weinstein would “crush” her. “I know he has crushed a lot of people before,” Argento said. “That’s why this story—in my case, it’s twenty years old; some of them are older—has never come out.”

Last week, the New York Times, in a powerful report by Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey, revealed multiple allegations of sexual harassment against Weinstein, a story that led to the resignation of four members of his company’s all-male board, and to Weinstein’s firing from the company.

The story, however, is more complex, and there is more to know and to understand. In the course of a ten-month investigation, I was told by thirteen women that, between the nineteen-nineties and 2015, Weinstein sexually harassed or assaulted them, allegations that corroborate and overlap with the Times’ revelations, and also include far more serious claims...

Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey at NYTimes
Harvey Weinstein Paid Off Sexual Harassment Accusers for Decades

Two decades ago, the Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein invited Ashley Judd to the Peninsula Beverly Hills hotel for what the young actress expected to be a business breakfast meeting. Instead, he had her sent up to his room, where he appeared in a bathrobe and asked if he could give her a massage or she could watch him shower, she recalled in an interview.

“How do I get out of the room as fast as possible without alienating Harvey Weinstein?” Ms. Judd said she remembers thinking.

In 2014, Mr. Weinstein invited Emily Nestor, who had worked just one day as a temporary employee, to the same hotel and made another offer: If she accepted his sexual advances, he would boost her career, according to accounts she provided to colleagues who sent them to Weinstein Company executives. The following year, once again at the Peninsula, a female assistant said Mr. Weinstein badgered her into giving him a massage while he was naked, leaving her “crying and very distraught,” wrote a colleague, Lauren O’Connor, in a searing memo asserting sexual harassment and other misconduct by their boss.

“There is a toxic environment for women at this company,” Ms. O’Connor said in the letter, addressed to several executives at the company run by Mr. Weinstein...........

Mothers don't let your children grow up to be killers which they ultimately become in Uncle Sam's War Factory.

"Twilight's Last Gleaming"  a  Burt Lancaster movie.

On the psychology of mass killers

When guns are sold like doughnuts and are as easily obtainable as buying your favorite brand of pop, when Hollywood churns out movie after movie depicting gun violence, when video games coming out of the USA, Japan and South Korea finds the most lucrative market for them in the USA among kids and young adults, why is anyone surprised that America has a gun problem? 

Robert J Burrowes at GlobalResearch
The Psychology of Mass Killers: What Causes It? How Can You Prevent It?

In Las Vegas on 1 October 2017, it appears that one man (although it might have been more) killed 59 people and shot and injured another 241 (with almost 300 more injured while fleeing). The incident got a lot of publicity, partly because the man managed to kill more people than most mass killers. However, because the killer was a white American and had a Christian name, he was not immediately labeled a terrorist, even though his death toll considerably exceeded that achieved in many ‘terrorist attacks’, including those that occur in war zones (such as US drone murders of innocent people attending weddings).

According to the Gun Violence Archive, there is now an average of one mass shooting (arbitrarily defined by the FBI as a shooting in which at least four victims are shot) each day in the USA. By any measure, this is a national crisis.

However, while there has been a flood of commentary on the incident, including suggestions about what might be done in response based on a variety of analyses of the cause, none that I have read explain the underlying cause of all these mass killings. And if we do not understand this, then any other suggestions, whatever their apparent merits, can have little impact.

The suggestions made so far in response to this massacre include the following:

    Making it much more difficult, perhaps even illegal, to own a gun. See ‘Guns’.

    Drastically reducing the prescription of pharmaceutical drugs (which are almost invariably being consumed by the killer). See ‘Drugs and Guns Don’t Mix: Medication Madness, Military Madness and the Las Vegas Mass Shooting’.

    Recognising and addressing the sociological factors implicated in causing the violence. See ‘violence is driven by socioeconomic factors, not access to firearms’ argued in ‘Another Mass Shooting, Another Grab for Guns: 6 Gun Facts’ and ‘a deep sickness in American society’ argued in ‘The social pathology of the Las Vegas Massacre’.

    Identifying whether or not the killer had ideological/religious links to a terrorist group (in this case ISIS, as claimed by some). See, for example, ‘ISIS Releases Infographic Claiming Las Vegas Gunman Converted 6 Months Ago’.

    Identifying and remedying the ways in which constitutional provisions and laws facilitate such massacres. See ‘Las Vegas Massacre Proves 2nd Amendment Must be Abolished’.

    Recognizing the way in which these incidents are encouraged by national elites and are sometimes, in fact, false flag attacks used as a means to justify the consolidation of elite social control (through such measures as increased state surveillance and new restrictions on human rights).

    Limiting the ways in which violence, especially military violence, is used as entertainment and education, and thus culturally glorified in ways that encourage imitation. See ‘People Don’t Kill People, Americans Kill People’.

However, as indicated above, while these and other suggestions, including certain educational initiatives, sound attractive as options for possibly preventing/mitigating some incidents in future, they do not address the cause of violence in this or any other context and so widespread violence both in the United States and around the world will continue.

So why does someone become a mass killer?........

Going Underground ......

on various topics.

How Empires use covert operations to fool Joe Public

Read and learn to deflect the vicious intentions of the puppeteers.

Caoimhghin Ó Croidheáin at DissidentVoice
The Six “Secret” Tactics of Empire
The 6 ‘secret’ tactics of empire are strategies of change used by governments, usually covertly, to attain political or military ends through means not normally acceptable to the populace as a whole. The strategies are as follows:

1. False Flag Attacks
2. Coercive Engineered Migration
3. Colour Revolutions
4. Humanitarian Intervention
5. Proxy Armies
6. Fake News

The relationship of the state or a political force to the various strategies depends on the political aim. Sometimes there is a direct and openly admitted relationship to the strategy and sometimes it is fervently denied. The outcome of any such strategy is never guaranteed and, indeed, may even have the opposite effect to that intended. This makes the strategies of change high-risk ventures for the participants as well as those for whom the strategy is hoped to benefit. In some cases these strategies of change seem to be perceived as the only way to change a situation, or at least the most expedient. Their role is to manipulate public opinion on a particular government, state or upcoming political movement to suit the actions, thoughts or desires of another internal or external political force. Like a good magician, the perpetrator of the strategy must make people conscious of the ends but not the means. If the people support a changed environment brought about by strategies of change without realizing or understanding why, then the result can be seen as ‘successful’.

1. False Flag Attacks
False flag attacks are actions carried out covertly to look like another group, nation or state were responsible. While in theory false flags are secret, some public individuals have openly called for false flag operations to be implemented to serve as a basis for initiating war against another country perceived to be an enemy. The history of false flags, however, is not secret and information about many past successful and proposed attacks is freely available on the internet.

2. Coercive Engineered Migration
Coercive engineered migration is a strategy which acts to overwhelm another country’s capacity to cope with a large influx of refugees or migrants. This pressure can affect competing political interests and thereby change the behavior of the target country....

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Few tweets of mine from Oct 1 - 6

Century of Oil, Global Warming, Eugenics by the powerful, etc.etc.

Worth your time. This documentary has a lot that requires to be chew on.

James Corbett at this website
Episode 321 – Why Big Oil Conquered the World
The 20th century was the century of oil. From farm to fork, factory to freeway, there is no aspect of our modern life that has not been shaped by the oil industry. But as the “post-carbon” era of the 21st century comes into view, there are those who see this as the end of the oiligarchy. They couldn’t be more wrong. This is the remarkable true story of the world that Big Oil is creating, and how they plan to bring it about.


At the dawn of the 20th century, a new international order was emerging. One founded on oil. And by the end of the 20th century, that order was firmly established. Heating. Transportation. Industrial power. Plastic manufacturing. Pharmaceuticals. There is no facet of modern life that is not, one way or another, dependent on oil.

But the rulers of this oiligarchy–the Rockefellers at Standard Oil, the British royals at BP, the Dutch royals and the Rothschilds at Royal Dutch Shell–were not content with mere financial domination. The power that came with their near-total monopoly on the world’s most important commodity was enormous, and they had no qualms about using that power to re-make the world in their image.

As we saw in “How Big Oil Conquered the World,” the impact of the oiligarchs has been breathtaking. From the education system to the medical profession, from the green revolution to the gene revolution, from World War to the Gulf War, oil money has been used to shape every aspect of the world we live in. With the rise of the petrodollar in the 1970s, even the international monetary system itself rests on oil.

But now, in the 21st century, it seems that the old order, the oil order, is finally coming to an end.....

Warlord nation begets violence abroad but does not expect it to hit home

I am willing to bet that not even 10% of Americans will ever face the fact that their government's wars, death and destruction all over the world can have repercussions at home.  Totally dumb-downed population.  Such people deserve the warmongers they have elected to power. 

Jacob G Hornberger at Future of Freedom Foundation
U.S. Violence Abroad Begets Violence at Home

Although ISIS is claiming that Las Vegas mass murderer Stephen Paddock was one of theirs and was acting on its behalf, so far no independent evidence has surfaced to confirm ISIS’s claim. If such evidence does emerge, it will be one more of a long series of deadly “blowback” occurrences arising from U.S. interventionism abroad.

But even if Paddock’s mass killing spree turns out to have no rational explanation, I continue to contend that these bizarre, unexplainable acts of violence are also rooted in the U.S. government’s decades-long killing spree abroad.

Here is the critical question: If the Pentagon and the CIA are killing masses of people abroad, will that have an adverse effect on people here at home?

The standard answer is no. Ever since the U.S. national-security establishment began killing people in foreign countries, the mindset has been that as long as the death and destruction is “over there,” there would be no adverse impact on American society. As U.S. military and intelligence personnel wreaked death and destruction in faraway lands, Americans would continue to go to work, go on vacation, take their kids to soccer practice, attend sports events where they express thanks to troops, and just continue to live their lives in their regular ways.

The U.S. media has played its part in all this by declining to display photographs of dead bodies and body parts that are the result of U.S. shootings, bombings, or missile attacks. The notion has been that there is simply no good reason why Americans should be exposed to the effects of U.S. violence abroad. One of the best examples of this phenomenon is the many wedding parties that U.S. officials have bombed or stricken with a missile in Afghanistan. The U.S. media has always protected the American people from having to see photographs of the bodies of the bride, the groom, the attendants, the flower girl, the parents, and the guests.

I maintain the opposite. I hold that the massive U.S. violence abroad is triggering violent behavior in people here at home, especially those operating at the margins, mentally speaking.......

Cartoons....depicting the time we live in

What did warlord nation achieve by the bloodbath it wrought on Syria for six years and counting?

When blood and gore and death and destruction are what the warlord nation has for breakfast, lunch, dinner and in-between snacks, does one even need to ask that question?

Dr Ron Paul at RonPaulInstitute
What Did Washington Achieve in its Six Year War on Syria?

Now that the defeat of ISIS in Syria appears imminent, with the Syrian army clearing out some of the last ISIS strongholds in the east, Washington’s interventionists are searching for new excuses to maintain the illegal US military presence in the country. Their original rationale for intervention has long been exposed as another lie.

Remember that President Obama initially involved the US military in Iraq and Syria to “prevent genocide” of the Yazidis and promised the operation would not drift into US “boots on the ground.” That was three years ago and the US military became steadily more involved while Congress continued to dodge its Constitutional obligations. The US even built military bases in Syria despite having no permission to do so! Imagine if Syria started building military bases here in the US against our wishes.

After six years of war the Syrian government has nearly defeated ISIS and al-Qaeda and the US-backed “moderates” turned out to be either Islamist extremists or Kurdish soldiers for hire. According to a recent report, the US has shipped two billion dollars worth of weapons to fighters in Syria via eastern Europe. Much of these weapons ended up in the hands of ISIS directly, or indirectly through “moderates” taking their weapons with them while joining ISIS or al-Qaeda.

“Assad must go,” proclaimed President Obama back in 2011, as he claimed that the Syrian leader was committing genocide against his own people and that regime change was the only way to save Syrians. Then earlier this year, when eastern Aleppo was about to be liberated by the Syrian government, the neocons warned that Assad would move in and kill all the inhabitants. They warned that the population of eastern Aleppo would flee from the Syrian army. But something very different happened. According to the UN’s International Organization for Migration, 600,000 refugees returned to Syria by August. Half of the returnees went back to Aleppo, where we were told Assad was waiting to kill them....

Couple of videos on the carnage in Las Vegas

Rogue nations of Planet Earth flaunt violating Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

One does not have to be a genius to figure out which deplorable rogues the author refers to.

Carla Stea at GlobalResearch
US Dominated Security Council Tightens Savage Sanctions on North Korea, 
Intentional Provocations to War
Rogue States US, UK and France Flaunt Violations of Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty


On September 24, 2017, The New York Times published the following letter written by Donald P. Gregg, C.I.A. officer in Vietnam, 1970-1973; C.I.A. station chief in Seoul from 1973 to 1975; and U.S. Ambassador to South Korea from 1989 to 1993: excerpts from his letter follow:

    “I can’t help thinking about the lessons from Vietnam that might apply today to North Korea. I fear that we are headed down a 2017 version of ‘ignorance alley’ in our dealings with Pyongyang; we do not know what North Korea wants today, because we have not asked its leaders that question directly in several years. When we assume that we are always right, and our opponents always wrong, we overlook the need to ask questions. And as Vietnam demonstrated, in such a scenario, misguided decisions result.”

Another United States official, Assistant Secretary of Defense John T. McNaughton wrote during the Vietnam War:

    “A feeling is widely and strongly held that ‘the Establishment’ is out of its mind. The feeling is that we are trying to impose some U.S. image on distant peoples we cannot understand (any more than we can the younger generation here at home), and that we are carrying the thing to absurd lengths. Related to this feeling is the increased polarization that is taking place in the United States with seeds of the worst split in our people in more than a century.”  McNaughton wrote this to Secretary McNamara in early May, 1967. (Less than two months later, McNaughton, his wife and their son died in a plane collision near Asheville, North Carolina, a week before he was to be sworn in as Secretary of the Navy.) John McNaughton’s words, regarding the United States’ behavior toward Vietnam, are a precise description of the United States’ behavior toward North Korea at this very moment.

PART 1: North Korea and North Vietnam: The Deadly Chronicle of Western Imperialism

One can take passages from “The Pentagon Papers” and simply replace the name “North Vietnam” with “North Korea,” and we have an exact description of United States aggression toward North Korea today;  this juxtaposition,  on page 580 of the Bantam Edition of “The Pentagon Papers,” would read as follows:

    “There may be a limit beyond which many Americans and much of the world will not permit the United States to go. The picture of the world’s greatest superpower trying to pound a tiny backward nation into submission on an issue whose merits are hotly disputed, is not a pretty one. It could conceivably produce a costly distortion in the American national consciousness and in the world image of the United States—especially if the damage to North Korea is complete enough to be ‘successful.’ The most important risk, however, is the likely Russian, Chinese and North Korean reaction to intensified US air attacks, harbor-mining, and ground actions against North Korea.”

It seems as though little has  changed in the United States’ attitude toward the world since the Vietnam War, or more precisely, since the death of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.....

This is Trump's favorite country after the USA ...

or perhaps this country is even more dear to the guy who claims that America comes first. If America came First would he use US citizens as fodder in the Middle East  wars fought on behalf of Israel?

Israel's New Racism: The Persecution of African Migrants in the Holy Land

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Turkey for the month of September 2017 ....

Erdogan's downfall will be lovely to watch. 

Berlin may further ‘rethink’ ties with Ankara
 after new detentions of Germans in Turkey – Merkel
 Two German citizens were detained in Turkey under unknown circumstances this week, prompting Chancellor Angela Merkel to announce that Berlin should "react decisively" this time and further “reconsider” ties with Ankara.

Merkel's main rival in the upcoming elections, Social Democratic Party (SDP) leader Martin Schulz said this must be done in days rather than weeks.......

Turk-only access to Dherynia beach a ‘shameful’ policy

The bicommunal group #UniteCyprusNow on Monday slammed the opening of Dherynia beach close to the fenced-off town of Varosha in Famagusta only to Turkish Cypriots and Turkish nationals.

“The recent opening of a beach in Dherynia to just Turkish Cypriots and Turkish citizens is ethnic separation and a violation of human rights and freedoms,” the group said in an announcement.

Turkish Cypriot newspaper Yeni Duzen reported on Monday the beach had been opened to the public but would still be under the control of Turkish security forces who had signed a “protocol” with the ‘Famagusta municipality’.....

Merkel crushes Turkey’s hopes to join the EU any time soon—if ever

German chancellor Angela Merkel killed Turkey’s hopes of becoming a member of the European Union any time soon. In a crucial TV debate against her rival Martin Schulz on German networks, she said “the fact is clear that Turkey should not become an EU member.”

However, she added that she didn’t want to break off diplomatic relations with the country, even if she wants to reject Turkey’s EU membership bid. Her hardline views on Turkey and the EU actually helped her to become victorious at the end of the debate:....

Turkish Military Kills 99 Kurdish Militants

Six soldiers were killed and 17 others were wounded during the operations.

Turkish security forces have killed 99 Kurdish militants, including a high-ranking one, in operations in southeast Turkey over the last two weeks, according to Ankara officials.
Security forces targeted outposts and caves used by the militants for shelter and storage in the southeastern provinces of Sirnak and Hakkari, near the Iraqi border, the military said in a statement.

“Ninety-nine terrorists have been neutralized. One is in the so-called leading ranks,” it said....

Turkey issues travel warning for Germany ahead of vote

Turkish citizens should 'be careful' in Germany ahead of elections later in September, Turkey's foreign ministry says.
Turkey has told its citizens visiting or living in Germany to "be careful"  and keep their composure against "racist and xenophobic slurs" ahead of the country's upcoming federal elections.....

Turkey sends military vehicles, equipment to Syrian border: Anadolu
Merkel vows to restrict trade with Turkey over arrests
Germany will have no choice but to restrict its economic ties with Turkey to pressure its NATO partner into releasing German citizens it imprisoned on political grounds, Chancellor Angela Merkel said in remarks published on Saturday.

Relations between the two countries are strained by Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan’s crackdown on opponents after a failed coup last year. Germany and its partners in the European Union say the crackdown undermines democracy. 

 Turkey sent 80 military vehicles including tanks to its southern border with Syria, the state-run Anadolu news agency said on Sunday.

Citing a military source, Anadolu said the deployment was part of reinforcements for troops stationed along the border. The vehicles were sent to the Iskendurun district of the southeastern province of Hatay, Anadolu said.

Late on Saturday, Anadolu also reported that the army had dispatched first aid trucks and military vehicles to the same location, along with heavy equipment. .....

Erdogan slams US for ‘arming terrorists’ after Washington cancels $1.2mn Turkey weapons deal 

 Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has responded to Washington's decision to pull out of a $1.2 million arms deal for his security guards, accusing the White House of instead choosing to supply weapons to terrorists in Syria.

In an interview with PBS on Monday, Erdogan referred to Syrian Kurds as "terrorists," saying "we need to fight these terrorists with the United States." ...

Turkish Parliament approves motion to extend military mandate in Iraq and Syria
 for one year on Saturday.

The parliament convened in an extraordinary session to approve the mandate, which was valid until Oct. 30.

Prime Minister Binali Yildirim held a brief meeting with main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) Chairman Kemal Kiliçdaroglu and Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) Chairman Devlet Bahçeli during an extraordinary parliamentary session over military mandate for Iraq on Saturday....

5 PKK members detained in U.S. for mayhem during Erdogan speech

Five members of the PKK and its Syrian offshoot, the Democratic Union Party's (PYD) armed wing the People's Protection Units (YPG), were detained in New York for attempting to disturb President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's speech during the Turkish-American National Steering Committee's (TASC) Meeting with Turkish American and American Muslim Societies program in New York....

Turkish jets hit PKK positions in northern Iraq

Military says terrorist targets in northern Iraq destroyed in airstrikes on Friday
Airstrikes on PKK bases in northern Iraq on Friday destroyed arms dumps and shelters, the military said in a statement.

The airstrikes targeted the northern Iraq's Avasin-Basyan and Hakurk regions, according to Saturday's statement on the Turkish Armed Forces’ website.

No further detail was given about the timing of the operation but all aircraft returned safely....

Barzani-PKK alliance backed by US, Israel to attack Anatolia

The PKK and Barzani alliance, backed by the US and Israel, aims to attack Turkey after Iraq and Syria
The next target of the Barzani and Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK) alliance, which divided Iraq and Syria using the U.S. and Israel, is Anatolia. Barzani, who organized a referendum on Sept. 25 for an allegedly independent “Kurdistan” that would in reality be deeply tied to the U.S. and Israel, conducted the “Yes” campaign with maps that portrayed a divided Turkey.

Barzani, who had no objection to the Israeli flags waved at rallies and demonstrations, did not oppose Peshmerga forces carrying the Israeli flag......

Turkey's Erdogan links fate of detained U.S. pastor to wanted cleric Gulen

President Tayyip Erdogan suggested on Thursday that Turkey could free a detained U.S. pastor if the United States handed over a Muslim cleric living in Pennsylvania whom Ankara has blamed for a failed military coup last year, an idea that Washington appeared to dismiss.

Turkey has been seeking the extradition of Fethullah Gulen, a former ally of Erdogan whose supporters are blamed for trying to overthrow Erdogan’s government in July 2016. ....

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